2003: Online Workshop Transcriptions

2003/12/20 Orlando, FL Transcript

Am I headed toward the right direction? He can't release his child's custody thoughts. Is not Abraham a perfect Being? Retiree wants to discreate a mysterious illness. Can I learn to become an immortal? A description of living one's destiny? I'm going to find my current Set-Point.

2003/12/13 Boca Raton, FL Transcript

It's all Vibration; it's all about Vibration. Wants to simultaneously focus on many things. Daughter, fiance and grandbaby are depressing grandmother. Isn't there a better purpose than joy? She wants a lover, but without bondage. To receive the impersonal as something personal? Why doesn't Esther remain in the Abraham mode?

2003/11/22 San Antonio, TX Transcript
If we were in your physical shoes. It ain't necessarily a terminal terminal illness. Psychologist experienced a John's Hopkin's L.S.D. experiment. Did she inherit narcissistic mother's nervous system.? Any value in seeking cause of headaches? Her 5 year old daughter wants a Dad. Midwife questions childbirth pains vs. baby's feelings.

2003/11/01 Dallas, TX Transcript

Let's talk about identifying your Set-points. Can she really never get it wrong? But, nice girls shouldn't get angry? She's stuck in Yuma with her mother-in-law. All is well isn't sitting very well. Wealthy sister is evoking her jealous emotion. She suffers from regular monthly migraine headaches.

2003/10/25 Asheville, NC Transcript

Where you want to be keeps moving. Is reincarnation punishment for the less enlightened? Mom's 96; caregiver daughter is feeling frustration. Abraham gives us the keys to ease. Can she discreate this Parkinson's Disease diagnosis. Soothing the parents of an earless baby? Fossil fuel, a renewable or natural resource?

2003/10/11 Tarrytown, NY-A Transcript

Well-Being always adapts to your specific desires. Reach for the best feeling thought available. Can mandatory physical examinations not invite illness? Reality of illness doesn't mean diddley squat. When the painful spot keeps moving around? After surgery, attorney/mom's preferring caring for children. Lawyer's mother wants her to practice law.

2003/09/27 Detroit, MI Transcript

Our unfulfilled desire, how sweet it is. I'm always on my way to somewhere. Chiropractor has exhausted practical physical health resolutions. Did appreciation for new car cause crash. Are autistic personalities carried into next lives? Deprecating little Catholic (nun's) voices still sting. Doctor's/entertainer's frustrated by her choices.

2003/09/24 Cincinnati, OH Transcript

Every preference is a summoning of Source. Why his clarity sometimes seems to fade? Low carbs diet vs. fat makes fat? Would a master clown feel no contrast? She was happier in death than life. Should we psychiatrists attempt to avert suicides? A question about the concept of reincarnation.

2003/09/20 Chicago, IL Transcript

Your unfulfilled desire is a good thing. Works in progress aren't cooked in the squat. Wants to be more relaxed and trusting? Can hypnotism replace one's sleep, without time? The most value, tapes, Workshops or laughter? Conscious breathing, disciplined running, and big desires? Why has Teacher's Workshops leader's inspiration waned?

2003/09/17 Kansas City, MO Transcript

The power of a newly hatched desire. Everything is being in perfect, joyous time! Retired and experiencing a painful powerless situation. She feels healthy, but she feels fat. Do we choose to forget our past? When out walking, what are your intentions? Abraham closes the Kansas City Workshop.

2003/09/02 Albuquerque, NM Transcript

To maintain control of my creative experience? Her aged father has been becoming angry. Is it possible to discreate mother's disease? She truly enjoys Jerry & Esther\'s foibles. Sometimes her daughter's joy path collides. Should I consciously plan my own transition? Has more to do than can do.

2003/08/23 San Diego, CA Transcript

Do it for the joy of it. Her only son lives in incredible drama. Has studied multiple philosophies, now do what? He wants the experience of a bird? Who really wants to attend that wedding? Why is he so passionate about dinosaurs? Studying New Thought evokes her Catholic guilt.

2003/08/10 San Rafael, CA Transcript

When you have a desire you have everything! From depression, step by step, to joy. You can't become less than you've become. How can new mother nurture child's nature? To discipline sons, while allowing their freedom? Is having faith the same as Allowing? When a Sensitive is sensitive to unwanted vibrations?

2003/07/19 Ashland, OR Transcript

There is not a Stream of Other. Moving from mostly miserable to mostly joyful. Doctor's happiness can't depend on Mother's perspective. Where is Should Monster during fun time? But, isn't cruelty natural to the animals? Aren't Hannah children demanding more of parents? Would mentally ill mom's suicide be condemned?

2003/07/12 Portland, OR-B Transcript

Should he discipline himself to complete projects? Practicing conflict resolution regarding practitioner's dream house. Moving from tolerating his government to Allowing? What are Abraham; spirits, or wise spooks?What would create a Kingdom of Hell? Enjoying life but fearing experience after death. How to alleviate dying mom's death fears?

2003/07/12 Portland, OR-A Transcript

It's time to let myself be. I am here to follow my bliss. Psychologist questions why some adults abuse children. Forgive? forget? or distract with a bee? To remain happy although lover feels awful? How can she enjoy being more selfish? From don't wants to do wants?

2003/06/28 Seattle, WA Transcript

I am the creator of my reality. How does this philosophy differ from religion? ADHD's being medicated to curb his creativity. Should heiress cousin have multiple entities removed? Questioning the evolutionary purpose of flying beasts. Any danger in trying on sexual fantasies? Her son refuses to participate in kindergarten.

2003/06/21 Billings, MT Transcript

How did humans get on this earth? Can we NOW get into the future? She wants clearer evidence of Nonphysical Guides. The case of a fearless, toothless cowboy. Her mother had a hard time dying. She's still ofttimes beset with painful headaches. To make the best of sleep?

2003/06/14 Fort Collins, CO Transcript

What is the drum you are beating? Her neighbor shot her best client's dog. Should I forgive, or should I ignore? Drumming the best from his musical groups? Where are we when we are asleep? To awaken from sleep full of energy? Wanting to feel her oneness with Abraham.

2003/06/07 Boulder, CO Transcript

Which would you choose: truth, or Well-being? Cosmic answers to his house sale questions. Have we recognitive or manipulative weather powers? Nothing is worth getting upset about. Law of Attraction fulfills all individual desires? Is there a natural aging/declining process? How to reveal dad's suicide to stepson?

2003/05/20 Buffalo, NY Transcript

Can I think same and receive differently? There are many paths to your fulfillment. Has received multiple conflicting medical diagnoses. She has a secret: No more medications. Can balanced person positively affect the world? Leading the parade at age 122? Why would father die in such agony?

2003/05/17 Boston, MA Transcript

Middle East conflicts, as a family grudge. What being in the flow feels like? Should we confide relationships problems with supporters? Will happiness make his skin clear up? This recovering physicist still has many questions. Why doesn't Abraham ever laugh out loud? Can she do something about her health?

2003/05/10 Tarrytown, NY-B Transcript

When beating the drums of unwanted health? Does her subconscious mind sabotage her creation? Is gravity behind our aging and dying? To best use Abraham's Segment Intending Process? At what point does uplifting become imposing? Is fulfillment more about time, or focus? Her Greater Self calmly observed survived bombing.

2003/05/10 Tarrytown, NY-A Transcript

Path of Least Resistance always feels better? Law of Attraction as a magnificent Manager. My world is a reflection of me. He's searching for the historical biblical Jesus. From whence came biblical Cain's virgin wife? Is it wrong to define what's evil? What or whom thou shalt not kill?

2003/05/07 Philadelphia, PA-B Transcript

Always responsible for how we are treated? Inner Being, your most intimate Nonphysical aspect. How can we distinguish the old souls? To enhance the community's health and wellness? Fear of losing her lover, lost him. When joyous Granny goes, what lives on? I will do it because it's joyful.

2003/05/07 Philadelphia, PA-A Transcript

To look at what-is and feel good? What the Path of Least Resistance feels like. Your negative emotion is a wonderful thing. Abraham's Prosperity Game Process to regain Well-being. Has wonderful life, except for mate\'s snoring. She wants to regrow her teenage body. Now ready to take a quantum leap?

2003/03/29 Phoenix, AZ Transcript

There are no painful paths to joy. Cancer's gone, but asthma affects his breathing. Where will her new abundance come from? What causes chills up her spine? How did her husband create Alzheimer's disease? A long term relationship with ice cream? Will their dad's suicide affect their afterlife?

2003/03/22 N. Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Why they're advising you how to drive. How can healer relieve her enormous debt? How did her expectation affect her experience? What is the key to achieving forgiveness? He lives abundance, with dollars or not. Film maker received two million, but wants three. Does desire to win money contradict itself?

2003/03/15 Sacramento, CA Transcript

When bombarded with a cacophony of ideas? Why would you escalate what's going wrong? Isn't life about Enlightenment and Self-realization? Wants to actually meet her Inner Being. Lost weight, but Snickers candy still calls. Recovering Alcoholic now thirsts for a relationship. Is husband fearing success—or fearing failure?

2003/03/08 San Francisco, CA Transcript

There will always be those who thrive. You're not powerless in a power seeking world. Why there'll never be an energy shortage. He questions perceived Canadian codfish shortage. He's protesting George Bush's war against Iraq. Harmonizing with religious/political, USA/Iraq conflict? What satisfaction are people finding in war?

2003/03/01 San Rafael, CA Transcript

Are you a Vibrational Match to wanted? The largest woman chose the largest dessert. Encourage connected son's corrective growth vs. surgery? But, which gets to write their commercial? Do same Universal Laws apply to animals? Guide teenage son to son's own guidance? Has she an attachment to the outcome?

2003/02/15 San Diego, CA-B Transcript

How could happy motorist hit a deer? Are you ready to feel good now? Illness departed as fast as it came. When getting high to avoid uncontrollable crying? What is the message in feeling disappointment? About pitching coach's communication with the players? Kissing sexy girls, in his Virtual Reality.

2003/02/15 San Diego, CA-A Transcript

On allowing your Path of Least Resistance. To get ready for growth, get happy. Those you don't like, don't like you. Sees his business overwhelmed by trivial stuff. Author, teetering on edge of business bliss. The ultimate healer; the ultimate teacher, defined. Different aspects of the same Energy Stream?

2003/02/01 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Two choices: feel good or feel bad. When ex-smoker couldn't stop thinking about bears. She loses power to her writing partner. Why she resisted 30 seconds to pleasure? Therapist questions waiting for the right man? His girlfriend's mother died, and she's distraught. Letting go of her haunting, sleepless nights?

2003/01/28 Tucson, AZ Transcript

Is that thought helping make it better? Should he ignore his recent health challenges? To comfortably view international political/war controversy? Why do the males seem most violent? Hesitates advising son: Do what feels good. Are we all connected by Law of Attraction? Should she engage an accident resolution attorney?

2003/01/25 San Antonio, TX Transcript

Are you as selfish as your cat? Life's so good; is she death bound? Do, to make my back heal faster? When flipping a coin to make decisions? The adjoining room sexuality amplified her aloneness. Citizen of Israel questions meaning of holocaust. Can you feel how wonderful it is?!!

2003/01/04 Houston, TX Transcript

Attention to it evokes vibrational harmony. Abraham gives us a bag of tricks. But, you can never lose it all. Soothe, train, punish, or teach your child? A missing piece in individual weight management. If my teenager chooses to use drugs? Has quest to release asthma prolonged it?


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