Cancun 2013

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"Laying New Pipes"

  • Subjective versus objective reality
  • Ten-year-old gave her a wake-up call
  • Love at first sight
  • Others’ opinions have no bearing
  • Past beliefs are hindering her now
  • Depression/bipolar/suicide expert to speak to young girls
  • Spirit Guides
  • What happens during an orgasm energetically?

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Cancun 2013 - Laying New Pipes
Code: DVD-CAN13
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What If Everyone Knew - Hot Seat Highlights – Episode One
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Under A Bridge
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Everything You Want! The Law of Attraction in Action - Episode Seven
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The Autistic Revolution
Children In the Time of Awakening


From Grief To Joy: Moving Up The Emotional Scale
Think and Get Slim - Abraham on Natural Weight Loss
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Path of Enthusiasm! The Law of Attraction in Action - Episode Six
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Money and the Law of Attraction (DVD)

Revealing the Secret! The Law of Attraction in Action - Episode Five
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The Astonishing Power of Emotions (DVD)

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