Path of Enthusiasm! The Law of Attraction in Action - Episode Six

Path of Enthusiasm! The Law of Attraction in Action - Episode Six

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Follow the path of enthusiasm.


  • Winning the lottery! Can the Law of Attraction help you win big bucks?

  • Whats the chakra system all about? You have trillions of cells, and all of them are energy points as well. Abraham brings it down to basics.

  • Meditation is: . . . the best process we know of for releasing resistance and tuning yourself to your higher vibration. Why a short, daily meditation makes sense.

  • The age-old question of finding your path: Abraham suggests feeling your way instead of thinking your way. Tips on how to make your path light up!

  • A blue beach is calling me: Getting what you want means being aligned with your desire. How to feel it first.

  • Global warming: Yikes! Are we responsible? What can we do about it? . . . Abraham suggests chilling.

  • His brother has cerebral palsy: Is there a way to communicate vibrationally? Abraham offers an enthusiastic Yes! and explains how to do it.

  • Past-life fear? Can we be influenced by something we have previously lived?

  • Counseling the counselor: A couchful of questions from a psychotherapist. Should we take patients through past trauma? What about unremorseful people? And How could children manifest their own abuse?

  • Teach our children? How can we help our children see Source within themselves?

  • Our school system and those who struggle within it: Some parental advice.

Life is an adventure - not a test.