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Mediterranean Well Being Cruise 5/29/08
Mediterranean Well Being Cruise 5/29/08
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Cruise CD1 — Who are you; what do you want? Imagine yourself as a self-tuner radio. Have the London bullies once been bullied? He resigned from his job—now what?

Cruise CD2 — How true is her channeled book’s information? When preferring being right over feeling good? Why would a pickpocket snatch his satchel? Should he accept negative observations as guidance? Could ignoring posted pickpocket warnings deter pickpockets? Do our “defining vibrations” begin before birth? Abraham delivers a rampage of physical wellness.

Cruise CD3 — Could she have intended her child’s gender? Do our vibrations add to weather changes? About Seth’s “timelessness and simultaneous reincarnated lives?” If focused on blue sky without contrast? At church she is a prayer assistant. Do you like solving problems for others? She wants more guidance than yes or no. Things are always working out for me. To blend with Nonphysical before she croaks?

Cruise CD4 — Property acquisition was fast; community developments slow. Will helping the little beggar girl help? His good feeling had begun a downward spiral. Getting up to speed with her desires? Is keeping trade secrets a “lackful mentality”? Was she meant to be an uplifter? Ship’s comedian feels responsible for cruise crowd. Abraham closes the Mediterranean Cruise Sunday workshop.

Cruise CD5 — Is life changing to more of same? LC transitioned but cat’s Energy lives on. He wants to better utilize Abraham’s tools. Dying cat helped her adjust to death. Were humans of past civilizations more enlightened? As seeds grow, should her shoulder heal? Surely there must be some new thought. What became of monk’s past strong desires? What can she do regarding another’s illness? Has a flock of beasts an Intelligence?

Cruise CD6 — How are wolf-eat-deer rendezvous arranged? What plants the seeds of new species? Will the friction between humans ever cease? You are Eternal seekers of more expansion. If eating desserts tastes better than vegetables? How do ingestive addictions relate to health? Ups and downs and mind-altering substances?

Cruise CD7 — For classical musician to utilize Law of Attraction? To do to attract her desired lover? Can her son, also, discontinue his meds? How is it that counselor can read Energy? His retirement era doesn’t really satisfy him. Is Law of Attraction always in action? Why would babies in wombs suck thumbs? Why does water both refresh and soothe? How does acute indicator relate to chronic? What triggered her asthma and leg scenarios?

Cruise CD8 — What’s the difference in “alignment” and “channeling”? Was Jesus able to heal himself also? Why do the birds instinctually flock together? What is co-creation with a mate? To avoid having arguments with his mate? Repressed emotions and his sporadic pain sensations? Abraham closes the Mediterranean Cruise Wednesday workshop.

Cruise CD9 — There is not a source of unwanted. He gets there but withdraws in fear. Is there another Abraham in another reality? There is only Well-Being and disallowing it. Are you now feeling worthy and Eternal? If we followed our bliss toward Ithaca? A spiritual way to deal with opportunities? In next lifetime will intentions be same? Are our clusters of Consciousness always consistent? Does everything evolve from the same Source? If my power is now, why prepave?

Cruise CD10 — When experiencing sadness he feels an Energy. Should she get a healthier, happier mate? Moving through financial fears to embrace opportunities? Abraham closes the happily-ever-after Mediterranean Cruise.

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