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Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/3/04
Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/3/04
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Cruise CD1 — Jerry & Esther get it going. When you ask, it's always given. Frustrated by newspaper career. Actress feels divine timing.

Cruise CD2 — What makes it a Stradivarius? Why is her hearing impaired? When he checks, it still hurts. To take an Emotional Journey? When dreaming dreams of loss? To feel good more of the time? Blame the horse, or the doctor?

Cruise CD3 — Blame the horse, or the doctor? (Cont'd) A teen co-parenting conflict? Other's problems are hers, too.

Cruise CD4 — Loan officer plans to be best. To help his original country? Could this man have a baby? Is aging not preprogrammed? Is Neal another "voice of God"? Keep checking the "more" box. Prepaving action "in the flow"?

Cruise CD5 — If being happy is hard work? The art of allowing happiness? From illness to butterflies. Great, but where's the money?

Cruise CD6 — A time to expand our exposure. Louise Hay publishes Abraham. It just doesn't get any better? You have the power to choose. A backbreaking horse breaker. Schizophrenia and Alzheimer's? Film maker wants/fears partner. Politics, Media & Distortions. Can't read small or distant.

Cruise CD7 — Not allowed to see grandchild. To be aware of where I am? Can "Unconditional Love" care? Her strong anger comes easily. Why this took so long to hear? When his money goes to war? Our "thoughtways" to joy? It is Joy-Based Psychotherapy! Is Abraham the Whole Onion? How else to use sexual energy? Mom is now ready for a lover.

Cruise CD8 — Your now never stands still. Parents died; he questions Life. But, her "vibrational signature"? What about "remote healings?" "Irrational fears" as unfounded? Having an out-of-body reality? About multiple Inner Beings? When mate doesn't want same things?

Cruise CD9 — Her son is back in jail, again. Overly observing her feelings? Coworker has "bipolar disorder". They want to see some whales. Has fear of a Catholic death. What's Abraham without Esther?

Cruise CD10 — Thanks for making this happen. Are you expecting good things? We'll always know each other? Is Abraham also for children? Why? Because it feels better. Will talking weaken creations? "Being" vs. "doing" allowing? Childhood "God" felt creepy. She's a slot machine winner. Not a reason to not feel good.

Cruise CD11 — Feels good, winning or losing. Masseuse, without arm pains? To become an intuitive coach? Attract appropriate clients? A successful sensitive healer? The "match" to a sprained ankle? Animals' deliberate intentions? Should she save blind animal? Do fears affect family's pets? Abraham closes Alaskan cruise.

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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Resonance with complete love, 6.11.2007
Reviewer: Zalina Layton (Langley, British Columbia)

Words are not enough to describe how these messages are received. Total love, peace, harmony, happiness and feeling of total joy. I love Abraham........


5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 the DVD's are Awesome!, 11.13.2006
Reviewer: kye fleming (nashville, TN)

we have ordered all of the DVD's and have watched them over and over and over. even if it's just for a few minutes at a time. the energy is amazing and we get something new from watching each time. it beats netflix for feeling good!


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