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Set of 10 CD's (117.00)

This is a ten-disc CD set of G-Series 2009, Spring and Summer.

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San Francisco, CA - 3/22/09 — Are you feeling good or feeling irritated? He wants to know where Abraham's headed. If non-thrivers are jealous of thrivers? How relevant are politics to our Well-Being? How to leverage action with aligned energy? His Awesome girlfriend is now wanting more. Vibrational Marketing and the Law of Attraction?

Los Angeles, CA - 3/29/09 — Even without using words, you are asking. Each new generation has less resistance. Buckle up your belt, and let's go! The power of prayer for others? How Abraham defines the experience of enlightenment. He wants to fine-tune his creative ability. Is ego getting in his financial way?

Albuquerque, NM - 4/7/09 — Has your Vibrational Vortex spit you out? Your Vibrational range is up to you. Can you make peace with your Vortex? She's been trying to sort out everything. Our best government is yet to come. A Prime Minister photo-op without time boundaries? Did cat die to alleviate Mom's depression?

San Antonio, TX - 4-18-09 — You came forth to explore the contrast. What being in the Vortex, feels like. Is son's pain causing Mom's back pain? Psychologist has questions about her worthiness. Is his scheduled vasectomy a good idea? His daughter is asking about "the devil"? What's salesman's job regarding client's Vortex?

Orlando, FL - 5/23/09 — When you believe them, desires feel good. Have you confidence in Law of Attraction? Are you being coaxed into your Vortex? Why would Supreme Court Justice seem ornery? When feeling so joyously connected to Jesus? She "nails" Abraham on the Karma Koncept. He wants to discuss the "R" word.

Philadelphia, PA - 6/11/09 — Do you enjoy your new unfulfilled desires? Physically—and Nonphysically—we prepave our future. Why make monuments to bad-feeling happenings? You did not come forth to suffer. Abraham does a Vortex focus on "overwhelment." Must lover suffer if replaced by another? Not-so-handyman smashed his finger.

Stamford, CT - 6/14/09 — All "reality" is interpreted through your perspectives. Babies know the goodness of this world. From inside the Vortex, things look different. If her desires are opposing his desires? Financially, he always has "only just enough." There's fun in finding a better way. The current status of our Earth's changes?

Boston, MA - 6/20/09 — What is your expectation regarding unfulfilled manifestations? Are you allowing yourself to be you? He attended a thought-provoking family reunion. Shouldn't Alzheimer's and Sclerosis make her angry? Her husband's croaking brought new perspectives. She's more concerned for Polar Bears than dinosaurs. How does being in the Vortex feel?

Denver, CO - 7/4/09 — Are you a match to your desires? You have two vivid Vibrational vantage points. The Vibrational Vortex of Creation and Attraction. Your emotions are your very important Guidance System. Are homo sapiens evolving with "Global Warming"? What's the unidentified Vibration of her psoriasis? Jerry's prickly goose bumps fine-tune his Guidance.

Seattle, WA - 7/12/09 — Your desires can be life-giving for you. Whose responsibility is Esther and Jerry's purse? Recognizing the cooperative components to your desire. Health conscious Mom vs. "Joy of Candy"? When perceiving man-made laws as illusions? He feels he's been a lazy slacker. He is considering the Law of Attraction.