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Set of 10 CD's (117.00)

This is a ten-disc CD set of G-Series 2009, Fall and Winter.

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San Rafael, CA - 8/1/09 — Is there something you really want, but? To what are you a cooperative component? Can you tune yourself into the Vortex? Are you paying attention to your emotions? How can she control her embarrassing snoring? Some Processes to re-enter the Creative Vortex? Why are some desires harder to manifest?

San Rafael, CA - 8/2/09 — Your Vortex of Creation is awaiting you. You can't ask others for your Well-Being. You don't really want instant manifestation. It takes effort to imagine beyond what-is. Does Abraham, as "Abraham" ever die? Are those channeling Abraham actually channeling Abraham? If children don't want "magic" to end?

Toronto, Canada - 9/26/09 — Everything that is conscious is seeking improvement. You came forth to birth new ideas. In the Vortex is where you belong. Some words for those living under bridges? Could blessed donuts replace raw green vegetables? How can he speed up his expansion? Will he mature beyond enlightening drug use?

Chicago, IL - 10-3-09 — You are focusers of Energy. When walking down a negative memory lane? You create the Vibrational version of you. Who cares more about themselves than you? If airlines captains prepare for geese crashes? Abraham talks about the bigger Vortex picture. Abraham guides a rampage of group appreciation.

Boston, MA - 10/10/09 — Your focus, this moment, is Vibrationally attracting. Your manifestations are indicators of your Vibrations. Are you experiencing glitches in your Vibration? A thirty day process of realigning sleep. Thirty-six years with a critical mate? Questions about demons, devils and fallen angels? Which technology will be the most significant?

Tarrytown, NY - 10/18/09 — Earth's variety offers you selfish personal preferences. Are you wallowing in an "illness reality"? Your life, right now, matches your Vibration. Abraham helps guest Focus Wheel cooperative relationship. How can she be more visibly happy? Cancer, as an indicator of what Vibrations? The best way to "milk the Vortex"?

Asheville, NC - 11/1/09 — Your attention to it attracts its essence. Are you brushing off unwanted thoughts nonchalantly? With the problem the solution always comes. Leverage your time by becoming forward feeling. Train yourself to always feel it forward. If G-rated child wants R-rated movie? Is "Wouldn't it be great if?" enough?

Atlanta, GA - 11/7/09 — What is your expectation regarding unfulfilled manifestations? Are you allowing yourself to be you? He attended a thought-provoking family reunion. Shouldn't Alzheimer's and Sclerosis make her angry? Her husband's croaking brought new perspectives. She's more concerned for Polar Bears than dinosaurs. How does being in the Vortex feel?

Phoenix, AZ - 12/5/09 — Look, right now, for things to appreciate. Your emotions are about your Vibrational Reality. Hooked on the feeling of the Vortex? Could meditations speed up his manifestations? Are anxiety-free drunks in the Vortex? Does entering the Vortex ever get easier? When borrowing friends say "I'll repay you"?

Sydney, Australia - 12/13/09 — Why "reality" isn't really the real deal. Who-you-really-are is one that loves. Why was Esther riding her broom? Is there an "Abraham quality control" source? She's been waking up a grumpy mother. Seeking careers for high-tech high schoolers. What happens when one decides to die?