Australian / New Zealand Cruise 2011

Code: ANZ11
Price: $120

CD 1
1 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1:19)
2. Monday afternoon Australia/New Zealand Cruise kick-off (10:37)
3 You can mold the Vibration of beliefs. (8:04)
4 Vibrational frequencies are happening in the now. (6:18)
5. Rather than think it, feel your way. (5:56)


AlaskanVortex of Attraction Cruise 7/4/10
Code: AK10
Price: $99
Caribbean Vortex of Attraction Cruise 3/13/10
Code: CC10
Price: $99

Mexico Vortex of Attraction Cruise 1/23/10
Code: MX10
Price: $99
Mexico Well-Being Cruise 2-7-09
Code: MX09

Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/20/08
Code: AK08
Mediterranean Well Being Cruise 5/29/08
Code: MD08

Caribbean Well Being Cruise 3/23/08
Code: CC08
Mexican Well-Being Cruise 1/19/08
Code: MX08

Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/8/07
Code: AK07
Mexican Well-Being Cruise 4/7/07
Code: MX07

Hawaiian Well-Being Cruise 1/20/07
Code: HI07
Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/9/06
Code: AK06

Caribbean Well Being Cruise 4/1/06
Code: CC06
Hawaiian Well-Being Cruise 12-7-05
Code: HI05

Mexico Well-Being Cruise 2-5-05
Code: MX05
The Teachings of Abraham: The Master Course
Code: AK05

Alaska Well-Being Cruise 7/3/04
Code: AK04


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