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This is a downloadable audio file of the G-Series 2011, Fall and Winter in .mp3 format.

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Seattle, WA - 7/3/11 — Finding new ways of looking at things. Peanut butter and Oreo sandwiches for lunch. Does Law of Attraction see us differently? When is it time to get specific? He's irritated by fearful lawyers and accountants. Attracts irrational people with power over her. Feeling of alignment is the greatest power.

San Francisco, CA - 7/9/11 — Focus is what it is all about. The "elationship" you have been asking for. Constant nagging, worrying thoughts about his health? The Vibrational explanation for his enormous creativity? You're supposed to have really good manifestations. Blurring the line between physical and Nonphysical. The best process for doing Vortex work.

Los Angeles, CA - 7/30/11 — Allowing yourself to feel who You are. Only two things you need to do. Can he drop anger without expressing it? Always feels on the verge of manifestation. How can she relax into her brilliance? What does it mean to feel worthy? Emotion is the manifestation you're looking for.

San Diego, CA - 8/20/11 — Extreme experiences can cause you to focus. Law of Attraction is responding to your frequency. Your fears reveal your points of attraction. After severe childhood abuse he now forgives. To clarify wanted, he focused on unwanted. He has decided he just wants to play. Are you utilizing the Law of Attraction?

Denver, CO - 9/3/11 — Do you believe in what you want? Where have they placed your cars windshield? How can I go to the next level? He wants to know what's really true. Was inspired but now resents buying lunch. Do we really use only 10% of brain? He's way too happy for his family.

Chicago, IL - 9/10/11 — You never cease the translation of vibration. You can manifest an emotion right now. There is joyous fulfillment in expressing life. Should he be attempting to manifest things? What is it that is really "real"? How did his eagerness get so derailed? But where does the contrast come from?

Stamford, CT 9/17//11 — Know that your microphone is always on. You do have control of your emotions? Are you intentionally being a cooperative component? Isn't it true that we are "One"? The eagle, the ant and the human. He has a question about his momentum. Abraham clarifies and defines imagination for us.

Washington, DC - 9/24/11 — Are you enjoying the contrast and expansion? Source doesn't freak out like humans do. Her question is about contrast and guilt. How can she feel good without drugs? Are we locked into space and time? A mother, a magic wand and playfulness. It is easier than you're making it.

Atlanta, GA - 10/1/11 — To enjoy the exhilaration of the idea. We're out here on the leading edge. It's time to cash in your coupons. He isn't feeling the love for her. Maybe monogamy just isn't right for him? She has a problem with daughter's life. He loves food but not the weight.

Phoenix, AZ - 12/10/11 — Do you feel the leading edge-ness? Jerry says to Esther: "Did someone die?" Need to get over the "death thing." The Nonphysical is right here, right now. Can beautiful music really come from pain? Is there a new commerce emerging now? Source doesn't think your thought for you.