2008: Online Workshop Transcriptions

2008/11/15 San Antonio, TX Transcript

Why would one believe “beliefs” believable? Step One: Ask, and Step Three: Allow. Law of Attraction responds to everyone’s choices? Thoughts are difficult for her to articulate. Watching painful newscasts makes her feel pain. Earth, as a playground or a proving ground? Doesn’t her expansion have a greater purpose? Will she someday see her transitioned mother?


2008/10/25 Atlanta, GA Transcript

When beliefs are based on false premises? When in the Vortex it feels good. What if we “became as little children”? He’s been fighting windmills in his dreams. Jerry’s Dream Board didn’t need tending to. How can couple maintain their sexual ecstasy? Don’t follow Abraham just follow yourselves.


2008/09/13 Chicago, IL Transcript

Were you, as an infant, trained negatively? Contrast really isn’t about something going wrong. Are you ready to meet your Vortex? He wants to create a positive media. When goal-setting backfires one’s intents? To remain on the brink of appreciation. Should son accept Dad’s magnanimous gift?

2008/08/23 San Diego, Transcript

Your creations are about your personal Vibration. Vibrational Reality will preface your real reality. Moving toward manifestation, as life’s bliss? What does Life want from his life? These are things she loves about Abraham. How can she clean up her Vibration? Her child’s “meditation” is disallowed in kindergarten.


2008/08/17 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

When Law of Attraction focuses on Vibrational Reality? Nonphysical is tuned to your personal expansion. Why are we concerned with other’s opinions? Before birth, do we choose our parents? Step One is the creative asking stage. How can he re-align with natural wellness? Her business cash-flow has slowed down.


2008/08/16 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

When manifestations are expected, desire feels good. How about creating your own positive expectations? Law of Attraction is the manager of all. The actor who wins, expects to win. The lover he wanted, came and went. Shouldn’t he be happier about friend’s success? Desire and belief and more weight loss?


2008/08/10 San Francisco, CA Transcript

When controlling the direction of your thoughts? When modifying “Thou shalt not kill” rules. Just don’t put unwanted on your plate. Art of Allowing and Law of Attraction. A new story for abundance-desiring retiree. She wants city; he wants country. To harmonize with someone not in harmony? Gaining your freedom by giving up control?


2008/08/09 San Francisco, CA Transcript

Is desire a good thing, or not? Law of Attraction responds to every vibration. A deeper story is: “What’s my expectation?” Abraham has one answer: “Get happy!” Would repeating his asking negate his receiving? Are we not here to achieve goals? Being in charge while giving up control?


2008/08/02 Portland, OR Transcript

Art of allowing the Law of Attraction. What’s the vibrational essence of your story? Expectant Mom comes from family of worriers. Four year old dare devil keeps getting stitched. After asking “What’s bothering you?” then what? How would being labeled “disabled” affect disabled. How willing are you to endure discomfort?


2008/07/31 Seattle, WA Transcript

You cannot emanate an inappropriate desire. No one is here to please you. Would student’s lack of progress frustrate Abraham? To not get sucked into lover’s mood. How can business owner utilize his competition? Why did he first choose Eastern birthplace? How can he contact his Spiritual Guide?


2008/07/22 Alaska Cruise Transcript

Is exercise vital to our physical well-being? Everything’s working out for her — except romance. What thoughts and words will attract lovers? Our Universe, as a projection of consciousness? What is the source of inspired thoughts? One fulfills her sexually, the other spiritually. How does Source see government mandated killers?


2008/07/21 Alaska Cruise Transcript

The only reason you ever get sick. You are a vibrational transmitter and receiver. If she’s happy but they’re not happy? The meeting platform for psychotherapist and autistic? To deal with fear of child’s fears? Asking to not be asked to change? Any value in speaking of our desires?


2008/07/12 Denver, CO Transcript

Because of your preferences, you expand. The troubles you’ve lived caused your beingness. Taking your picture with the Prime Minister? Is it possible to live without resistance? You weren’t born to get things completed. Did we not come forth to re-connect? She doesn’t want to lose her temper.


2008/07/06 Stamford, CT Transcript

Where did you pick up your world-view? You have guidance you can count on. The feelings of neediness attract more neediness. Could society slip back from its evolution? Helpful words for those “condemned” to despair? When he croaks will he recognize friend? To apply Teachings to getting things done?


2008/06/29 Boston, MA Transcript

If children fear their planet’s in peril? To feel love, set tuner on love. “Truth and Justice and the American Way”? He once had a scary meditative experience. Trust our feelings, but under all conditions? Mom has dementia, but only Mom’s happy. It’s easy to think about being happy.


2008/06/28 Boston, MA Transcript

Do you feel a tension within you? To do when someone aggravates you? Which story gets the most air time? Her unresolved story about her relationships. She’d like to always remain this happy. Forgiveness coach wants a “more clients” story. Can the Law of Attraction be expanded?


2008/06/14 Philadelphia, PA Transcript

Your role in expansion of the Universe? Law of Attraction’s role in your co-creations? Are you being hindered by what-is-itis? Trust and faith as blah, blah, blah? Daughter, outside home, is a perfect child. Seeing a clearer picture of Abraham’s world? Is he really stretching himself too thin?


2008/05/10 Washington, DC Transcript

The physical you is a unique personality. These things you knew when you came. You're here to improve, not fix. She had been taking a "walking meditation." Gays are much more than their sexuality. Her three-year-old had seven cavities. Everything's in the eye of the beholder?


2008/04/19 San Antonio, TX Transcript

There's a power in your personal desire. When teetering on the brink of appreciation. His Spanish-speaking children are resisting conformity. Autistic child's mom wants to help others. Wanting to feel self-empowered is natural. Autism, as observed by a teacher/scientist? But, when an employee becomes an employer?


2008/04/05 Orlando, FL Transcript

Your negative emotion is a vibrational indicator. Complaining about poverty will not create abundance. To eliminate don’t wants, focus on wants. Must childhood sexual shame hinder future relationships? Why some condemn that which is physical. What is The Secret Behind “The Secret”? Abraham offers a rampage of appreciation.

2008/04/02 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Transcript

Your ideas have created your financial world. They’re missing something about the Law of Attraction. Is there joy in your financial journey? If children live in fear of judgment? Don’t take their criticism of you personally. Does the Universe communicate through physical signs? Why is it that Abraham never laughs?

2008/02/17 San Francisco, CA Transcript

Must our getting older mean getting ornerier? Life, on this planet, keeps getting better. What is Abraham’s definition of Universal Vibration? When do babies, or fetus’, begin thinking? Are repeated affirmations of value to perform? When organs are transplanted, do vibrations conjoin? She has a question regarding physical death.

2008/02/10 San Rafael, CA Transcript

You can always tell if they’re aligned. Law of Attraction is an equal opportunity. Bridging beliefs regarding her son’s competitive inclinations. How can he communicate with transitioned sister? Psychologist wants to better help psychotic bi-polars. Will the authentic “Abraham” please speak up? How can we not feel physical pain?


2008/02/09 San Rafael, CA Transcript

You knew it before you became physical. It all begins with a dominant thought. He wants to find his own "Abraham." Can they know whose Inner Being they're channeling? Pushing against never achieves desired results. I have a "dream of sexual diversity." Would her divorce cause children's collateral damage?


2008/02/03 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

All day, every day, you have options. Were you trained to look for failure?Are there Laws that govern this Universe? She lost her expectation and her money. A new story to double their business? Real estate ups and downs create ups. Relax; chill out. (He’s trying too hard.)


2008/02/02 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Law of Attraction responds to unwanted also. Do you care too much about others? Manifestations are coming, but not fast enough. She wants to discuss her weight problems. How did she create her childhood molestation? What resistance has preceded his unpleasant illness? Are AA meetings a place where she belongs?


2008/01/24 Mexico Cruise Transcript

Abraham offers a Deliberate Creation crash course. Lick it and like it without words? Here’s the story your Source within tells. How would a recession affect money appreciators? Why does he feel addicted to sleep? She “inherited family feet” bunions and all. Must comedienne self-censor inspired vocabulary?


2008/01/20 Mexico Cruise Transcript

Have you forgotten that you are Vibration? The difference in yearning and pure desire? In our diversity, we create new ideas. Her four children are experiencing uncontrollable contrast. A roll call of her children’s idiosyncrasies. Could teenager’s pleasurable interests support him financially? “I have a dream of racial diversity.”


2008/01/12 San Diego, CA Transcript

Why don’t most change patterns of thought? Why is hating one’s enemy so counterproductive? Is it time to re-tune your thoughts? Figuring out one’s career as they go. She wants to save future generation’s legacy. His children want a dog; now what? Family doctor has questions regarding suppressed emotions.



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