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Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/20/08
Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/20/08
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Cruise CD1 — Jerry kicks off the Alaskan 2008 Cruise. Why haven’t humans created another physical Earth? The only reason you ever get sick. You are a vibrational transmitter and receiver. He just received an interesting health diagnosis. He wants knowledgeable out-of-body experiences.

Cruise CD2 — If she is happy, and they’re not? How can she talk with transitioned brother? She dreamed of a vibrational treasure chest.

Cruise CD3 — Liver transplantee wants to aid alcohol addicts. Esther wasn’t asking for an “Abraham” experience. The meeting platform for psychotherapist and autistic? But if child patient can’t use language? She wants to teach this to others. When we question our in-the-moment choices.

Cruise CD4 — Their sensitive child has tons of anxiety. To deal with fear of child’s fears? She’s trying to expand her acting career. Asking to not be asked to change? Any value in speaking of our desires? Abraham closes the Monday cruise session.

Cruise CD5 — How much exercise does her body need? Is exercise vital to our physical well-being? What is dampening his home remodeling enthusiasm? Music business can enhance his software business. Artist wants to assist her husband’s finances.

Cruise CD6 — Everything’s working out for her—except romance. What thoughts and words will attract lover? Can child equestrian’s horse influence well-being? If horses and mules mistreat a child? She’s sad about the sadness she loves.

Cruise CD7 — Are his creative rockets low on fuel? Are there no new thoughts now thunk? What is the source of inspired thoughts? What prompts one to think happier thoughts? As a supervisor he dislikes enforcing rules. If company’s rules feel diametrically unenforceable? Why do the eagles turn him on? Day-trader has more buttons than castles.

Cruise CD8 — How can day-trader best utilize intuition? When he asks for a going-up stock? One fulfills her sexually, the other spiritually. Work calls him to violent inner city. He feels a passion to ameliorate victimhood. Abraham closes the Friday Abraham cruise segment.

Cruise CD9 — When one attempts to personalize “God”? Is not each religion God’s “official” religion? He’s living with a neurological visual condition How are his glasses affecting his viewing? Tell me a story that feels better. What does Abraham mean by “managing contrast”? How does Source see government mandated killers?

Cruise CD10 — When one is seeking problems to solve? She feels she should appreciate, but can’t. Back pain healing, was diagnosed as “bi-polar.” Sing songs for the joy of singing. He has been taking imaginative drum journeys’ Why didn’t she get rid of allergies? Wants to feel less bad about animals. Was her gayness “hardwired” before birth?

Cruise CD11 — Her daughter's friend has been recently murdered. How can siblings unravel “inheritance” entanglement? When she sleeps deeply she experiences terror? Sleepless nights are exacerbated by demanding children. The nature of her unfulfilled childhood desires?

Cruise CD12 — Their uncooperative teen son isn’t a team player. Even appreciating your tree house would work. Squirrels have been taking over her garden. Abraham closes the 2008 Alaskan Cruise Workshop.

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