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Set of 10 CD's (117.00)

This is a ten-disc CD set of G-Series 2010, Spring and Summer.

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San Diego, CA - 1/9/10 — Selfishness, as a natural state of being. Dangerous, view obstructing, mostly beneficial tree-removal. Miracles, as just logical responses to expectations. Her husband is closed to Abraham's teachings. When caring about other's evaluations of you. Vibrations of wanted differ from unwanted Vibrations. Why would humans stray from natural Well-Being?

West Los Angeles, CA - 1/16/10 — If parents have a case of what-is-itis? Not one of you came to suffer. Could Abraham coax you into the Vortex? What's the purpose of being born gay? What's the significance of his "gay" traits? Actress would prefer more money from actressing. What is it like in Abraham's non-place?

North Los Angeles, CA - 2/20/10 — You are not puppets manipulated by Source. Some "get this stuff" but most don't. Have you been playing Abraham's "Alphabet Game"? When problem solvers sometimes help exacerbate problems? What does her ongoing shoulder condition indicate? How can trainer select the healthiest diet? How selfish would lover consider "too selfish"?

Boca Raton, FL - 3/24/10 — When you poke at problems, they expand. Negative emotion has its own positive aspects. Your Source loves those that you hate. Is proving you're right worth the fight? We are that which they are, and....Through meditation they entered the Vortex. Are you wanting to feel some relief.

Orlando, FL - 3/27/10 — Along with the problems come the solutions. How are you influencing your children's moods? How is he slowing down his manifestations? Having more Spiritual fun than material results? He's concerned about new "Health Care Legislation." Didn't Jesus come to help all humans? Don't call him "David," call him "Eddie."

Phoenix, AZ - 4/17/10 — It's time for your expansion to be joyful. Your Vortex of Attraction is present tense. Her most recent relationship ebbed away. Her big love has become a nightmare. Her baby-making clock is ticking away. How can he explain Vibrations to skeptics? Which power choice will you now make?

San Antonio, TX - 4/24/10 — Your body's cells constantly ask for Well-Being. Both bad moods and illnesses are indicators. Are you manifesting other's thoughts? Vibrational interpretation. Wanting a process to train your frequency? Could this child fly from tall buildings? They can do anything? Can they fly? Even deadlines unfold in a perfect order.

Dallas, TX - 5/8/10 — You wanted it better than it is. Were you expecting the table to break? To avoid disappointment should we want less? To avoid "getting daughter to bed" conflict? Was divorce the path of least resistance. Can she create bigger than her imagination? Had All-That-Is pre-imagined Jerry's fulfilling life?

Atlanta, GA - 5/15/10 — Are annoying experiences making you feel annoyed? Are you still searching for the truth? Are you going hopefully with the flow? Your so called "now reality" is old news. He has some teenage daughter parenting questions. Can he control his teen daughter's virginity? Her outcomes haven't been matching her inspirations.

Washington, DC - 5/22/10 — What color skin would identify "good" children? From whom did you learn your opinions? Are you letting reality train your Vibrations? Book title: "Spirituality and the Last Frontier?" Lost many pounds; now gain her Soul mate? Why be born into an oppressed race? Father isn't permitted to know "divorced" child.