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Take The Bounce - Vortex of Attraction Series - Episode Six (3 DVD Set)
Take The Bounce - Vortex of Attraction Series - Episode Six (3 DVD Set)
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Episode Six - San Antonio, TX
Vortex of Attraction™ Series
Total Running Time 3 hours 41 minutes

“Take The Bounce!”


“Focusing For Fortune Fitness and Fun”


  • Contrast Helps You to Sharpen Your Focus
  • The Bounce That Launches Your Desire
  • Vortex of Creation: Where the Bounces Go
  • Take the Bounce Into Your Expanded Now
  • How to Get in the Vortex
  • How to Stay in the Vortex
  • Dad’s Negativity Disrupts His Sanctuary
  • On Which Reality Do You Want to Focus?
  • How We Fit Into the Eternal Scheme


  • How Can She Bring Balance to Her Body?
  • Does Our Ego Block Our Success?
  • How Does Source Energy Experience Time?
  • Helping Loved Ones Align With Hope
  • Getting to Exhilaration From Depression
  • Overcoming the Habit of Self-Doubt
  • Your Real Power Is In All the Little Decisions
  • Explaining the Laws of the Universe
  • Feel - Don’t See - The Contents of Your Vortex


  • Noticing the Emotions That Go With Your Thoughts
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Is Following What Feels Good Always Good?
  • Is He Kidding Himself About Feeling Happy?
  • You Came Knowing the Value of Contrast
  • The True Definition of Courage
  • He Has a Problem With Unearned Abundance
  • He Wants to Inspire His Employees to Action
  • Maintaining a Thriving Physical Body
  • She Wants to Know She’s on the Right Path
  • Leaving Her Child for a Business Trip Is Unsettling
  • The Difference Between Gratitude & Appreciation
  • He‘s Frustrated He Can’t Help Others More
  • How to Train Expectation to Get What You Want
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