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2010/08/21 San Diego, CA
2010/08/21 San Diego, CA
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Do you really know what you want? Want to get that Well-Being feeling again? So, whose perspective is the right one? How can he attract positive Nonphysical, Intelligence? Why, when focus waned, did manifestations “disassemble”? She wants a lover who wants babies. Meditation as a tool to her success?

Topics Include:
  • Can the same situation be perceived from different perspectives?
  • How can I bring myself into alignment with my desire?
  • Do malevolent Beings communicate with us?
  • What does "going with the flow" feel like?
  • Does Source only love?
  • What happens to past manifestations if they become boring?
  • Can I have positive communication with Source?
  • How is meditation beneficial?


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