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Video #13: Disaster and Destruction or The Edge of Adventure?
Video #13: Disaster and Destruction or The Edge of Adventure?
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In this program compiled from the first workshop held in 2005, Abraham responds to heartfelt concerns about the devastating war in Iraq and the recent Tsunami devastation, as well as questions about taxes and earth-changes in general.

Then Jerry engages Abraham in a dialog about whether our inner guidance can steer us away from death, and asks for their perspective on suicidal beings.

Finally, Abraham brings their unique point of view to the topic of "Bipolar Disorder", and talks to a family physician about teaching "wellness".

With current events in the news weighing on many, Abraham's timely observations here are like a breath of fresh air.

Recorded in Tampa, Florida on January 8th, 2005.

Subjects include:

  • Taking the Emotional Journey (15:44)
  • Conflicted About the Iraq War (17:08)
  • Tsunamis, Hurricanes, & Law of Attraction (11:25)
  • Jerry: Are We Guided Away From Death? (15:29)
  • Jerry: Responding To Suicidal People (7:08)
  • Bipolar or Just a "Strong Wanter"? (7:46)
  • A Family Physician Teaches Wellness (7:17)

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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 * * * * * * Six Stars and More!, 1.22.2007
Reviewer: Dan Locke (Sunland, CA)

How fun! Not yet physically been to a workshop yet? Get one of the DVDs. Lots of fun. Seeing Esther and Jerry interact and seeing Esther interpret the blocks of thought that she is receiving from Abraham and hearing the teachings is a wonderful experience. Seeing Esther is a wonderful experience. Her body moves gracefully and her hands gesture soothingly as she emphasizes points. I live in California and this DVD was filmed in Tampa Florida. A very much fun aspect was to watch as the camera panned the audience. In the audience I saw a very dear friend of mine of years ago (from before my "Abraham days") positively beaming. I did not know she was an Aber and I was not at all surprised that she was, but still how wonderful to see that she was there. She always looked youthful, but appeared to me to be 5 years younger than she looked 10 years ago! Get a DVD and then go to a workshop! Dan Locke I also want to promote going to the workshops as you will get a chance to rendezvous with many diverse and wonderful people. You might also like to talk with Jerry or Esther or any of their staff that are there to assist in the workshop. Also you will like the various hotel staff that show up to clean up and bring in water and all that kind of things. Free Intro CDs are given at the workshops and I got one for a very interested hotel staff member. As they say, "It's ALL good."


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