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2009/11/7 Atlanta, GA MP3 Workshop Recording
2009/11/7 Atlanta, GA MP3 Workshop Recording
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This is a downloadable audio file of the seminar held on 11/7/2009 in a MP3 format.

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Look, right now, for things to appreciate. Your emotions are about your Vibrational Reality. Hooked on the feeling of the Vortex? Could meditations speed up his manifestations? Are anxiety-free drunks in the Vortex? Does entering the Vortex ever get easier? When borrowing friends say “I’ll repay you”?

Topics Include:
  • How can I get people to pay me what they owe?
  • How can I live a joyful life?
  • Which brings quicker results: meditation or visualization?
  • Does drinking alcohol affect my vibration?
  • Who are WE?
  • Does it get easier to stay in the Vortex?
  • Why do we have emotions?
  • What does "being in the Vortex" feel like? 

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