2002: Online Workshop Transcriptions

2002/12/14 Orlando, FL Transcript

Here we teach the Art of Allowing. What prompts the squirrels to store nuts? Car crash, to diabetes, to comfortable in skin? Birth controls, as inhibiting Inner Being's desires? Is intellect restraining his faith in Truth? Immunization shots, their upsides and their downsides? Do caged beasts want freedom?

2002/12/07 Boca Raton, FL Transcript

Worrying about anything is not your responsibility. Her husband is awaiting a heart transplant. When new manifestations trigger old beliefs? She wants to support the children's success. Are they chores, or are they blessings? Psychiatrist's life fell apart five years ago. You all have a friend upstream.

2002/11/23 San Antonio, TX Transcript

The Source Energy is not your mother. Talk to me about what feels good. Are we creating forward or pulled to? Their family gatherings, with in-laws, feel bad. Is their an animal hierarchy in Nonphysical? What things do Abraham appreciate about themselves? Never feel bad about your bad feelings.

2002/11/02 Dallas, TX-B Transcript

This jealousy and envy doesn't feel good. Has absolutely wonderful life until Saturday let down. Musicians want to stay in the zone. Why Abraham, why now, and why us? Time to stop fixing and start savoring. Will our unrealized dreams ever go away? Mother's not dealing well with dying mother.

2002/11/02 Dallas, TX-A Transcript

Whether good or bad, it's always temporary. You are an extension of Source Energy. Processes for realigning with my natural Well-being. Follow your personal Path of Least Resistance. Dealing with delinquent employees and accounts receivable. It's so much fun to direct increasing Energy. She resists her Path of Least Resistance.

2002/10/26 Asheville, NC Transcript

When following the Path of Least Resistance. Are our minds directed from another source? Abraham's recordings soothe her and the baby. She volunteered some painful hospital visitations. Has questions regarding his fear based dreams? Are his 36 life-enhancing goals not? Time to stop fixing and start savoring.

2002/10/19 Silver Spring, MD Transcript

Is it least resistance, or more allowing? Wanting, is something you just can't stop! Can he visualize his desire for freedom? Niece, adopted from Russia, has temper tantrums. Does Universe eternally continue to expand? Virtual Reality made her want real reality. The day the financial ocean turned bloody.

2002/10/15 Philadelphia, PA Transcript

Feel good now; just feel good now. So, why does medicine work for some? Has Abraham also learned from our experiences? Her business concepts and worthiness are shifting. Through what medium was the Bible received? When pleasing one is displeasing to another? Son wants dog; Dad says, no.

2002/10/12 Tarrytown, NY Transcript

Nothing's more important than my feeling good. Can she experience massive surgery, in joy? Time to stop fixing and start savoring. So, are we becoming more Inner Being-like? Son wants to know what Nonphysical sees. Teacher wants to inspire apathetic sixth graders. The basis of my life is freedom.

2002/09/28 Syracuse, NY Transcript

What could be called the perfect life? I get to choose how I feel. Doctor proposes theory that diagnosis spreads cancer. Lump in physician's breast was a fearsome dud. But, legal responsibility for errant children? She has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. It's time to count our many blessings.

2002/09/21 Cincinnati, OH Transcript

Are hands on stove a family tradition? Can she avoid thinking about terminal illnesses? Do we have free will or predestiny? Can they work less and play more? What to do with her old tapes? He's struggling with disorganization in his business. Should he break his knuckle cracking habit?

2002/09/07 Chicago, IL Transcript

If I can remember, I can visualize. When taking the life of another being? The difference between drugged and rational thought? A one-on-one relationship with Inner Being? Has Abraham-Hicks ever committed an error? When trying to explain channeling our Source? Fears child's ethnic background will provoke arrests.

2002/09/02 Albuquerque, NM Transcript

Deactivate what's unwanted by activating what's wanted. How does forgiveness fit in with allowing? Her mother's funeral evoked family unity. But, when one misses relationship with deceased? Is there any value in utilizing hallucinogenic plants? Why doesn't he get more straight answers? Wants clarification between humans and the beasts.

2002/08/31 Sedona, AZ Transcript

I'm on a joyous path to what? Is the ego-in-natural-man evil? At what point do we become separate? Will cluttered worldwide event not create Armageddon? What form of consciousness does our Soul take in Nonphysical? Mother feels lack of hugs from son. Is this guiding, or controlling, teenage daughter?

2002/08/18 N. Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Do you enjoy a new insight? Has mother transferred irrational fears to daughter? Wrote children's book using Abraham's copyrighted material. Lost nearly everything; regained it; now what? She performs stand-up comedy in harsh environment. Getting from starving artist to prosperous artist? She has questions about her sexual dreams.

2002/08/10 San Francisco, CA Transcript

Do things have Vibrational Matches? Twenty-five years of Teachers -- and now Abraham. Speak about my own Well-being being enough? When does monkey's Spirit enter fetus? A monkey\s Life Force vs. human's Spirit? As father abandoned him, he abandoned son. Can anything physical block his business?

2002/08/03 San Rafael, CA Transcript

To tell the truth, or feel good? An Elderly New Ager considers valve closers. Not stuck with illness she doesn't resist? Why are his dreams no longer uplifting? The egg or the chicken; which came first? What's best for smart, advanced children? Should they seek out their core beliefs?

2002/07/20 Ashland, OR Transcript

Bad doesn't just happen; good gets resisted. Does Abraham have any tips on meditation? So, what's the purpose of my body? Are one's past unhealthy thoughts still active? Any disease could be healed with distraction. The relationship between emotion and solar plexus? Is being happy enough to maintain Well-being?

2002/07/13 Portland, OR-B Transcript

Why do people come to see Abraham? Optimism, as doing what's best for me. Torn between teaching Well-being and earning $. Ranking man-made laws vs. Universal Laws? Raw foods, scrimping, saving; avenues to success? Total family disconnects when mother falls apart. Advice for first year high school teacher.

2002/07/03 Boise, ID Transcript

Discover how to allow your every desire. She still has issues with evil people. Her question is about her astrological fate. Is this the Universal Truth he's seeking? The weaker country vs. the big bully? Is creation only activated by sober minds? What's the difference between unconsciousness and death?

2002/06/29 Salt Lake City, UT Transcript

I can damn well choose my thoughts! Can she eliminate her basic core beliefs? How can she make her mate behave? Does deceased Dad observe her sexual activity? How can we not interact with complainers? Should she remarry the man she divorced? Accidents,healing, and cause & effect law?

2002/06/15 Boulder, CO Transcript

When horses pull together vs. pulling apart. There's nothing from which to protect yourself. She really doesn't know how to meditate. Son's third strike and it's jail for life? Had a year of phobias and anxieties. Has ongoing power struggle with preteen son. To inspire son to be team player?

2002/06/01 Kansas City, MO Transcript

Your life, as an adventure without risk. Got more money, but more responsibility too. What is his best question to ask? Various religion's founders; what were they thinking? He plays procrastination games with term papers. Hated father doesn't visit children often enough. Son belches the alphabet at dinner table.

2002/05/28 Indianapolis, IN Transcript

How does your new desire make you feel? To keep Process-practicing from becoming boring? Any recommended sweeping social and environmental changes? He disturbed himself with an inappropriate thought. Friend's sexual chemistry felt better than husband's. Wants a realistic feeling of Source Energy? Is there time for all I want?

2002/05/25 Chicago, IL Transcript

Imagine yourself anywhere you want to go. Why should birth experience be painful? Contractor has recurring fear of being broke. Her cats vs. her business partner husband. Painful issues take away this Psychologist's joy. How can she deactivate financial abundance fluctuations? Stock market investor wants some daily phrases.

2002/05/21 Buffalo, NY Transcript

You have creative control over your manifestations. School's teaching children to practice horrible deaths. Teacher's young daughter isn't enjoying her school. After 85 years, she expects improved eyesight. She's fascinated by the evolving, expanding Universe. All wonderful things are coming to her. Abraham's words of wisdom for new parent.

2002/05/18 Tarrytown, NY-B Transcript

We teach it; we don't live it. Why sleepy after twelve hours of work? Will this unique, eccentric me always be? She has been diagnosed with something unpleasant. What if we're working on more dollars? How does the Universe answer our desires? Mom, in coma, visited with comforting grandparents.

2002/05/13 Philadelphia, PA Transcript

Get in, feel good -- and get out! When believing humans aren't made quite right? Geriatric Nurse questions survival of the fittest. Veterinarian questions how biology connects with spirituality. Can his work feel in the flow? Regarding Seth's setting proper blocks of sleep time? Has selfishness evoked unresolved body lumps?

2002/05/11 Silver Spring, MD Transcript

You have creative control of your life. Virtual Reality isn't about fixing something broken. The Non-physical, as incompatible with our logic. What's the nature of the physical body? She was taught earthly things aren't worthy. So, is there value in being physical? He has noticed the evolution of Abraham.

2002/05/07 Virginia Beach, VA Transcript

You seem to have forgotten why you came. From the boogie man, to the IRS. How does one's tithing relate to prosperity? Can my new alignment affect my ancestors? Can he revive his successful business vibration? Is past cancer poised in her future? Can we fly, like in our dreams?

2002/05/04 Atlanta, GA Transcript

Create your own dream with Virtual Reality. Is there a role for preventative medicine? What is belief's role in physical health? Should healer seek emotional cause of illness? Visible Energy floated between him and Abraham. Will mammogram bring her peace of mind? Should New Thought coworker fear Bible Belters?

2002/04/20 San Antonio, TX Transcript

A discussion of the Virtual Reality Process. Another look at the Place Mat Process. Fortuitous fan belt break, at 100 MPH. What is the purpose of our dreams? Her bug attack nightmare became a reality. Can she speed up her business development? After husband's transition, she began noticing couples.

2002/03/23 Phoenix, AZ-A Transcript

Somebody should be doing something about that. Whenever you're remembering, you are visualizing. Learn to practice thoughts that feel good. Striving to throw consistently fast ball. Does girlfriend stuff affect his baseball pitching? The difference between Inner Being and God? Is it fair to say God evolves?

2002/03/16 San Francisco, CA-B Transcript

Regarding my age; what's my dominant vibration? Abraham, regarding time in our physical shoes. Esther translates the prebirth attitude of Non-physical. Seth, Solomon, Abraham, a soup of Energy? After astrological concerns, she feels better now. What now, after his catastrophic investment scenario? How did Abraham choose Esther and Jerry?

2002/03/16 San Francisco, CA-A Transcript

Allow others to have their experience. What's your dominant vibrational pattern of thought? What's your opinion of penny pinching fathers? Do you believe foods make you fat? Doesn't trust, or feel safe with, men. But, aren't children affected by their environment? Why do some children have horrible experiences?

2002/03/09 San Rafael, CA Transcript

Is lost oil cap the Dominant Thought? Is there a more gentle monitoring process? Does her Dominant Thought underlie her fear? In regard to having that one relationship? You deserve good thoughts about bad people. How to feel which thought feels better? Four year old has morbid spider fear.

2002/03/02 N. Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Well-being is the special of the day. Was this instantly unpleasant relationship a reincarnation? Follow your bliss; let the slender in. Other's opinions of you are from you. As physicians, do we cocreate illnesses? Allow Well-being, with or without the body. The perfect life, from appreciation to inspiration.

2002/02/23 San Diego, CA Transcript

They have labeled her son, paranoid. Must our view of god be limited? Precognition, deja vu, & meaning of dreams? Been trying meditational techniques for 20 years. Kurt, get away from the explosive tree! Can she heal self of bipolar illness? Gets obliterated when with Alcoholics Anonymous friend.

2002/02/02 Tucson, AZ Transcript

How can one person help floundering Argentina? To get past his habits of thoughts? Is couples counseling proving counterproductive for them? Free from resistance to media war violence. Non-Physical's perspective of our ongoing varied wars? Saving the state and its problem children? Is resistance lighting up your Light Board?

2002/01/26 San Antonio, TX Transcript

Not one world, but many individual worlds. What does Non-Physical want from our religions? Does our bombing Afghanistan split our Energy? But, Thomas Edison invented thousands of failures? Does watching movies affect our future reality? How can she foster her child's birthright? Meditation techniques to communicate with Non-Physical?

2002/01/05 Houston, TX Transcript

Step one is one, and step three is three. What to do for alcoholic family members? She has everything, but wants passionate desire. Appropriate to tell children of past immoralities? Giving and receiving, and dwindling natural resources? When successful acquisitions prove unsatisfactory? Can she release beliefs about physical aging?


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