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Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/9/06
Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/9/06
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Cruise CD1 — Abraham kicks off the Alaskan cruise. Life is calling you toward your Well-Being. Life causes you to ask for improvement. You are being naturally carried to Well-Being. Going with the Current always feels good.

Cruise CD2 — Do any "good deeds ever go unpunished"? What brought about his unique physical condition? Feel less anger toward herself and others? But, observing contrast is her career? Still wants to be a "Fairy Godmother."

Cruise CD3 — Life's better; but fears are coming up? Shouldn't she be satisfied with wonderful what-is? How are her transitioned father and brother? Any "Society of Nonphysical Engineers"? As a practicing Scientololgist, he has questions.

Cruise CD4 — Is co-creation the best path for him? He cares about what his mate thinks. How to feel what he's never had? Psychiatrist wants to reconcile severe medical interventions. What to do about homework-shirking preteens? Once you ask, you have created it.

Cruise CD5 — Is not "global warming" a global evolution? Allow depressed retired mate his own decisions? Dream home's progressing faster than their finances. Why does joy sometimes flow as tears? Closing the Alaska '06 Monday Workshop.

Cruise CD6 — To not move forward when feeling fear? A square peg in a round hole job? Will this cruise be her "turning-point"? Is "stage-fright" not a valid fear? She wanted more from their fun relationship. Individualist child in a society of sameness?

Cruise CD7 — Teacher asks, is wanting same as praying? Breath, as related to spiritual Well-Being? What came before that which is ineffable? So you have some resistance; so what!? What gimpy thoughts are you offering? Why do famous people have hard times? Is her financial gap impacting her health? Words to align with new employment positives? How does physical pain relate to emotions?

Cruise CD8 — A cruise into alignment with Well-Being. He feels "electrical" surges in his body. How important are our past life decisions? When lack-based mate confronts abundance creator? Kidney failure feels like a creation failure.

Cruise CD9 — Is wanting too much causing her overwhelment? What each generation gains from the previous? She tries mentally co-creating with her pets. Could Esther invite Abraham at all times? Wants to believe perfect relationship is possible.

Cruise CD10 — Happiness vs. a high blood pressure diagnosis? He has lost his court case. how to propose adultery to his wife?

Cruise CD11 — Your desires are continually calling you forward? Agreements and co-creating, and subsequent legal entanglements? Does Abraham stop to wonder about things? Brain-wave frequencies and the creative process? Why does it require time to manifest? To cure alcohol and sugar addictions?

Cruise CD12 — What if a person doesn't remember dreams? Mate transitioned, she is employed, now what? She intended her husband's physical health, but? Was she born as a "blank slate"? How to recognize a truly unwanted fear? Is there a combustion point of feelings?

Cruise CD13 — Can she be a happy compassionate observer? Dreams are good and he lives them? He's a psychiatrically oriented child counselor. Staring a new life with new lover. What about life-experience does the teaching? Could humor by-pass Emotional Guidance System? Abraham closes the Alaska 2006 Well-Being cruise.

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