2007: Online Workshop Transcriptions

2007/11/17 San Antonio, TX-B Transcript

Husband makes her shopping splurges feel guilt ridden. Why is Abraham "we" instead of "I"? How can psychologist install worthiness in clients? When "wanting" is a focus on lack. Why do we have sexual attraction preferences? What's the fastest path to my happiness. Isn't drug using son his pained mother's business?


2007/11/17 San Antonio, TX-A Transcript

Everything changes as per your current thought. Thought vibration has more leverage than action. We would be picky about feeling good. Whose philosophy will your child eventually follow? His college friend feels larger than life. How can daughter not suffer mother's stroke? His business partners aren't practicing Abraham's philosophy.


2007/11/10 Orlando, FL Transcript

You are multifaceted Beings in human form. Desire for relief, and Law of Attraction. But, aren't desires the causes of suffering? He fears his teenage daughter's driving lessons. Why would others "claim they're channeling Abraham"? She is feeling pudgier than she wants. Emotions of Appreciation vs. "Attitude of Gratitude"?


2007/11/3 Boca Raton, FL Transcript

What is it that you do want? Thrive, and tell others how you do it. An appropriate attitude regarding sympathy and gratitude? Should she remember people's names and faces? Should he apologize for his unique eyesight? Is there greater Intelligence unavailable to us? Did all great teachers die horrible deaths?


2007/10/27 Asheville, NC Transcript

All that is physical is Nonphysically based. To naturally flow downstream, stop paddling upstream. How could one's manifestations slow them down? Can each step be the next logical one. What comes back after his death experiences? Why didn't his success come even sooner. She feels spooked by an unwanted spirit?


2007/10/26 Asheville, NC Transcript

But isn't there bad stuff that's "true"? Our joy is our evidence of success. Does each disease have an individual cause? When baby's born with an illness. How soon do we return after croaking? What can his jailed schizophrenic friend choose. If psychotherapist's clients recovered and never returned?


2007/10/20 Washington, DC Transcript

The Law of Attraction assures your expansion. What do you want from this life's buffet? Rather than change others, align with yourself. Speaking from the standpoint of Inner Being? Sixteen year old daughter just quit school. Getting patients to envision health vs. illness. What's the relationship between laughing and crying?


2007/10/13 Tampa, FL Transcript

You knew, coming in, who you were. When babies are born to worried parents? Her dad has received a frightening diagnosis. His business partner is becoming less compatible. Discord in his family, work, and arm. Nurse shuns medicine, but doubts for children. Should unloving mother be disowned by loving mother?


2007/10/12 Tampa, FL Transcript

Law of Attraction, and your natural evolution. Transmitting thoughts of Well-Being felt so fulfilling. Her close ones are preparing to croak. What's the difference in prophecy and attraction? How can he know if paranoia's valid. Intentions and allowing vs.. goals and allowing? She found him, but he brings relationships.


2007/10/6 Stamford, CT Transcript

Every manifestation is an indication of vibration. All that's ever been thought still exists? Preteen daughter feels hurt by schoolmate's comments. What is creator's place in product's distribution? How could his selfishness serve the world? When one person's suicide causes another's death? Mother has kids, cats, dogs and chaos.


2007/9/29 Boston, MA Transcript

Knowing if it is a Vibrational Match. You are vibration, and you're Source Energy. Everything physical was once vibrational thought. Whatever you're living is a Vibrational match. What does the story you're telling indicate? What's the vibrational essence of allowing money? This is my story of financial success.


2007/9/22 Detroit, MI Transcript

Before your physical birth, you were thinking. We benefit from desires of previous generations. Is it time to tell different stories? Can she go from believing to knowing? Which wins, his vision or his partner's doubt? Do prayers attract help or create help? He asks Abraham "Where's my stuff?"


2007/9/8 San Antonio, TX Transcript

The larger part of you is Nonphysical. How can parent help child maintain alignment? He began to focus on dream's essences. What is religion's role in family values? Dad wants one neat corner for himself. How can he become a better teacher? Living life in a vibration of appreciation.


2007/8/28 Albuquerque, NM Transcript

Your every preference forms your Vibrational Escrow. Your natural inclination is to feel good. Understanding the "Astonishing Power of Your Emotions." Why has Abraham become available to us? What's it like to be an Abraham? Is it really "wasteful" to overbuy groceries? Biker wants to feel her sexuality again.


2007/8/26 Sedona, AZ Transcript

Are you appreciating the desire-producing contrast? Change the thought and change the disease. When bothered by "upstreamers" is he "upstreaming"? Limit children's television quantity, or quality? Reading about "Sacred Contracts" to commit killings? Should she feel good observing horrible scenarios? Teaching photography wasn't the "piece of cake."

2007/8/11 San Diego, CA Transcript

You are the leading-edge of creation. Manifestations, as 99% complete before showing evidence. Could she tell a different relationship story? Veterinarian lives his experience on "animal time." Balancing the veterinarian's relationship with his staff? Could their staff work on animal time? If teacher's students operate on "animal time"?


2007/8/5 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Patience regarding your manifestation is not necessary. You are creating improvement for future generations. Trust the doctor or trust HIV beliefs? He's teaching oldsters how to blissfully die. To regain that "everything-is-magic" feeling? Limit your irritations to under 17 seconds. To instill founder's vision in his staff?


2007/8/4 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

You're Vibrational Beings in a Vibrational Universe. Frolic on your way to your manifestations. Could his "wanting" overcome his abundance beliefs? The best Mom that she can be? What's up with her manifestation of arthritis? Do those feral animals prefer being rescued? Abraham closes the Los Angeles Saturday Workshop.


2007/7/27 San Francisco, CA Transcript

The Art of Allowing or "pre-croaking blending"? Another piece of the Law of Attraction. Negative emotion indicates one is paddling upstream. Can environment handle its expanding humanity? All is well, and it's getting weller. How to teach pre-teen to turn downstream? Wants to accelerate speed of his attraction.


2007/7/22 San Rafael, CA Transcript

Stating "it's not enough" is not enough. Nothing comes from "out of the blue". Earth is at its best and improving. You can create your own world changes. Make peace with her never-ending journey? He and Sweetheart aren't always in bliss. Is saving the world her life's work?


2007/6/23 Portland, OR Transcript

Every manifestation is preceded by vibrational thought. Law of Attraction responds to your thought. Could doctor dispel fear without "false hope"? Get happy, and eat what feels good. Can he be, do, or have anything? Food stamps, and bouncing checks, no more. To awaken refreshed after a night's sleep?


2007/6/16 Ft. Collins, CO Transcript

You were born to explore new ideas. Does this helpful Universe sometimes take vacations? Do babies come with their specific intentions? Must he decay as he grows older? Does Abraham ever need sleep or food? When do we choose our physical gender? Should he act on his every hunch?


2007/6/9 Boulder, CO Transcript

What is it I'm thinking about you...? Some observations about the Deliberate Creation Process. Professional questions physical withdrawal from addictions. Could this grandmother be too much loved. Could Mom understand Dad's Alzheimer's? Doctor is now "serving" clinical medicine differently. How can teenager date that interesting girl?


2007/6/2 Chicago, IL Transcript

Warm to some, feels cool to others. Do it for the joy of expansion. Do our thoughts collectively create our world? Is transitioned mother sending surges of love. Her first-grade classroom is a joy. Has wonderful life, but a messy house. Is there a purpose to our birth family?


2007/5/29 Buffalo, NY Transcript

When sick, one's preference is for wellness. Let Law of Attraction bring you ease. How could mutual climaxes come more easily? Any role for children's behavior modification techniques? When something's gained, businessman feels something's lost. Would donated organs hinder our complete transition? Easier acquisitions: parking spaces, or Rolls Royces?


2007/5/26 Boston, MA Transcript

Are you desiring, or are you yearning? Feeling revenge feels better than feeling fear. Son's off to war; Mom's feeling sadness. But his family and friends paddle upstream. A Law of Attraction conflict with family religion? She wants to feel better about money. Why would a baby choose a deformity?


2007/5/19 Stamford, CT Transcript

There is no end to your expansion. Get your nose out of other's business. If manager managed greeters who enjoyed greeting? Is actress/author too focused on action? Is expectation too good to be true? Her tennis tour became an unwanted experience. All is well regarding stillborn baby.


2007/5/12 Washington, DC Transcript

You will always have a new desire. Would islands of rapists solve rapist's problems? How can they more clearly interchange ideas? If guided to drive on the sidewalk? How do those in poverty find happiness? Can you accept that good feels good? If someone is between you and downstream?


2007/5/6 Asheville, NC Transcript

Are you ready for some new perspectives? Feel good or bad; it's your choice. Life just doesn't have to be hard. What's up with Esther's new voice situation? What about the concept of cellular memory? Life's good now; would children upset that? Another 12 steps beyond "The 12 Steps"?


2007/5/5 Asheville, NC Transcript

Let the variety enhance your personal preferences Trucker reached a fork in his road. Frightened by a bear on his trail. Even those bullies are vibrating their vulnerability? How can teacher best uplift her students? This renegade is in pursuit of joy. You have total control of your choices.


2007/4/21 San Antonio, TX Transcript

Must criticizing the rich leave one poor? Why would one person kill another person? He's wanting to avoid the word "want". But, don't our feelings come from thoughts? Should she deliberately induce temper tantrums? In terms of "allowing" and "shared healings"? How can he add to another's vibrational vitality?


2007/4/12 Mexican Riviera Cruise Transcript

Think of this as your creative opportunity. What would a Buddha Consciousness look like? Has questions about death, health and dying. She's seen 100's of blissful babies birthed. Can this singer present her authentic self? Life caused me to ask for what? Before doing it, line up with it. We are Abraham, and we are...


2007/4/8 Mexican Riviera Cruise Transcript

Would you ever want an environment without contrast? But, when religious bias affects one's career? Can value be found in every religion? New contrast details evoke our new preferences. There's no "price to pay" for manifestations? But, good comes to her so easily? What's the secret behind "The Secret"?


2007/4/1 Los Angeles, CA - B Transcript

Still having problems with the relationship journey? Could tragic disasters be cocreated events? To say to her children-to-be? Can she sustain her deja vue's. Viewing his cat from eyes of Source. From Ecstasy to panic attacks—now what? Too little time to enjoy it all?


2007/3/10 San Diego, CA - B Transcript

Are our egos not to be diminished? Why warriors choose violent movies over musicals. Procrastination can avoid a counterproductive action. Talk only about what you really want. His mother wants to be a grandmother. We are not "multiple swine spirits" cast out? Do adopted children have a different Energy.


2007/3/10 San Diego, CA - A Transcript

Up to speed with what you've become? The call of Source always sounds like relief. Without Esther, could there be another Abraham? If the world understood Law of Attraction? Isn't "hearing voices" evidence of mental illness? Life is so good it scares her. What is my "fair share" of abundance?


2007/3/3 San Rafael, CA Transcript

Why would a material Being decry "materialism"? What caused Abraham to seek out Esther? Mom's blamed for her son's poor grades. Men and women share "Equal Abraham Opportunities. Why would Abraham be kept a "Secret"? How would Abraham relate "gratitude" to "appreciation"? What's next in the evolution of Abraham-Hicks?


2007/2/24 San Francisco, CA - B Transcript

Some words from Abraham regarding a teenager. Why would bad things happen to children? Time off, to give him time, didn't. If using 90 percent of our potential? He has an unreasonable fear of sharks. If all is curable, "why's death inevitable"? Dumbing down the "Where's my relationship?"


2007/2/24 San Francisco, CA - A Transcript

Why haven't humans constructed another Planet Earth? Just point at desires, and keep going. Source Energy is purring in us all. What do you believe is your value? Have you ever thought about your feelings? Shamanism and the beasts of our Planet? Are you wanting to wake up rested?


2007/2/17 Sacramento, CA Transcript

Life will inevitably cause you to want. Your life is supposed to feel good. But, if self-righteousness feels like: Well-Being. They share a perspective of Universal Evolution. Must polio and paralysis be in her future? Her son won't complete his homework. Abraham, please tell us who you are?


2007/1/28 Maui, HI Transcript

Are desires as pleasurable as manifestations? What are the rewards for paddling upstream? Why is artist's emotional ride so dramatic? Should their child's movie watching be curtailed? Does his religion conflict with Abraham's teachings? Near Death Experience evoked desire to help. Ship's doctor has a Chinese acupuncture question.



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