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Set of 10 CD's (117.00)

This is a ten-disc CD set of G-Series 2010, Fall and Winter.

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Stamford, CT - 5/29/10 — Regarding problems, how solution oriented are you? Is your perceived reality hindering your expansion? Regardless of what-is — keep yourself happy. He strikes back, involuntarily, at wife's "criticism." Is there any "reality" beyond individual perception? Getting his daughter to clean her room? Musician offers Abraham a "Rampage of Appreciation."

Boston, MA - 6/5/10 — Law of Attraction responds to Vibrational frequencies. Attention to problems hinders attraction of solutions. Your current intentions meld with Nonphysical intents. Negative emotion is about you, not others. At what point should he take action? Has your Vibration been trained by "reality"? Can he terminate this uncomfortable recurring dream?

Chicago, IL - 6/12/10 — You can practice the frequency of belief. You are, every day, asking for improvement. Negative emotion means expansion was not taken. Get in the Vortex, and then affirm. Can he create money without taking action? How can basketball coach best serve team? Where's a "silver lining" in oil spills?

Seattle, WA - 6/26/10 — You can't take back previously clarified desires. When do some expect a "vengeful God"? Get into the Vortex—and then act. Did her mother "choose" to experience dementia? Death, as life exaggerated beyond description. How can she talk "improvement" with realists? Problem solver evokes appreciation for his physicality.

Portland, OR - 7/17/10 — Do your children still think they are free? Law of Attraction is a broad subject. This "Abraham" thing is difficult to explain. You can influence your Vibration with music. Get in the Vortex, and then.... He doesn't want death to eliminate him. Is it difficult to think better-feeling thoughts.

San Diego, CA 8/21/10 — Do you really know what you want? Want to get that Well-Being feeling again? So, whose perspective is the right one? How can he attract positive Nonphysical, Intelligence? Why, when focus waned, did manifestations "disassemble"? She wants a lover who wants babies. Meditation, as a tool to her success?

Denver, CO - 9/11/10 — Are you being tortured by your desires? The Law of Attraction is always accurate. If you don't have time to meditate? He and loved wife were fighting, again. Getting his kids to bed on time? Abraham gives us their definition of love. Is not appreciation our alignment with Source?

Chicago, IL - 9/18/10 — Are you expecting your desire to manifest? Does the squeaky wheel control your attention? Must runny little noses infect their teacher? Are you too happy for most others? Does she not have sacred destined desires? Everything is always working out for you. What was her negative emotion telling her?

Stamford, CT 10/2/10 — Does your frequency harmonize with your desire? "Decline" has nothing to do with you. Must you differentiate between physical and Nonphysical? Every reality is preceded by Vibrational Reality. After 37 years of searching for "God"? Wouldn't saving other's lives always feel good? This teacher infuences his ailing students' Vibrations.

Washington, DC - 10/9/10 — When desires are born from "don't wants"? Are you trying to please them all? Are you keeping up with "your" expansion? Middle school teacher is concerned about "allowing." Fun isn't "allowed" in their school. A process to enter Vortex more often? What more does he need to lose?