Video #12: The Paranormal

Video #12: The Paranormal

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Excerpted from 5V-8-26-00, 5V-8-29-00 & 5DVD-9-2-00 videos, "The Art Of Allowing, Vol I, II, & III," recorded in August and September, 2000.

The mysteries of the metaphysical remain a mystery, and the ineffability of my knowledge of the paranormal remains inexplicable. Yet after decades of deliberate communication with that which we call Non-physical, I can clearly tell you that It feels good; It guides me wisely; It loves us each equally, and that It feels as though It is the personification of Well-Being. And so we are pleased to share with you here this degree of understanding that our workshop guests have evoked from Abraham through their questions regarding the Paranormal.
Jerry Hicks

Segments are excerpted from the video recordings 5V-8/26, 8/29, 9/2/00 (Monterey, CA).

Subjects included:

  • You are all vibrational beings.
  • Understanding precognition.
  • Ancient seers and sorcerers.
  • How Abraham "sees".
  • Are there negative entities?
  • Technique to see auras.
  • Death and Non-physical reality.
  • Dreams and out-of-body experiences.
  • Astrology versus predestination.
  • What to do if you want to see an E.T. spaceship.