2001: Online Workshop Transcriptions

2001/12/15 Orlando, FL Transcript

Spend more time in your Virtual Reality. When drunkard's Inner Being became designated driver. Does name, Goat, carry specific vibrational data? Her virtual Feeling of Channeling ability. Minister friend argues for painful perspectives. When virtual relationships become physical reality? When you joyously make manifestation a non-issue.

2001/12/01 Tallahassee, FL Transcript

But, when there are bad things out there? From sting ray to 9/11/01 to bird's song. You have been trained to endure pain. A clearer understanding of the 17 Second Process? Culmination points, and the nature of creation. Stop calling your obsession a bad thing. How can she guarantee positive medical diagnoses?

2001/11/24 San Antonio, TX Transcript

Just relax and enjoy this comfortable unfolding. Are our emotions different than our intentions? He is intending healthy, wealthy and slim. Her husband was unfaithful to her, again. To be free of the opinions of others? He dreamed a dream of transparent eggs. Now, as limited vs. past and future. Are angels guarding or are they guiding?

2001/11/03 Atlanta, GA Transcript

Through the vibration you're emanating, you're asking. Her obligations to workers who betrayed her? What brings about the characteristics of leadership? Physician ponders beliefs role in spontaneous healing. He wants more freedom, but same money. He prefers brief, while still positive, relationships. What's up, with menopausal flaming night sweats?

2001/10/27 Asheville, NC Transcript

Is she at one with worldwide fears? Physical time, as related to Non-Physical expansion? Do physical families reunite after our transition? Creating deliberately, when involved in a relationship? Is there no ultimate right or wrong? Is it time to discontinue his supplements? Should we be concerned with Karma Koncepts?

2001/10/20 Silver Spring, MD Transcript

Are we branded with our Soul Intentions? Can we return to another economic period? Willpower, is it assertive, or allowing? Children, choices, and clumps of colorful clay. Negative media, and the buffer of time. She wants to begin to enjoy sex. Something, to us, as us, to dinosaurs.

2001/10/13 Tarrytown, NY-B Transcript

What deliciousness could possibly evolve from 9/11/01. Are therapies focusing him on heart problem? How can he safely protect small children? Air Force son eagerly anticipates 9/11/01 retaliation. What was 9/11/01 supposed to teach us? You may assume worldwide Well-being. Want to be successful? Just be happy.

2001/10/13 Tarrytown, NY-A Transcript

The good news is, it's never done. Structure his Workshop thoughts to achieve goals? Basket of rich people/bad people beliefs. Where did 9/11/01 event vibration come from? How does a God allow 9/11/01 events? Will 9/11/01 event compare to Christ event? Why aren't Universal Truths remembered by more?

2001/10/06 Boston, MA Transcript

Preferences are evoked when unwanted is observed. When it seems like the majority rules. When controlled by your fear of death. Who is in charge in Charlie's life? Her health feels affected by 9/11 event. The Antichrist or the Charlie Consciousness? Will Abraham confirm her 9/11 conspiracy rumors?

2001/10/01 Albany, NY Transcript

Whatever it is you like is appropriate. Bless me, and please enlarge my territory. Wants new ways to connect with Well-being. An effective parent is a happy parent. Mother becomes as rude as her daughter. He's playing with a law of attachment. If Abraham were president during 9/11/01 resolution?

2001/09/29 Syracuse, NY Transcript

Seventh grade socialite son not applying self. She has received a frightening osteoporosis diagnosis. Was he speaking in tongues with God? Abraham and law professor discuss legal business. He's in the process of redefining himself. It's time to accept that Well-being is. Feels hypocritical regarding 9/11/01 vs. neighborhood trees.

2001/09/25 Buffalo, NY Transcript

This is a time of significant contrast. Terrifying New York news turned her into jelly. Trying to understand the 9/11/01 disaster? Reaching for the thought that feels better. Virtues, Martyrdom, Goodness and Pride and Patriotism? Canadian felt patriotism for United States' unity.

2001/09/22 Chicago, IL Transcript

A broader perspective of the 9/11/01 event. Retaliation for the 9/11/01 New York destruction? Her lover vacated, but Mother moved in. Becoming a better teacher to his children? Are our emotions not indicators of conditions? Would a sensitive Pollyanna not seek revenge? Is retribution our only course of action?

2001/08/25 San Rafael, CA Transcript

Vaccinate? Daddy says yes; Mommy says no. Chemotherapied mother-in-law is retreating into dementia. Except for money, he's creating exceptionally well. Do our sexual unions create special bonds? All ailments will resolve themselves if allowed. MS (multiple sclerosis) gone; SM (Soul Mate) coming. Should children have choices of unpleasant chores?

2001/08/21 Monterey, CA Transcript

Would the Universe thwart our mundane plans? No shortage of men in her labyrinth. With opposite intentions, couples still find satisfaction. Guilt-free resignation as manager of the Universe. Energy exchange at the moment of transition? Internist is practicing sensitive, futuristic Joy Medicine. The process of connecting with Source Energy.

2001/08/18 San Francisco, CA Transcript

In their fear they relinquish their power. Any place for retaliation in no fault Universe? The evolution of planetary diversity and upheaval. Are we almost in a godly form? Earth, the perfect rendezvous for all events. Appropriate to be happy with unhappy others? Baghdad born Jewess abhors the terrorizing bombings.

2001/08/13 N. Los Angeles, CA Transcript

What does transition experience feel like? Autistic 37 year son has special needs. Does Abraham see human's version of GOD? Will other life-forms come onto this planet? When keeping company with an habitual complainer? Losing one's possessions, as joyously moving on. Is she working too hard at savoring?

2001/08/11 San Diego, CA Transcript

Catching yourself with egg on your face. Envisioning future job without jeopardizing present? Purloined paintings portfolio of visiting visionary artist. The power of consciously raising one's vibration? Wants another baby before final egg drops. Catholic guilt vs. doing the Hokey Pokey? Closing chapter of going through his divorce.

2001/08/04 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

It's only about a handful of issues. When placing career order with the Universe. Attorney wants dancing, and dollars, without effort. Should he submit to diagnostic medical tests? Wanting to feel the presence of GOD. Does All-That-Is have any desires? His career, thoughts, cliff notes, and death?

2001/06/23 Kansas City, MO Transcript

Good feels good, and bad feels bad. Substitute teacher is coping with rotten kids. Will humans finally eliminate all other species? Was childhood contrast a platform for teaching? The expanding business of modifying rebellious ones. Abraham's positive definition of the term, blending. British Vagina Monologues lifted her chronic fatigue.

2001/06/09 Fort Collins, CO Transcript

When emotions agree with your own desire. Is a disease hiding in her spine? Have you ever grieved an animal's death? Wondering about transitioned friends as guardian angels. To unhook from her past value systems? But what about having compassion or empathy? Daughter's a star in a square hole.

2001/06/02 Boulder, CO Transcript

Does the Spiritual vie with physical manifestation? Did financial imbalance influence mother-daughter hospitalization? Can't get over death of her dog. Bankrupted, but really wants to reimburse benefactors. Not an alcoholic, but the craving continues. I'm not getting any younger, gets what? You are a manifestation long dreamed of.

2001/05/19 Spokane, WA Transcript

Consciously locking on to your receiving mode. Addicted to the struggle for trivial wants. Feeling guilty about unbalanced addiction to work. Drug addicted daughter has gone her separate way. No healing ever takes place in condemnation. Tough doesn't belong in the same sentence with love. She teaches vacillating alternative high school children.

2001/05/08 Portland, OR-B Transcript

His issue (subject): attracting significant relationship. Humorist questions concept of natural born leaders. She doesn't believe humans have personal choices. Still killing and molesting whales and kids? To make upcoming interfaith marriage feel good? Cocreating the essence of newly wed's merged desires? Senior wants more lifetime with newest lover.

2001/05/08 Portland, OR-A Transcript

The ratio between your desires and beliefs? Eternal Beings will never get it done. Future of email, message boards, and search engines? Why are banker's finances and health impacted? How are you judging other's financial standards? Discussing some aspects of Alzheimer's disease. How much of Us came with us?

2001/04/30 Sacramento, CA-B Transcript

Singer fears finding a vocal cord lump. Should she intercede in her sister's homelessness? At her age, should she fear illness? When does surgically cutting it out help? Why doctors deny her vertigo and candida. Why hasn't sculptor manifested grossly expensive toys? Why Abraham chose him from the questioners.

2001/04/21 San Antonio, TX Transcript

Fears and dreads her kind, gentle horse. Can disconnected Union cause her job loss? Abraham gives a social activist some compliments. Athletics, and balance of mind and heart? Gene manipulation, consequences, and child's chosen fate? When a belief runs counter to his desire? In any moment, you have a choice.

2001/04/07 Tarrytown, NY-A Transcript

Do dollar desires thwart his musical skills? Does appreciation of temporary job trap him? Do positive thoughts negatively affect her desires? What's up with his thrilling goose bumps? His new project feels like something big. Wealthy, artistic mentor lives with dreaded disease. Is All-That-Is a bearded old man?

2001/03/24 San Rafael, CA Transcript

Busy healer has received shocking diagnosis. Teen advocacy, and this body of work. She can't struggle her way to success. He's leaving her, but not for another. She enrolled in Sex and Love Addicts group. Here's the way to destroy the love. Are cyclic economic business slumps natural phenomenon?

2001/03/20 Monterey, CA Transcript

Is your dish locked on to the satellite? An 80 word synopsis regarding health studies? Do we have an insidious (chauvinistic) tendency? What work should she be doing now? His non conformance to an unhappy society. Good foods, bad foods, blah, blah, blah. Your every desire is beneficial to all.

2001/03/17 San Francisco, CA Transcript

You ask; Universe yields; let it in! What can he do to feel love? To Focus Wheel a Rampage of Appreciation. What are mother's obligations to divorced children? She's getting lots of everything except time. Isn\'t home schooling about freedom to choose? Twin's preverbal siblings are having ownership issues.

2001/03/10 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Which path should this actor painfully pursue? Does sadness make his happiness happier? Any quick fixes for societies' children? Optimist is in love with a pessimist. Children and animals and medicine that works. Must he really bear this disease forever? The truth about tax avoidance group's seminars?

2001/02/24 Phoenix, AZ Transcript

To throw his fast ball fast enough? They won the Mardi Gras beads lottery. She's still riding on the Wheel of guardedness. At a loss for the right words? She's so happy, and he's so unhappy. Consciousness of Martin Luther King still expanding. Making a difference with high school kids?

2001/02/20 Tucson, AZ Transcript

Don't leave home without your Inner Being. At feelings Hub of her Thought Wheel. Brain functions, Alzheimer's, ADHA, Hyperactivity, causes, cures? When fun becomes a habit, becomes addiction? Big Bang, Little Bang and 17 Seconds. Her Inner Being's relationship to her finances? Why does she sabotage peak spiritual experiences?

2001/02/17 El Paso, TX Transcript

Mother's dream of son's accident came true. About the entity formerly known as Abraham. All American basketball contender recaptures his zone. Is mother supporting, or asserting, child's choices? Wanting to be a conduit for healing. Emotions indicate spread between desire and belief. When another's desires make him feel selfish?

2001/02/03 Orlando, FL Transcript

If you could rewind and replay it. What is your overall mood about money? Time for a self employment leap of faith. Love others, as he loves his children? Carnivorous alligators, and resolving other disempowering beliefs? Does daughter embody her grandfather\'s Inner Being? Husband seems undecided between her and freedom.

2001/01/27 Boca Raton, FL Transcript

Good feels good and bad feels bad. The meaning of her severly retarded child? Does abortion process snuff out Life Force? There's a bump in her relationship road. Opportunities come before her readiness to act. If needed again, your clutter will reappear. Is she loving caring for dying mother?

2001/01/21 Tallahassee, FL Transcript

Lift your hands from the hot stove. She was diagnosed as manic-depressive, bipolar. Can we discuss other vibrational physical realities? Earth, as the Nonphysical place of choice. He deliberately looked for their Positive Aspects. Releasing her guilt regarding paternal sexual relationship? A loving closing of the Tallahassee Workshop!

2001/01/13 Houston, TX-B Transcript

Must worries of yesterday affect today? Maverick 12-Stepper wants improved health. Suffering Catholic guilt over miraculous manifestations. Will low classroom grades affect future Well-being? Senior citizen's health, and her annoyed expectations. Inner Being never gives you orders. She fired them from toxic workplace.

2001/01/13 Houston, TX-A Transcript

If neighbor's furniture purchase activates your desires? To enjoy the process of heart surgery? Lover told him a pack of lies. No such thing as close to death. What is my overall mood about this? How can I be my authentic self? Her current husband or a future lover?


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