2005: Online Workshop Transcriptions

2005/11/5 Boca Raton, FL Transcript

How this feels in relationship to that? A perception of power...or of disempowerment? Must his physical body return to dust? Any new advice for this business consultant? Ghosts, as visual translations of congealed Energy? She wants to believe in Kinesiology’s validity. Does mother’s desire for children’s happiness influence?

2005/10/23 Asheville, NC Transcript

Why do you look at troubling things? You were born knowing you are free. Any joyous alternative to our physical transition? She desperately wants a different body weight. Taking action and a working business partner? Aged father has just begun hospice care. Should mother allow her teenager her head?

2005/10/15 Washington, DC Transcript

Don’t let feeling upset upset you. To create a governmental “Department of Peace”? Do we, also, create our own hypnosis? Power of Suggestion vs. Law of Attraction? Never married; she’s 54; and now what? Can there never be a “random” event? But, his suggestions were resented as complaints.

2005/10/11 Philadelphia, PA-B Transcript

Must humans maintain balance of planet’s environment? So, what do Abrahams do for fun? Still focused on a past spectacular relationship? But, she wanted “marriage” to feel free. To release pain from childhood sexual abuse? But, he was raped by “God’s representative”? Abraham closes the Philadelphia PA Workshop.

2005/10/11 Philadelphia, PA-A Transcript

Like it or not, you continue becoming. Source calls us up the Emotional Scale. In every moment, you’re marching toward something. Life is about focusing, feeling—and forking. When objects burn, what becomes of Energy? Are leaders necessary to an enlightened society? He was afraid, previously, of becoming angry?

2005/10/08 Tarrytown, NY Transcript

Do you appreciate the contrast in variety? Vacations aren’t about getting to our homes. When teacher “sends Energy” to shy student? Demented mom, and a nursing home dilemma. If visits feel uncomfortable, keep them short. Why so bothered by teenager’s disrespectful attitude? Artist is seeking a freer creative voice?

2005/10/01 Boston, MA Transcript

When Source becomes one with your desire. How do others feel about how you feel? Which partner’s vibration dominates their financial experience? He expects it, but sooner than she. Is his government clouding his financial picture? Some positive aspects of supporting one’s government? Why would a spiritual teacher ever die?

2005/09/28 Syracuse, NY Transcript

Contrast or variety, it’s all your choice. Do not his sexual fantasies affect Mate? At what point must child’s All-Is-Wellness fade? When students “Sent Love” to alienated teacher? Is not influence a form of control? “Kiki” was his real “invisible” childhood playmate. Who and what is Mom responsible for?

2005/09/24 Detroit, MI-B Transcript

Does Abraham need Esther for this work? Does Abraham’s humor ever turn to anger? What is the cause of the unwanted? Why be born with a mental illness? But what about Parkinson’s or birth defects? The government’s role in our hurricane experience. Can television anchor also be a “Joy Worker”?

2005/09/24 Detroit, MI-A Transcript

Is this where I want to be? I’m marching marching marching toward financial well-being. Process, number 23: The Forking Off Process. A forking up a financial trail example. 17 Second Process to attracting more money. A 17 Second Process to better health. How can he resolve his thyroid discomfort? To help her stepson, or let go?

2005/09/21 Cincinnati, OH Transcript

You said “I prefer variety and contrast....” The Spiritual You materialized the material you. Lawyer has questions regarding his delusional clients. When delusioned ones incarcerate other delusioned ones? When psychiatrist’s delusioned client is projecting anger? Do others put “spins on his reality?” Any greater purpose in her family’s death?

2005/09/14 Kansas City, KS Transcript

It’s not supposed to take very long. When plenty of money isn’t enough? How much suffering of grief is appropriate? What about his clear, lucid dream states? To love her drug-using neighbors unconditionally. Say to her daughter regarding inevitable death? His feelings are changing regarding childhood religion.

2005/08/27 Sedona, AZ Transcript

The Universe already knows what you want. Lean in the direction of your desire. What’s common to those attracted to Abraham? The positive aspects of high priced gasoline? Could you make peace with a Twinkie? Should mothers guide children from offensive language. Your beasts do not worry about death.

2005/08/13 San Diego, CA Transcript

You will always have an unfulfilled desire. Attaining true joy is simple, isn’t it? Will casual sex hinder future marital relationship? When does a Being enter physical body? Are there dark polarizing influential Non-physical entities? To be more comfortable with her husbands moods? He’s 86; must his vitality taper down?

2005/08/07 N. Los Angeles Transcript

Closing the gap between your preferences and beliefs. To feel good, you must feel free. Has play time but doesn’t have playmate. Row, row, row your boat...or dream? People, everyday, just get on his nerves. Money for bombs vs. schools? Abraham closes the North Los Angeles Workshop.

2005/08/06 W. Los Angeles, CA Transcript

How can we feel worthy? Do we make a specific pre-birth contract to parent a child? What is the relationship between action and manifestation? Am I the most expanded that I’ve ever been? How can I teach my child the fundamental rights and wrongs? As a gay couple, how can we be the best parents?

2005/07/31 San Rafael, CA Transcript

You’re wanting to feel your negative emotions. Fork your way to whatever feels better. The better to feel: love or appreciation? Is “God” evolving to a nicer Being? Does she owe Mom a “karmic debt”?From where came our 6.5 billion souls? Is his procrastination not sabotaging his success?

2005/07/30 San Francisco, CA Transcript

Wherever you go, you still take you. It gets better the better it gets. The bigger the “but”, the stronger desire. Why do dogs risk heads out of cars? From a healer’s perspective, what’s up Planetarily? He is filled with feelings of appreciation. He’s at a crossroads in their relationship.

2005/07/27 Sacramento, CA Transcript

Your life is supposed to be good. Can our past lives guide our now? Future generations will benefit from this generation. Can Karma affect our everyday experience? What is Abraham’s main advantage to us? Any “purpose” other than “following his bliss”? She wants her daughter to remain happy.

2005/07/23 Ashland, OR Transcript

Is not a war against war, war? Law of gravity taught itself to you. Her recent lover was fundamentally funless. How can I help the world condition? She’ll tell her surgery story, anyway. Why aren’t Abraham’s teachings clear to everyone? How literal can she accept ancient teachings?

2005/07/02 Seattle, WA Transcript

When someone’s rude, another preference is born. Are you living your truth, or theirs? But, her husband has different philosophical beliefs. Has flying, swimming, teaching, feeling-lost dreams. Do they really “fear” their future success? Is there a hierarchy amongst the angels? Has been struggling with gender identity.

2005/06/11 Boulder, CO Transcript

The Balancing of Energy within yourself. Why would anyone want what I wouldn’t? Whose fault was her finance’s unwanted activities? Sex was the best part of them. To get past his fear of judgment? Was toothless cowboy not heeding his GOD? To comfort mother after step-dad’s death?

2005/05/28 Chicago, IL Transcript

Do you continue to experience more what-is? When you're wondering Where's my pie? Did I actually create my own world? Aging and maturing as natural, but declining? If money's tight, how can he relax. My will power vs. Thy will be done? Aren't our desires influenced by the media.

2005/05/21 Boston, MA Transcript

Universe responds to vibrations, not to words. You can't keep telling those negative stories. He wants to know his Connection is! She clashes with her loving live-in mother. Isn't "thinking beyond thought" still thinking? She is thinking about "healthy", but…? When is manifestation about timing vs. alignment?

2005/05/14 Tarrytown, NY Transcript

The "when" factor is up to you. Do you want Tabasco in your pie? Life Force, one minute; next minute, gone. Getting up to speed with your desires. Source Energy wouldn't want only one intention. Are there really any harmful dietary actions? Abraham closes the Tarrytown NY Workshop.

2005/05/12 Philadelphia, PA Transcript

Thirty days; thirty days, and thirty days. Can a craving be good for us? She's engaged in an ugly divorce process. What does it feel like in Abrahamland? Psychologist wants to practice client-empowering procedures. How would "Mother Abraham" guide a 5 y.o. Isn't there someone up there to thank?

2005/05/07 Washington, DC Transcript

Source feels such joy in a new idea. There's no competition; the resources are infinite. She is appreciative of Abraham's patience. To balance children, business and husband's underwear. To whom much is given, what's expected? Three years ago, his realigning cat came. To relieve her feelings of social insecurity?

2005/05/01 Asheville, NC Transcript

Your unique desires are good for All-That-Is. With what do we Balance our Energy? She is concerned about creative timing. Struggling with getting married and having children. A career choice for an uncommon person? Any tweaking hints toward her joyous expansion? Which city will make him happiest?

2005/04/30 Asheville, NC Transcript

Source Energy rides on your launched desires. When there is sweet relief in revenge. When parents become arbitrators of siblings' squabblings? Attracted abuse to herself and her children? Felt guilt about leaving frightened husband home. She feels inferior when she's with others. Abraham closes the Saturday Asheville NC Workshop.

2005/04/28 Atlanta, GA Transcript

Focus on the "Truth" that feels best. If it feels good, it is good. Is not compassion for pain ever appropriate? Her "messy teen is leaving food everywhere." The evolving coral reefs weren't always there. Beautiful example of some "supportive self-talk language". Abraham closes the Atlanta Georgia Workshop.

2005/04/24 San Antonio, TX Transcript

Are you making peace with your worthiness? You came for the fun of the creation. Fearing her fear of feeling multiple fears. Does money have its own vibrational frequency? Does Abraham feel desires other than ours? Husband transitioned before their dreams were fulfilled. She continues to attract another disappointing relationship.

2005/04/15 Las Vegas, NV Transcript

Abraham discusses the subject of Vibrational Relativity. Is death more pleasurable than orgasmic sex? Will our planet sustain our chemical waste? Teaching children the Law of Attraction principles? It works; it works; it really works! It's their land, but it's her view. Abraham closes the "I Can Do It" Las Vegas Workshop.

2005/03/19 Phoenix, AZ Transcript

Are you giving attention to your desires? Tears, as the releasing of one's resistance. Positive new babies vs. their cranky elders? Does junk food harbor an unhealthy vibration? She asks about the "veil of forgetfulness." What is most unusual about the ultra-successful? Do you believe that politicians control you?

2005/03/06 W. Los Angeles, CA Transcript

We have been programmed by others beliefs. How are we affected by sad movies? What to say to her paralyzed brother? Is her verbal dog talking to her? She feels on her career path, but…? Life's boredom was leading to smoking pot. How long are humans capable of living?

2005/03/05 N. Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Jerry and Esther had Prevost door issues. Are Clown noses their key to bliss? Satisfied with what-is, or jealous of others? Is it true that ignorance is bliss? Heiress' son isn't speaking to his mother. Our Consciousness doesn't require a physical form. Feeling good, is our evidence of success.

2005/02/27 San Francisco, CA Transcript

You can't use "reality" as a criteria. No Connected human would harm another Being. What's suicide bomber's contribution to Source's growth. He enjoys the art of making money. What to do with his overflowing joy? Will modern science ever understand DNA? Wants to love her fun-self more.

2005/02/26 San Rafael, CA Transcript

The, lifetime after lifetime, Art of Allowing. About her money, business and sales vibrations? Must children be influenced to feel inappropriate? Was brother born with feelings of pedophilia? He is most appreciative of his successes. His contrasting hungers are the best sauce. Is "Sasquatch" human or animal, or what?

2005/01/29 San Antonio, TX Transcript

Make your peace with where you are. What's up with her occasional power surges? To feel worthy while 200 pounds overweight. Shouldn't she feel compassion for her sister? Wants $1,000,000 without working for it. One day's bliss, to recurring back pain? Trouble asking others for what you want?

2005/01/22 Orlando, FL Transcript

Liar, liar, your pants are on fire. You\'ve made up things to frighten yourselves. Common unwanted denominator in her entertaining stories? Please tell us your better feeling stories. How can we recreate perfect body cells? Who is right, Abraham or Sai Baba? Why isn't "Abraham" teaching in Egypt?

2005/01/15 Boca Raton, FL Transcript

How to get what I don’t have? Adopted (now wants to birth) a baby. To hopefully move away from medicated diabetes? How much does Trump focus on unwanted? To soothe mate after a frightening diagnosis. Preschool genius “won’t listen to his teacher”. “Free at Last” at Sudbury Valley School.

2005/01/08 Tampa, FL-B Transcript

It isn’t about punishing and “teaching lessons”. Do you believe you get to choose? His skepticism of Non-physical doesn’t serve him. Minister discovers Jesus’ teachings in Abraham’s. He wants to become more successful financially. Cat lover has problems with refrigerated animals. It’s hard to stand up for herself.

2005/01/08 Tampa, FL-A Transcript

Hate and bombs won’t control conditions. Could his taxes be supporting another Hitler?” Deaths, whether manmade or by natural disasters? Aren’t we guided away from unwanted deaths? How can I respond to suicidal Beings. Has a history of suicidal “bipolar” depression. She’s a family physician, now teaching wellness.


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