2004: Online Workshop Transcriptions

2004/11/13 San Antonio, TX Transcript

It's about learning to let it in. Hang on or let go of desires? There's value in your quest for joy. Do all religions vibrate at same rate? He now feels worthy of successful business. Does preparing for eventualities influence their actualization? Is releasing resistance only healing method?

2004/10/28 Dallas, TX Transcript

No matter where it is—it's NOW! Considering both freedom and bondage as perceptions. "Why did God give my child diabetes?" Would pornography increase one's passion for sex? Will either presidential candidate soothe the world? How do Spirit Beings congregate in Nonphysical? Any disadvantages created before her birth?

2004/10/24 Asheville, NC-B Transcript

"One for all and all for one"? How evolved can this psychiatrist's clients become? What has Abraham to say regarding reincarnation? If aboard an airplane with negative creators? But, about her desire for World Peace? When beating up on oneself becomes addictive. Their new life is almost too good.

2004/10/24 Asheville, NC-A Transcript

How well are you expecting to live? Which signal is your attention toward? Decisions are to be made, not questioned. Has strong unwanted beliefs about her body. Was their asking price out of line? What's up with all this Vibrational Matching? To become unhurtable by another person's lies?

2004/10/16 Washington, DC Transcript

An emotional journey, from fear to hope. See every emotion as a valued emotion. How can love coincide with killing animals? Are past desires sometimes inappropriate baggage today? And they didn't get it done, either. Teen son would rather play than study. Abraham closes the Washington DC Workshop.

2004/10/13 Philadelphia, PA Transcript

It is all happening in your now. Is being right more important than harmony? Can she think away her joint pains? Are specific thoughts causing her thumb's stiffness? To be released from her marriage bondage? He is attracted to ancient Rumi poets. To change lovers without hurting anyone else?

2004/10/09 Tarrytown, NY-B Transcript

He's begun to honor sister's religious beliefs. How is Abraham different from us humans? Did Abraham manipulate Esther's voice at first? What are parents responsibilities for teenager's choices? Can she move artistic relationships into alignment? Her (dementia) father disappeared into the forest. Her struggling friend has suffered many surgeries.

2004/10/09 Tarrytown, NY-A Transcript

You'll never kill or convince them all. Is the loudest voice one of fear? What's the source of those new diseases? Have I been taking score too soon? Feel good now, there's nothing more important. Does All-That-Is need worship and praise? Why's breaking up so hard to do?

2004/10/02 Boston, MA Transcript

Can't get sick enough to help sick. Where's our Consciousness when we're dreaming nightmares? Every religion has the potential for goodness. How are they limiting their business expansion? To attract the solution before the problem? Who do you trust regarding your health? What's the "expectation" regarding one's Soul Mate?

2004/09/29 Syracuse, NY Transcript

Manifestations are born out of your desire. When his life insurance payments come due? He is finding joy watching others' success. Are there differences between appreciation and gratitude? Is this just one long continued life? "At your age, your health should be…" Did she actually have a "walk-in" experience?

2004/09/22 Cincinnati, OH Transcript

Your problem's solutions are already under way. Justice isn't about fairness, it's about vibration. Are "dark energies" ever to be feared? Can you logically accept an evil force? Life just isn't feeling good enough for her. Her failed dates are providing free dinners. Anyone at any time can steadily improve.

2004/09/18 Chicago, IL Transcript

Your joy signals your state of alignment. "Only one" way's the only wrong way. Their relationship feels worse even after divorce. Positive body thoughts receded easily to negative. Still hasn't resolved issues with her mother. Was this her intention, coming to Earth? Is the Source Energy an impersonal force?

2004/09/15 Kansas City, MO-B Transcript

Were we humans seeded by another planet? New DNA with blended male-female strands? How can we remember to practice this? Why early cultures created a "Savior Myth"? Seeking balance between responsibility and child's comfort. Her skin crawls when frightened by unknown. What is my purpose for being here?

2004/09/01 Albuquerque, NM Transcript

Now, is always on the Leading Edge. But, what about having compassion for others? Is it her rain vs. my alfalfa? Clarification of potential outcome of past Prepaving. This wild bird feels caged by business. Magic, and living on the "bleeding edge"? How can she best parent her child?

2004/08/28 Sedona, AZ Transcript

We are teachers of natural Well-Being. Life's good, but she wants a lover. Life's great; so why should we die? Will we be magnetized to Non-physical "Families"? Will her wedding plans please them all? What is my value to the "Mass"? To happily socialize freedom-loving grandchild?

2004/08/14 San Diego, CA Transcript

Your natural preferences are naturally responded to. But, she's still working under "higher ups"? Archeologist boyfriend's philosophy works for him. Can artist tap into Non-physical Master Artists? He has questions about the "Spirit World". He's deeply concerned about exacerbated international affairs. Won the lottery without buying a ticket.

2004/08/01 N. Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Does that thought feel good, or not? A few questions about potential "karmic" influence. But that unruly 2% in teacher's classroom? Should diverse brothers share managing inherited business? See yourself as blessed, or as cursed. Do with postsurgery "gift of time"? Living without pain…without pain-killing drugs?

2004/07/25 San Rafael, CA Transcript

When is being selfish a good thing? She's struggling with the concept of "marriage". How can children be raised in positivity? Grieving the death of her murdered son. When their loud music invades our nation? The courts have taken away her children. Are ancient religions affecting her now?

2004/07/24 San Francisco, CA Transcript

It's a small world, after all. How can she ever trust men again? Should "Spider Man" intervene in world's affairs? Wants to think differently about her health. Was it her disempowering family, or…? Are you certain the world isn't flat? Can root beliefs empty his bank account?

2004/07/14 Portland, OR Transcript

Are we full of those like Abraham? Am I on my path of Allowance? Am I moving up my Emotional Scale? He has felt an "Energy of Failure". Is she about to attract a partner? Mother made transition and her family is feuding. Abraham closes the Portland Oregon workshop.

2004/06/26 Seattle, WA Transcript

Blame always feels better than guilt. Teen son's bringing unwanted into parent's home. Any genetic role in child's drug desires? World-changing aspects of Rampage of Appreciation. In a holographic Universe is matter reality? Am I wise enough and selfish enough? Are current probabilities limited by pre-birth intentions?

2004/06/19 Fort Collins, CO Transcript

She says she's sick of her life. Teacher tried to hold her son back. Biologist concerned with disappearance of many species. As Helen passed, a veil dropped away. What causes her business to bog down? Shouldn't suicide bombers be punished for suicides? She finds herself impatient with her now.

2004/06/12 Boulder, CO-B Transcript

Doesn't wealth allow some to mistreat others? Can we experience evolution without experiencing competition? Was she born with any specific intentions? He doesn't understand sex or women. Can't believe in an ever-expanding Universe. How to feel grateful for another's tragedy? Offer your talent because it's pleasing you.

2004/06/12 Boulder, CO-A Transcript

Your true guidance is always within you. Please return to your desired highlighted route. Doctor has evolved to mind/body medicine. Children picking on children make him angry. She wants a clearer connection with Abraham. Why are her vibrations so easily influenced. What is the cause of his nightmares.

2004/05/22 Chicago, IL Transcript

You can feel when you've released resistance. To create it right the first time? Attracting the vibrational essence of your thoughts. Her 15 y/o son is getting terrible grades. Healthy, but inspired to take a vitamin? Can't remember how long she couldn't remember. When bringing heavy subjects to Abraham's bliss?

2004/05/08 Tarrytown, NY-B Transcript

Her wonderful husband really irritates her. Was the Program 11 steps too many? But, when so many choices feel good. Her delightful children are driving her crazy. Abraham's male name on a female body? Do what to soothe the warriors' mistreatment? Still hasn't attained her desired vibrational mode.

2004/05/03 Philadelphia, PA Transcript

A Universe with neither shortage nor competition? Taking your journeys first as emotional journeys. Garden hosts a family of ravenous chipmunks. Saddened by unjust poverty aspects of India. Pained by violent governmental destruction? Are humans technologically destroying this planet? Is world saving mate losing physical well-being battle?

2004/05/01 Washington, DC Transcript

A hole in my bucket of Well-Being? My good stuff's being held in escrow? Help friend when frightened by medical diagnosis? As you release resistance the Well-Being returns. Is desire for peacefulness a control issue? There was a time she adored herself. Life is but a dream. Ta dum!

2004/04/25 Asheville, NC Transcript

Only you can know your personal truth. Is his Oneness interest attracting more contrast? Do desires take on their own momentum? Specific religions as perfect for specific participants? Are our past, dormant creations still lurking? Can corporations be too focused on profits? Considering a process for healing one's health.

2004/04/23 Atlanta, GA Transcript

Each journey is first an emotional journey. When it's possible, make a legal U-turn. What's up with the power of now? Keys to attracting and maintaining joyous relationships? Enjoying watching babies rediscovering their Planet Earth. Can maintaining manifested dreams hinder future dreams? Can physical items be moved by Non-physical?

2004/03/20 Phoenix, AZ Transcript

It's an emotional journey; a feeling journey. He seeks validity regarding the healing process. Ph.D. student is feeling stuck in yuck. Must she feel compassion for friend's death? Teen son viewed a televised porn site. Why did Abraham's recordings bring such pleasure? What about Planning Calendar's Place Mat Process?

2004/03/06 N. Los Angeles, CA-B Transcript

When depressed there's no bliss to follow. Has 80%; wants 100% of his miracles. When difficult to accept one's natural Well-Being? If she could shout her warts away. Conquering their child custody case feels unconquerable. He met Abraham 15 wonderful years ago. Is Abraham the Abraham of Jesus?

2004/03/06 N. Los Angeles, CA-A Transcript

How good is too good to feel? Do you feel worthy of unlimited Well-Being? Your feelings are your point of attraction. Their happy, miserable child is stealing things. Feels like his life is living him. You're manifesting the essence of your feelings. You can trust in your natural Well-Being.

2004/02/28 San Francisco, CA-B Transcript

Wants to start a second successful business. Her time and memory are feeling illusionary. How can she get her lover more involved? Single parent feels imprisoned with her children. Creative photographer is buried in creative clutter. Why do so few control so many? I'm free to feel as I choose.

2004/02/28 San Francisco, CA-A Transcript

We're living in the best of times. You create your own evidence of reality. Set stretching goals but not breaking goals. What happens to our denied emotions? Does Abraham ever desire to learn more? Wants to rejuvenate her body weight emotions. Should he teach there or shouldn't he?

2004/02/21 San Rafael, CA-B Transcript

Are you ready for a lover? Regarding becoming the master of one's mind. What thoughts can assure one perfect health? From shameful childhood to an angry adulthood. Sexuality, sensuality and intimacy as loving blessings. Found her teen daughter is cutting herself. Can an abortion kill an Eternal Spirit?

2004/02/21 San Rafael, CA-A Transcript

Identifying the vibrational essence of your thoughts. Where do you now want to be? Don't measure your progress by another's progress. The pets are getting poor blood tests. What is meant by the term, enlightenment? Why those few actors get many roles. What's her role in her brother's suicide?

2004/02/07 San Diego, CA-B Transcript

But now he wants a life partner. Show dog's winning, but her lover isn't. Nobody's fighting who isn't asking for it. When alcohol becomes an addiction, now what? Can she communicate with her deceased brother? What if she wanted a specific lover? He's gambling and losing; but he\'s wanted.

2004/02/07 San Diego, CA-A Transcript

Are we reactivating some lingering Thought Forms? Must attention to pessimists diminish one's optimism? Should we turn faces from unwanted diseases? When being painfully honest with our children? But, when my friend is truly suffering? Is timelessness somehow connected to our desire? Her life has become unbelievably, suspiciously spectacular.

2004/01/31 W. Los Angeles, CA-A Transcript

You, alone, are creating your personal reality. Could Beings be, without there being beginnings? Will our national debt destroy our economy? Do our belief systems continue through lifetimes? When Deliberate Creators' intentions differ, both win? On my weight, my age, and timelessness? Singer, actor wants to become world renowned.


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