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Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/17/09
Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/17/09
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Alaska Well-Being Cruise 2009

Cruise CD1 — Jerry & Esther & Abraham kick off the Alaskan 2009 Cruise. You’re the creator of your expanding self. Becoming a cooperative component to your requests? To deliberately shift from hope to belief? Are you keeping up with your expansion? Have you any excuse for feeling bad? You can deliberately activate your emotional sense. Are we born with specific career potentials?

Cruise CD2 — Pained by howling, neglected office guard dog. What flows from you is uniquely you. Why would an aligned cat bite him?

Cruise CD3 — Client’s emotions are body-worker’s real work. To get out of his own way? Her question is about a Great Awakening. What if humans could create another planet? Our desires are about more than things. She wants to discuss her powerful dreams.

Cruise CD4 — Why are some of her manifestations easier? Why has dancer’s body-weight been fluctuating? She’s ready to catch her own wave. Abraham closes the Alaskan Cruise Saturday Workshop.

Cruise CD5 — She gets drawn out of her Vortex. Closing the gap in her current request. After meditation, people seem to fear her. How can he overcome negative outside influences? Will he see his lost father again? He wants more prosperity for less effort.

Cruise CD6 — Psychiatrist wants more prosperity with less effort. Are we working into longer living Beings? She wants to discuss some prevailing negativity. Will she be able to meditate properly? Abraham closes the Monday Alaskan Cruise Workshop.

Cruise CD7 — After Katrina and Caner, she wants ease. She has suffered an unspeakable lifetime issue.

Cruise CD8 — Why hasn’t Abraham been manifesting some miracles? Can we reemerge into a past era? How can we allow while disciplining children? If trapped with a mistrusted business associate? How does humility fit into Abraham’s teachings? From pesky ants, to broken toe, to...?

Cruise CD9 — Is policewoman’s career being tested by ants? Are both ego and humility bogus choices? Could a Superman change his curly hair? “Ugly,” as beautiful through eyes of Source? To make peace with where we are?

Cruise CD10 — His clients are dealing with self-esteem issues. On learning to heal self and others. “Out of the Vortex” makes him uncomfortable. He has concerns regarding his Vortex stance. Should she not suffer nature’s predicted demise? Abraham closes the 2009 Alaskan Workshop Cruise.

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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Wow! How to get in the Vortex and why stay in!, 3.23.2010
Reviewer: Debbie (Fayetteville, TN)

My husband & I went on this cruise and we still listen to this recording over! There are so many new ideas with so much clarity. I love the examples Abraham gives of why being in the Vortex is more important than anything else in our daily lives. I love the discussion of why nothing is big enough or worth getting out of the Vortex for. I really enjoy the descriptions of what impulses and inspiration feels like when in the Vortex. I asked for clarity, and found it here!


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