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#7 Relationships & Agreements
#7 Relationships & Agreements
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We are all creators as we individually think and plan, but we are also often co-creators as we interact with others. Most relationships with others are far less than we want them to be. Find out why. Discover how to rejuvenate unhealthy relationships and attract new harmonious ones.

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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 The Help & Support Just Keeps Coming!, 1.8.2008
Reviewer: Catherine Pondozzi (Laurel, MD)

In this CD there were a number of helpful gems of wisdom that I came away with. Some seemed obvious but sometimes can be easily forgotten. Such as putting forth our daily intentions & paying attention to our feelings. Sounds easy enough, but it is possible that we can certainly do one & not the other. I want to keep that one in mind. Another gem is to be sure to notice where you are & what are your intentions are i.e., that they both match up. Here it is very important that we know what we want & be specific rather than too general. In the area of co-creating which is considered more complicated, it was interesting how important it is to be careful of the outside influence of others & the influence that our old habits or beliefs can sometimes have on our willingness to set forth better intentions. Here again, we are reminded that we cannot change others in order for them to line up with what we want. But that should not stop us from reaching for the best. I especially liked the encouragement given in this CD for up lifting others. Abraham suggested we can up lift others by helping them see what it is they are wanting that is good & doing what we can to confirm to them that this is actually happening. On the other side of this same coin, however, it is suggested that we do not speak to others (or even ourselves) about what it is we do not want. Something, again, that can easily be forgotten in the process. The one gem that was extremely helpful to me was the idea of creating a 30 day Positive workshop for ourselves! I felt comfortable with this ides because it was presented in a step by step format which felt natural & do-able to me. First, Abraham said to decide what it is that is that we want & then go about gathering all the data that is available to support this desire. Then take a moment to sift through the data & pick out what feels the strongest or most appropriate. After that we can surround ourselves with all kinds of possible reminders, which can include thoughts, words, pictures or even going to places where our desire can be seen. Finally, we are advised to take some time to visualize or daydream about exactly what it is we want (adding all good emotions to the mix). And if we do this for 15 minutes a day it gets easier & easier with guaranteed results. What can be better than that? Thanks again for so much help. Catherine


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