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The Teachings of Abraham: The Master Course Video
The Teachings of Abraham:  The Master Course Video
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This Alaskan "Well-Being" cruise yielded an amazing series of workshop sessions that were fortunately documented with more video cameras than we have ever had at any of our other seminars. After the cruise, it became clear that the people that Abraham called on, and the questions that the people asked, flowed in the most magical way and resulted in a beautiful and comprehensive summary of all of Abraham's most recent stories, analogies and processes that could only be called inspired!… So we have decided to release this entire experience as a "state of art" record of the Teachings of Abraham, which can be viewed repeatedly and shared with others as nothing else can, thanks to the powerful visuals that underscore all of the marvelous words… Running over 10 hours in length, this massive 5-DVD album set includes the complete series of 11 workshop sessions in their entirety. The DVD format even includes two "Bonus" segments documenting the thrilling experiences we had viewing an Alaskan glacier "calving" huge icebergs, and exploring an undersea world in a glass-bottom boat accompanied by some of our children and grandchildren. We proudly offer this unique and unprecedented collection here for all of our friends. — Jerry & Esther



Your reality is created by your thoughts
You didn't come for worldwide sameness
Controlling the timing of my manifestations?
To achieve a "fairy godmother" set-point
The power of living in the NOW?
She has felt drained by "energy vampires"


States of consciousness in states of hypnosis?
The profound grief when one's child dies?
On a different wavelength than her husband
Canadian politics and the Law of Attraction?
What purpose does the mass suffering serve?
Has concerns about "subconscious thoughts"
BONUS: Hubbard Glacier Calving
BONUS: Glass-Bottom Boat Excursion


His sudden sinus drain wasn’t "imaginary"
When a person transitions, what happens?
What about her natural animal connection?
Explain our continuing population increases?
You are the creator, not the regurgitator.
Communicate with her transitioned friend?
Can orneriness feel worse than depression?
He is feeling better about his mishaps
Abraham closes Monday cruise Workshop


A general question about addictions
How real are "Spirit Guides" and "Angels"?
Any malevolent nonphysical entities?
She's grieving the absence of her lover
30 yrs of re-creating negative conditions?
Would anyone "choose" to be imprisoned?
Is this a shift in Planetary Consciousness?
In what way can humans help animals?
In what way can humans help animals?
Abraham closes Thursday Cruise Workshop


Earth changes, neither new nor unnatural
The message: You're good. Be happy.
Could Abraham look out and heal them?
Does Abraham see racial differences?
To regain connection after mate's transition?
Is mankind now at an infinite juncture?
Are not all probabilities also possibilities?
What's up with Seth's "Family of Sumaris"?
Abraham, and compassion orforgiveness
When your mate wants to replace you?
Is there not a helpful "God" entity?
But her son doesn't believe in schools
Abraham closes 2005 Alaskan cruise
(and much more)



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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Teachings of Abraham, 11.3.2010
Reviewer: Linda (Custer, WA)

I love this CD set and have listened to it over and over again. It seems that I develop new awareness with each review. It has helped me to increase my vibration one level at a time. I love Abraham for helping me remember who I really am.


5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 I listen to this over and over, 1.25.2009
Reviewer: Cinnamon Chaser (Portland, OR)

These cd's are so wonderful. I really feel the love in the room when I listen. I put it on my ipod so I can listen when I am waiting in line, getting a pedicure, going to sleep, or just hanging out at home. Thank you.


5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 It was like I was , 9.12.2008
Reviewer: Deborah Waterwall (Huntsville, AL)

This is THE very best of Abraham. After reading 5 Abraham books, writing many Positive Aspects, doing some of the offered exercises, attending Abraham workshops, and listening to many Abraham tapes and CD's, I finally got it! YIPPEE!!! "You're good, be happy", "My happiness does not depend on your behavior" and "Seek things that feel good when you focus on them". WOW!!! What wonderful relief. Hve I heard those statements before? And the questions people asked covered everything I would have asked: relationships, money, physical health, loss of loved ones, manifesting anything even whales, God, politics, pets... I almost got the CD's and thought I might enjoy watching and experiencing it as if "I was there". And that is exactly how I experienced it, like "I was there"; and now I can "be there" as often as I choose just by watching the DVD's. Thanks, Love and Light to Jerry, Esther and Abraham


5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Just like coming home!, 6.23.2008
Reviewer: Lucinda M Watrous (Myrtle Creek, OR)

This set of DVD's is just like coming home, like remembering where you live, how love wraps it's arms around you when you walk in the door, to feel relaxed, to appreciate the beautiful world around you, to get tickled when something doesn't go my way and I send off a desire. I took several days to watch this set, and about in the middle I had a sense of walking through my days with Abraham and of waking up in the morning feeling as if I had been conversing and interacting with them, a feeling of home. I truly appreciate Jerry and Esther sharing this experience of Abraham with us all. I share in the love of you all!


5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 The better it gets, the BETTER it gets!, 4.9.2008
Reviewer: Gloria Masmann (Murphy, NC)

I've enjoyed Abraham's teachings for awhile now. This DVD set was just wonderful. Abraham always touches on subjects which are relevant to my current life experiences with guidance that is always amazing. I also plan to order more DVD's and am looking forward to manifesting traveling on an Abraham cruise in the near future. Thank you Abraham - and thank you Esther and Jerry for the wonderful and important work that you are doing. There is GREAT love for you (all three of you) here.


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