Instructions on how to download digital SUBSCRIPTION MP3 audio files in the exe format.

These instructions are geared toward the Windows 7 user who uses Internet Explorer v8 (IE8) as the default browser and Windows Media Player (WMP) or iTunes as the default music player. For other operating systems, browsers and media players the procedures will be similar.

  • Login to your MyAccount with your username and password

  • Once you have logged in, click on the Digital MP3 file that you wish to download. The MP3 Subscription files that you have paid for are listed under the MP3 Subscriptions section, the newest one will be at the top.

  • You will be given 3 different download options for your file. The first option "EXE" is generally the best for Windows users. Here we will demonstrate how to download and unzip the .exe version for Windows. Click on the file name once to begin downloading the file to your computer.

    Tip: Norton and other Security Suites may prevent you from downloading the exe file. In this case we recommend that you download the Zip format file instead.

  • When offered an option we suggest that you click the Run button.

  • After the download completes we suggest that you once again click the Run button.

  • One more time you must confirm by clicking the Run button.

    Tip: Norton and other Security Suites may remove the exe file from your computer. If this happens, then this sequence may fail to execute. You might try turning off Norton Insight and restarting this procedure. If that doesn't work then we recommend that you download the Zip format file instead.

  • Click the Browse button to select the location for your MP3 files.

  • We suggest that you select a location on your computer where you can easily find your MP3 Subscription download in the future. Something under your My Music folder is a good choice, perhaps in a folder named My Music\Abraham-Hicks Publications. Click on the Ok button when you are ready to proceed with unzipping the MP3 files.

  • Wait for your file extraction to complete. Once the Extraction complete dialog comes up, as shown above, click on the Ok button.

  • Here you see your MP3 files, one file per track of the recording. The file name gives you the track number and title for each track. These are now ready to be added to your music library for whichever media player you prefer.

    Tip: Click Play All to listen to all of your tracks. This will open up your default media player (typically Windows Media Player) to play the recording for you. It may take a few moments for your media player to open.