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Set of 10 CD's (117.00)

This is a ten-disc CD set of G-Series 2011, Spring and Summer.

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West Los Angeles, CA - 1/29/11 — Making all philosophical ideas fit? Thoughts are "electronically" attracted to each other. Is meditation all we "have to" do? Your Vortex of Attraction trains your Vibration. She has manifested some amazing things, but.... Rap artist has some vocabulary for Abraham. What caused their board to stop Ouijaing?

San Francisco, CA - 2/5/11 — Law of Attraction works together with construction. Why has Spiritual Vibration been so misunderstood? Unless lived on purpose, life isn't fun. He wants to understand Abraham's meditation process. Was it premonition, creation, or delusion? Drummer drums up potentially uplifting good feelings. What does being in love feel like?

Boca Raton, FL - 3/25/11 — Do you know what you do want? Why would our effort backfire on us? Don't fight it; just leave it behind. Law of Attraction considers the component's rhythms. As in Canal locks, move up incrementally. Crisis between her husband and her mother. Daughter's "Vortex" essay gained desired college entry.

Orlando, FL - 3/27/11 — Knowing it is different than practicing it. Abraham's Meditation CD helps her relieve resistance. Great teachings; but about that "channeling" thing. Different faiths/beliefs manifest different results. Didn't want children, a year ago, but...! The "100th monkey" was the renegade monkey. Feel less pain when her dogs die?

Los Angeles, CA (AGAPE) - 4/16/11 — Your Nonphysical part of you is here. Law of Attraction and Vortex of Creation. We can't motivate ourselves into the Vortex. The larger part of you is expanding. Name ten favorite things about the subject. The innate intelligence of your cells remains. Her youngest child has a health challenge.

Houston, TX - 4-30-11 — When you ask, it is Vibrationally given. Have you become addicted to your "reality"? What are your emotional "manifestations" all about? He cares about finding "joyful, profitable" work. Your Inner Being has no economic concerns. Can't we croak without a deadly disease? Appreciative of "what-is" and eager for more.

Stamford, CT - 5/28/11 — Are you saying "yes" to don't wants? Can you get others to fix it? Will Abraham's Guided Meditation help him focus? What healings are we humans needing now? His life is getting better and better. Why did foreign assassination news disturb him? A dream that is alive is life.

Chicago, IL - 6/4/11 — When problems arise, solutions do too. What's the good word, little gray bird? He has a question about national debt. Abraham would end each day this way. His teenage daughter is not very happy. She wants to move through her fear. Jerry's truck roll-over vs. "death feels like."

Denver, CO - 6/11/11 — Your life focuses you into new desires. You can't stop thinking about more improvement. This is about the validation of manifestation. Do you need more pain for motivation? You came for the joy of expansion. He's part of an "Economical Truth Movement." He's done things that hurt his wife.

Portland, OR - 6/18/11 — The Law of Attraction gives you more. Have you expanded beyond what you're allowing? Step 3 involves the Art of Allowing. What you feel affects your manifestation fast. Are you ready to deliberately experience manifestation? He wants to compare different Spiritual beliefs. Why don't all relationships stay with us?