2006: Online Workshop Transcriptions

2006/10/21 Asheville, NC Transcript

Stop paddling and go with the flow. You can be born again, today, too. Even children know it: Good feels good. Can any religious culture violently “convert” another? Has rediscovered lost childhood’s natural Well-Being. Speak to us, Abraham, of our destiny? How to manifest an abundance of money?


2006/10/14 Washington, DC Transcript

Your personal evolution, as expanding the Universe. Little children, as products of their environments. The Workshop, as a “flowing downstream” event. Will job arrive before money runs out? Trust only yourself to truly know yourself. Giving your best has to be enough. Abraham closes the Washington DC Workshop.

2006/10/9 Philadelphia, PA Transcript

The thought always precedes the physical form. Death, as an expanded version of you? Where I am is always all right? You can’t prevent your child’s natural evolution. Kate does what she wants to do. Veterinarian relates pet’s illnesses to their owners. Is there a Universal Law regarding “leadership”?


2006/10/7 Boston, MA Transcript

Everything we do is to feel better. Clinging to floor of River of Life? The World can only move to more. Isn’t there a greater purpose than pleasure? He wasn’t surprised Mom chose suicide, but...? “Death” is done by self to self. When someone fears the Stream’s obstacles?


2006/9/30 Tarrytown, NY Transcript

Let the Current turn you toward relief. There’s a reason the “rich get richer”. How is it that everyone can be “right”? Marry lover, or move on from here? What if he could wrestle with Abraham? Do things come faster when “blissed out”? Since brain never stops growing, why dementia?


2006/9/23 Detroit, MI Transcript

Your vibrational gaps translate into negative emotion. Eleven year old stepdaughter is a challenge. Dedicated 18 years to their challenging daughter. Why would their twin son not survive? Has upcoming grandchild deliberately chosen the family? Raising a child adopted from another culture?


2006/09/18 Louisville, KY Transcript

Would you want to paddle upstream? In only 30 days, you could… Is daughter resisting mother’s “Abraham” influence? Her business caters to “guilty" animal owners. After reading “Ask” her nose began to twitch. She feels guilty about potential business success. Why are more Africans happier than Americans?


2006/09/13 Kansas City, KS Transcript

Bombing them will cost you money, too. To overcome his penurious old financial habits. Singer/realtor has some “starving artist” concerns. He wants to avoid the word, want. Is there value in medicating dementia patients? If leaving “Abraham” out of “Abraham’s Teachings”? Should she control, or guide, her children?


2006/08/29 Albuquerque, NM-B Transcript

To experience more ease vs. pushing against. He wants guidance toward his life’s purpose. She wants to know a personal God. Both your castles and buttons are “downstream.” Has “aspiring actress” found an “upstream” profession? What is father’s grief support group supporting? He finds exhilaration in performing risky activities.


2006/08/29 Albuquerque, NM-A Transcript

A part of You expresses in physical. Making the best (or worst) of what-is? Training beasts (or humans) using neutral discipline? When someone is talking in their sleep? Is expanding his healing center the solution? Was her sexual partner only a prop? She's still curious about our "creation" story.


2006/08/27 Sedona, AZ Transcript

Is Life’s Stream beating up on you? Make peace (successfully) with where you are. How can mother best guide her children? Isn’t fighting over God going too far? Can (or do) our Souls help us? Release “anti-gay” religion, yet keep his God? A “Make Peace with My Body” process?


2006/08/06 W. Los Angeles, CA-A Transcript

Why doesn't the electricity become a toaster? Downstream things feel good and not hard. Are the maps you're following currently relative? What is the secret to our cluelessness? To keep his diagnosed leukemia at bay? What, in the beginning, caused us to be? Aspiring musician observes others not succeeding.


2006/08/05 N. Los Angeles, CA-B Transcript

Commodities trader has questions regarding the “charts”. To tap into another’s Vibrational Escrow? He wants to feel Source via meditation. There are many right ways to heal oneself. Would using breathing process facilitate Allowing? Esther’s final words to Kate would be? She is joyously anticipating birthing her baby.


2006/08/05 N. Los Angeles, CA-A Transcript

Your Source will remain “starry-eyed”. Everything that you want is downstream. Let go of the oars and relax. Your Source knows who “you” have become. He’d prefer not doing what’s bringing money. Life’s good, but his dreams are unsettling. Is she stalking beautiful, but disinterested, Fred?


2006/07/30 San Rafael, CA Transcript

Evolution of your desires as Eternal Beings. A baby’s price for food and lodging? To claim gifts from past-live’s personalities? Is she limited to her desires essence? He’s prohibiting his sons extreme-broad-band activities. Children want you to know they know. She wants to allow her incoming relationships. Placebos, schlamebos, use whatever works for you.


2006/07/29 San Francisco, CA Transcript

You are very old, wise and Eternal. There’s no end to your potential improvement. Should mom leave house to divorcing husband. You both get what you think about. Will deceased cat forgive its owner’s fears? Could “joyous” Beings create horrific historical prisons? Should Abraham be more available to children?


2006/07/26 Sacramento, CA Transcript

What if those assumptions are really true? Go with the Flow that you’ve created. It’s time to just let war be? Is true Paradise possible on this planet? To improve good relationship with his daughter? Birth children and then let them be? If no one performed the less desirable jobs?


2006/07/01 Seattle, WA Transcript

How can I not observe what’s observable? Are trophies worth the paddling hard upstream? How can he come to know the unknown? But, his thriving business is making him tired. Her resentment of others is hurting her. Are their three children enough, or not? Moving toward it is feeling good, too.


2006/06/24 Portland, OR Transcript

You can't not "become" and feel good. How's the "philosophy of struggle" working out? In the moment of death the Gap closes. Why does he foretell his bodys' downfall? Was late for her second job interview. How to best choose from Life's buffet? But, athletes body is affected by psoriasis?


2006/06/17 Fort Collins, CO Transcript

If suffering, you're going against the current. From depression, Source calls you you to revenge. Can their children survive their painful divorce? How can he release hindering beliefs? He's very uncomfortable with father's death process. How teenager gets more good stuff? Was stuttering part of a Divine Plan?


2006/06/10 Boulder, CO-A Transcript

The Leading Edge isn't the bleeding edge. Getting up to speed with new babies? Would his clone have the same Inner Being? Would scientifically improving birth-defects be immoral? Can we reincarnate into a chosen culture? Are you finding it difficult to sleep? Who stands to gain by his misery?


2006/06/03 Chicago, IL Transcript

Flier's fear of powerlessness rendered her powerless. You're being called to what you've become. The Stream is always flowing your way. Wants to understand how the Universe works. How can she deliberately know her Well-Being? Why does Nonphysical see humans as "Leading Edge"? Can he influence his grandchildren from Nonphysical?


2006/05/30 Buffalo, NY Transcript

You are You before you are you. "Incurable! You can't get there from here." He wants to stop his "monkey mind". Will he have to return to Earth? Health's going the wrong way. So what!? Why would Abraham recommend placebo's use? Applying Emotional Guidance System in disallowing society? She has an inordinate desire for approval.

2006/05/27 Boston, MA Transcript

Our every preference is known by Source. From despair Source's call sounds like revenge. How much negative contrast do we need? Comparing the human vs. animal parental instincts? But, this parent's child has special needs? Is joy really our primary evolutionary vehicle? Doesn't bisexual husband force wife's sexuality upstream?


2006/05/21 Tarrytown, NY Transcript

Another perspective of Going with the Flow! In helping others, is she neglecting herself? Adjusting to other's deaths hasn't soothed her. How do expectations flow with our creations? Isn't emotional pain more than a perception? Student's attention-grabbing disrupts the teachers flow. Musician wants more consistency in creative flow.


2006/05/18 Philadelphia, PA Transcript

Are you letting your canoe point downstream? How do geese resolve differences without war? At some point will she revisit pleasant thoughts? Would Mass Consciousness receive Transgender's Vibrational Escrow? When one's ego desires to please another? Is sex not in alignment with Well-Being? Will sex laws terminate after we die?

2006/05/13 Washington, DC-A Transcript

"Hell yes!" is going with the Flow. When in the Flow, you can't lose. Even in Nonphysical there is Vibrational contrast. No one else can activate your vibration. Has Abraham anything to learn from us? Is Law of Attraction not somewhat flexible? How can mate control his unwanted thoughts?


2006/04/29 Asheville, NC Transcript

Every thought contributes to Mass Vibrational Escrow. Abraham defines the "flow you go with". Do our minds store our emotional vibrations? She is feeling somewhat limited by "time". Wife can't understand his satisfaction in anger. Should he release his old thought patterns? Were years of religious commitment a waste?


2006/03/11 Phoenix, AZ-B Transcript

Is negative tenant hindering her property sale? To be happy in her unsold home? She'd like to become a better person. Is there a starting point for DNA? To not invite unwanted into her experience? During which moments do our fears manifest? Abraham closes the Phoenix Arizona Workshop.

2006/03/11 Phoenix, AZ-A Transcript

Getting up to speed with one's desire? How is your controlling others working? Abraham's "Debt Reduction Process" worked for him. To ease all conflicts within his family? His every dream must be fulfilled, but? Could one's participation in competition create chaos? Would deep breathing diminish feelings of chaos?

2006/02/18 N. Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Imagine the value of a selfish Universe. Believing, achieving, and the Art of Allowing. Are you a vibrational match to Well-Being? Can surfer become dolphin-like to other people? His next step to improve bodily conditions? Freedom, as "100% control" of government conditions? Abraham's view on our worldwide tribal confrontations?


2006/02/12 San Rafael, CA Transcript

Vs. achieving manifestation, life's about becoming. We must become what We have become. Is his parental situation co-creating or creating? Is this world ready for Abraham's teachings? Could prayer protect mother's child from bombs? The warriors will create their own wars. Fly fishing is bringing her much pleasure.


2006/02/11 San Francisco, CA Transcript

Your desires have already become a reality. If "your life sucks", what to do? He's wanting to find something to want. What is the meaning of our life? Is avoiding another mistaken surgery another mistake? What do we do between physical lifetimes? Do rocks and dust actually have Consciousness?

2006/01/14 San Diego, CA Transcript

Relative to your desires. where are you? If "Warpaint of The Gods" received recognition? Love vs. an attachment to loved ones? Only one "until death do us part"? Could he eat fattening foods without fattening? Our intuitive choices, vs. chemical food additives? He's a lean, mean, manifesting machine?



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