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2008/9/20 Toronto, Canada MP3 Complete Workshop Recording
2008/9/20 Toronto, Canada MP3 Complete Workshop Recording
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This is a four-hour downloadable audio file of the complete seminar held on 9/20/2008 in a MP3 format.

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8:31 You've asked, now what will you do? 5:10 When on the path of most resistance? 7:00 The Law of Attraction to both aspects. 8:00 What are you doing about your gap? 15:05 But, he's worked hard his whole life? 12:25 Accept contrast at job, or embrace it?
7:00 If he wants to, can he fly? 3:05 Her "master list" man made his appearance. 2:25 The most allowing ones in relationships win. 7:50 Lover's looking for and not finding job. 9:40 When does Source Energy enter a baby? 7:44 He didn't reach for highest hockey level. 3:00 Fellow heirs want to sell beloved farm. 7:30 Isn't life more than "just a dream"?
9:50 Gets what he thinks about, even unwanted. 13:00 Why would one want to commit suicide? 7:14 Why would God let unfair things happen? 14:13 You have the option of feeling better.
9:40 He meets many who believe in karma. 8:00 How can she be a better teacher? 18:00 How can he appreciate the surrounding beauty? 9:17 Do you really care how you feel? 11:43 Guidance relative to creating their wellness center? 1:00 Abraham closes the Toronto, Ontario Workshop.

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