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Mexican Well-Being Cruise 1/19/08
Mexican Well-Being Cruise 1/19/08
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Cruise CD1 — Have you forgotten that you are Vibration? You can’t live all you can manifest? The difference in yearning and pure desire? In our diversity, we create new ideas. Is not all in the beholder’s eyes? Was she communicating with her transitioned mother? Could Mom have reemerged as her daughter? Is there not a separating Nonphysical veil?

Cruise CD2 — Her four children are experiencing uncontrollable contrast. But “getting it” took mom forty years. A roll call of her children’s idiosyncrasies? Could teenager’s pleasurable interests support him financially? Teen feels passionate about an uncompromising girlfriend.

Cruise CD3 — Fate, Karma and the Law of Attraction? Will he recognize his father in Nonphsyical? Who’ll teach this when Esther passes on? Will her husband experience “pearly gated” judgement? Is your loved one afraid of dying? Why would you continue something that’s uncomfortable? Isn’t a happy face sticker of value? She is having intense feelings sleep experiences. She has been considering a new relationship. After childhood accident he’s displayed many talents.

Cruise CD4 — Shouldn’t doctor share in law suit’s proceeds? Can she, like Jesus, heal her son? But, the “Rich and Famous” looked miserable. Passing Martin Luther King’s dream to children?

Cruise CD5 — Abraham offers a Deliberate Creation crash course. There are advantages to “warming up” first. Is jumping through their hoops still fun? Relax into the vortex of natural Well-Being. Lick it and like it without words? Just jump in or warm-up first?

Cruise CD6 — Medical doctor is considering a career change. Could a psychic predict his probably future? Will Abraham support her future fellowship needs? Does quieting one’s mind slow the Stream? Do prebirth desires create a physical pre-destiny? Must we imbibe in other’s gloomy forecasts? Here’s the story your Source within tells. Are you reacting to opinions of others? What is that which we call gravity?

Cruise CD7 — Her Spiritual fiction books haven’t been published. How does Abraham see us physical beings? Can Stay-at-home mom attract a fortune? Here is mom’s new financial well-being story. How would a recession affect money appreciators? Is her Vibrational Escrow also her vortex? She enjoys never really getting it done. Can he mentally alleviate his blood pressure? Healer wants to vibrate into physical alignment. Ready to deal with weight-loss echoes?

Cruise CD8 — My intelligent body can balance my weight. He suffered severe pain in his eye. Why does he feel addicted to sleep? Will we rediscover former planetary civilizations? Power in pockets full of jelly beans? She doesn’t see her PMS as optional. Her new father-of-my-child story. Abraham closes the Thursday Mexico cruise event.

Cruise CD9 — Doesn’t appreciation of food fulfill chef’s intents? As a child she moved between worlds. “Inherited family feet,” bunions and all? Some clarity on the concept of reincarnation? She has been updating her mental map. She wants a publisher for her book. Flight attendant is still saddened by 911. Should this metaphysician experience more joyous feelings? Must comedian self-censor her inspired vocabulary? To warm up for sex-for-two?

Cruise CD10 — Is there not some power in forgiveness? Will the “Warming up” metaphor now prevail? To let go and allow her eyesight? Is it time for a new “facts” story? How could a selfish person uplift another? Is there not some required social responsibility? He has a groundless fear of falling. Abraham closes the Mexican Riviera cruise workshop.

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