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Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/8/07
Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/8/07
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Cruise CD1 — Jerry kicks off the Alaska 2007 Cruise. You thought it all into being. The Eternal You is a powerful attractor. Any valid reason to not feel good? Feeling joy through the eyes of Source. Can Well-Being be enhanced through an argument?

Cruise CD2 — The healing game as a mental game? Are debt concerns on his “highlighted route”? His cat, also, has high blood pressure.

Cruise CD3 — (Cont’d) His cat also, has high blood pres- sure. Wants to release her fear of death.

Cruise CD4 — Could she communicate with Abraham without Esther? While at the beach, he received Well- Being. She is conflicted about where to live. What’s the meaning of those cryptic numbers? Are her knees hurting because of fat?

Cruise CD5 — But she’s shorter than the average person. This physician doesn't feel he fits in. Considered priesthood, atheism, medicine, to practicing psychologist. What is the role of mutual orgasms. Are we not all hypnotized by life? To utilize your dreams as advanced announcements? You’re nicer when you put yourself first. Is she allergic to wheat and dairy?

Cruise CD6 — He visualized a positive outcome but...? She fears she won’t live long enough. A nursing mother indicated that Whale-being abounds. What if a poor per- son criticized wealth?

Cruise CD7 — What’s the place for alcohol in society? Why ban a substance that feels good? She was born addicted to almost everything. He has felt tethered to an illness.

Cruise CD8 — About modifying his nondeliberate default self-talk. After wanting death, she did attract illness. Could competitive swimmer perform with less sleep? Can these boys on probation be helped.

Cruise CD9 — He feels happy, fulfilled, and fortunate. He questions a rendezvous with dark forces. Are you expecting life to be good? His business is easier than his spirituality. Hasn’t seen divorced daughter in eleven years. She’s been working on losing body weight. A question about subconscious and unconscious minds. “I’ll let my feelings be my guide.”

Cruise CD10 — Why move forward on a subtle impulse? Parenting, as more than administering discipline? How often (healthwise) should she realign thoughts? The place for scientists in our society?

Cruise CD11 — Should this physician tell patients they’re dying? It’s going great but it feels overwhelming. Is there a better way to meditate? Wants to understand how to “receive” information. Found his perfect mate on this ship. Should he interfere in another’s suicidal desires? An elevator speech to answer “What’s Abraham?” He finds Abraham’s “Vibrational Escrow” concept exciting.

Cruise CD12 — He finds Abraham’s “Vibrational Escrow” concept exciting. Is he not bound by “sacred contracts”? His children are fighting over their toys. There’s no limit to the potential stuff. She wants to feel good without medication. Abraham closes the Alaska 2007 Cruise Workshop.

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