Beyond the 12 Steps (DVD)


Code: DVD-B12S
Price: $19.95

This 70-minute video program focuses on leading edge techniques to release habitual behavior, and features what some have called one of the most remarkable segments ever spoken by Abraham in a workshop - "A New 12 Steps" - that complements and expands on the famous program used to treat various addictions.

  • Contrast Leads to Personal Preferences 8:15
  • Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12 Step Program 5:53
  • Abraham Evaluates Each of The 12 Steps 15:36
  • He Gave His Friend An Abraham Intervention 12:06
  • Esther’s Illness Came From Resistance 8:07
  • Labeling Addiction “A Disease” Doesn’t Help 6:57
  • Abraham Presents Their New 12 Steps 12:54
  • Abraham Closes The Workshop 1:13

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