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Tahiti Well-Being Cruise 5/2/09
Tahiti Well-Being Cruise 5/2/09
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Cruise CD1 — Getting into the Vortex is our work. It’s time to mind my own business. He wants others to join his Energy. She wants to get past feeling fearful. Her non-profit is burdened by the bureaucracy. Why did wrong job opportunity feel right?

Cruise CD2 — Surfing Tahiti waves will never feel boring. Your Vortex of Creation never stops moving. Surfer Focus Wheels his individual- global economy. Were his previous lifetimes satisfying as this? Feels speck of fear regarding airplane race. Adult son is now sober and repentant.

Cruise CD3 — He wants help from his Spiritual Guide. What’s the name of his Spiritual Guide? Can his discontent make the world happier? She wants to mount the Abundance Wheel. Academician wants to author a popular book. To not help the child too much? He’s authored a book about Energetic Orbs.

Cruise CD4 — She has an amazing pre-teen defiant son. When co- parenting conflicts with grounded son’s desires! If family is outside of their Vortex? Daddy, why are there poor/sick people? Are medical side-effects out of the Vortex?

Cruise CD5 — Do you want life to feel good? She wants her Vortex to stop moving. Did she create, or sense the accident? Nostradamus, in or out of the Vortex? How could his happy dog get hives?

Cruise CD6 — When markets were rising she felt creative. Focus on the positive aspects of what-is. He fears a body flaw blind spot. The feeling of pure desire being fulfilled?

Cruise CD7 — Must she find alignment with fellow workers? She maintains contact with past Nonphysical relationships. A documentary of African continent’s positive aspects?

Cruise CD8 — You didn’t come for a feathered Vortex. He enjoys striving for these luxury cruises. Would Vibrational cancer cure deter human empowerment? Why are “trite” issues harder to resolve? Would deliberately feeling good attract her lover?

Cruise CD9 — Is her twin sister her Soul Mate? The Tahiti cruise set new personal standards. What is her Zulu Bear to Abraham? Do her children in England miss her? They conducted a prayer circle for children. Can physical desires conflict with Non-physical intentions?

Cruise CD10 — Why wasn't he born a ukulele prodigy? Was Beethoven’s genius a pre-birth intention? How can she best use her poetry? “Why did my mother give me away?” Comforting feels good; being comforted feels uncomfortable? Abraham closes the Tahitian cruise workshop.

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