Law of Attraction Directly From Source CD

Law of Attraction Directly From Source CD




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Law of Attraction
Directly From Source

The Teachings of Abraham'
Vibrationally combined with the music of Scott Raposa

With some sort of magical genius, Scott Raposa has taken actual dialogue from Abraham Law of Attraction seminars and combined it with the brilliance of his high-energy music. Scott sent samples of three incredible songs to us a few months ago and we heard and absorbed Abraham's teachings in an entirely new way... We were so thrilled with the impact that this amazingly new presentation of Abraham's teachings had on us that we gave Scott the go-ahead to produce an entire album.

Through the magical projection of Scott's high vibration music, this album Law of Attraction Directly from Source will powerfully and playfully immerse you in the progressive stream of thought and the highly practical wisdom of The Teachings of Abraham.'

Each track features leading-edge, electronically influenced music that has been woven around the empowering and upbeat voice of Esther as she speaks for Abraham - a Nonphysical group of obviously evolved teachers.

So just relax and listen quietly, or crank it all the way up, as you move and groove with your own vibrational being. Either way, prepare yourself for a sonic ride on the soothing - yet soul stirring - audio stream of Well-Being.

Track Listings:

1. Vibrational Being (4:14)

2. Bouncing Off Place (6:05)

3. Law of Attraction Activation (4:55)

4. Relief is the Cure (3:53)

5. Fast Moving Energy (4:48)

6. Powerful Creators (5:55)

7. Eternally Starry Eyed (9:06)

8. Love Energy Source (3:59)

9. We Remain Incomplete (6:14)