2000: Online Workshop Transcriptions

2000/12/09 Kona, HI-B Transcript

The meaning in his magical parrot moment? She has moved on from family's religion. Many close to him have suddenly died. Should she pull her mother's feeding tube? Can't get poor enough to enrich others. Was incestuous relationship prepaved from Nonphysical? Who'll win presidential election, Bush or Gore?

2000/12/09 Kona, HI-A Transcript

A contagious, laughing, uplifting grocery shopper. Adding to the expansion of the Universe. What if his physical condition is only gas? Eager son has been diagnosed accident prone. Athletes, and perspective of many broken bones. The perfect relationship will always be incomplete. Upgraded her vehicle desire to a BMW.

2000/11/25 San Antonio, TX Transcript

How much are my limiting beliefs limiting? Why start all over when we re-emerge? You, and your little barking dog, too. The symbolic power of the purple chairs. Value of conscious breathing to our Well-being. Increase fun; decrease work: Increase income? First, define the truth you are seeking.

2000/11/11 Dallas, TX Transcript

Am I letting it in, or not? His friend's needling barbs provoke his anger. Seeing Abraham's aura made music lover's day. He wants his music to uplift seekers. Free children turning bread into dough balls. Eat all the cherries without feeling guilty. To lose ten years of girthy pounds?

2000/11/04 Atlanta, GA Transcript

Can her sexual energy be used creatively? Can he avoid overworking Abraham's teachings? Authentic daughter lost custody of her children. To integrate an ancient African thought system? He misses being with his divorced son. Has goal orientation cost him his now?

2000/10/29 Asheville, NC Transcript

Meditation, as a time of not thought. Should she be fulfilling any pre-life agreements? Attraction based vs. an assertion based Universe? When sticking one's head in the sand? Medicate, meditate, or enjoy the migrating geese? Reach for the food that feels best! Helping Mental Health Counselor to give help.

2000/10/24 Virginia Beach, VA Transcript

Your emotions guide, they don't empower. As groups gather, does individual empowerment suffer? What's it like to reemerge into Nonphysical? When physician declares one's condition as terminal. What is Abraham\'s perception through Esther's eyes? Her family believes in a punishing deity. What is our role as uplifting parents.

2000/10/21 Silver Spring, MD Transcript

Delegate it to Your Universal Manager. She reached her financial goal, but then..? Abraham clarifies the concept of racial profiling. Adopted European child manifests disruptive Attachment Disorder. It\'s about your vibration, not their behavior. Every moment ecstatic if you'll allow it. Life is good, it really, really is!

2000/10/14 Tarrytown, NY Transcript

Jealous of recognition of another's success? Joy equals success equals Joy equals success. Why aren't we offered only good stuff? Wants pleasure and passion from sexual intimacy. Health professional now wants health for self. Can an evil eye impact another's Well-being? When to stay, and when to go?

2000/10/07 Boston, MA Transcript

Speak up for self without evoking anger? She lacks the ability to defend herself. Trying for two years for fourth child. Can he think too much about desires? Good foods, bad foods, blah, blah, blah. Comparing marijuana interaction to glasses of wine. She's learned it all the painful way.

2000/09/30 Syracuse, NY Transcript

Can he get justice from a jury? She's practicing law, but wants a change. Loves teaching law, but his body's tired. Physician suspends judgment about friend's health paradigm. How can parent help self-hurting child? Would appreciate addressing the pursuit of joy. Art of choosing thoughts that feel better.

2000/09/27 Buffalo, NY Transcript

Further insight into the Art of Allowing. Mind as busy as a drunken monkey. Daughter-in-law swimming in a pool of mother-in-law. Lawyer now finds herself embroiled in lawsuit. Dealing with diametrically lovable twin boys. Can Esther connect with live creative spirits? Teacher learning to enable learning disabled children.

2000/09/23 Chicago, IL Transcript

You are naturally a worthy, deserving being. Deja Vu, and the exorcism of bad thoughts. Minister seeking to know about healing prayers. Don't bring this job that I don't want. Daughter's daughter preferred living with divorced father. Loves husband but titillated by forbidden sex. Revitalization center, and the purpose of visualization.

2000/09/09 Salt Lake City, UT Transcript

Abraham's aura show, not so unlike Casper's. Is she trying too hard to mate? Seeing your body as a manufacturing plant. Are therapist's poker winnings creative or predictive? Her friends haven't repaid $25,000 personal loans. Lost her children and wants them returned. She's looking for ways to feel good.

2000/08/21 Monterey, CA Transcript

She wants a cat's sense of responsibility. Without action, what channel would bring abundance? When in sync, you follow your inspiration. Is your analytical mind trying too hard? He wants to write pure genius material. His nervous voice, and Esther's Abraham accent? Can appreciator sculpt Soul Mate into reality?

2000/08/19 West Los Angeles, CA Transcript

He wants to age without physically declining. Will someone invent a smell recording machine? Develop an ability to release unwanted past. Comparing the value of collaboration to competition. Loch Ness Monster, fact or fiction? The model Jewish son, and mother's calls. It doesn't matter; it really doesn't matter!

2000/08/05 Sedona, AZ Transcript

When another judges my behavior as inappropriate? She has some concerns about fearful nights. She's in and out of 12 Step programs. Is it deja vu all over again? Scientist discovers that cellular expectation makes sense. Doesn't want the responsibility for another's well-being. She feels fear of intimacy with others.

2000/08/01 Albuquerque, NM Transcript

Simply lift up off from abrasive sandpaper. Should she allow, or abet, dog's transition? Did Jerry Hicks have a Walk-in experience? Irked at work, but loves these teachings. What does Abraham see through Esther's eyes? How can I get my passion back? Nurse's son rebels against alternative medicine.

2000/07/22 Kansas City, MO Transcript

Is it procrastinating or more perfect scheduling? Which thought feels better about abundant dollars? Is lust seeping into his sexual love? Pedophiles, children, and the Law of Attraction? Wonderful friend wants to discuss personal problems. Questions about the evolution of our Souls. What\s the difference between believing and allowing?

2000/07/18 St. Louis, MO Transcript

Soothing words for a traumatized military warrior? Can Universal Manager manage her Stock Portfolio? Soothe her mother or move to Texas? Breaking one's cycle of illness and injuries? Presentations are fun, but preparation is stressful. When her perfect dream feels too radical. Why are more Abrahams channeling instead of reincarnating?

2000/07/15 Cincinnati, OH Transcript

How could penny pincher attract large inheritance? Ten years without, and still no baby. Her passion's gone and her children grown. You can't be an heir to cancer. Mental health therapist questions pregnancy abortion choices. Understanding Natural Laws and Male/Female counterparts. What is becoming of Estherham's accent?

2000/07/11 Cleveland, OH Transcript

When the librarian swipes your worrisome card? Judaism, Abraham-Hicks, Meditation, and consciousness shift? The Messiah, and an ancient Jewish saint? Physician, a monster slayer or bridge builder? She's beginning to fear her negative thoughts. Are suicides not earthbound in astral plane? Psychic has predicted her daughter's fatal wreck.

2000/07/08 Detroit, MI Transcript

Allowing one's desires while allowing God's will? Debt, earning, timing, action, and financial abundance? Will the meek actually inherit the earth? To regain optimistic feeling of her youth? The significance of being born a twin? The Wouldn't It Be Nice If... game. The Hokey Pokey is what it's all about.

2000/07/05 Milwaukee, WI Transcript

Her mate's fidgeting fingers are disturbing her. Why can taking revenge feel so good? Does the corn kernel envision progeny ears? Discussing the Survival of the Fittest concept. Nonphysical realm's relationship to the physical? Considering hierarchal and graduational aspects of reincarnation. Why would she choose her negative family?

2000/07/01 Omaha, NE Transcript

What takes place when computer is learned? She negatively judges her forgiveness work. Would GOD forgive a parking space thief? Her delightful spiritual son is hearing voices. Your body, your weight and your perceptions. Is eternal life possible in physical body? Is there a life partner for all?

2000/06/10 Fort Collins, CO Transcript

Helping them rediscover their natural Well-being. Will my freedom create chaos for others? Can you believe in the law of gravity? It's time to love your worthy Self. You only want anything because it feels good. What are Jerry and Esther's Abraham intentions? Is your being busy inspired, or motivated?

2000/05/30 Spokane, WA Transcript

Stamp Out Cancer posters disturb her equanimity. Child's natural selfishness is a good thing. Should we not be disturbed by unwanted? Does the Nonphysical enjoy our physical humor? Enjoying self, but what is getting done? Concerned about her teen daughter's driving disability. Is addiction as destructive as the label?

2000/05/27 Seattle, WA Transcript

Only you know what's right for you. He has concerns about nature of abundance. Your world is awash in abundance. Flowing with the current of Universal Currency. She wants to croak, asleep and healthy. Can onlookers positively influence deathbed transition? Your vibrational card gives access to what?

2000/05/20 Portland, OR Transcript

Your work: get happy and stay there. Reluctant boss seeks feelings of freedom. Went from terrifying dreams to refreshing mornings. Will these best friends meet after death? Grandmother's genes and potentially inherited perspectives? To be ageless forever with diabetes diagnosis? Can he hold back dead friend's development?

2000/05/16 Ashland, OR Transcript

We would practice the Process of Meditation. Will she transition to a greater place? To comfortably allow Divine Timing for manifestation? Is this therapist affected by negative clients? Abraham interacts with physician seeking another way. Is there an ultimate style of selfishness? After eighteen years he lost sexual interest.

2000/05/13 Sacramento, CA Transcript

Helping his children realize real angelic selves? Manic-depressive artist wants happiness without alcohol. Tantra, sacred sex, and right and wrong. Do Esther's opinions ever influence Abraham's transmissions? Are there Nonphysicals who enjoy our pain? Changing beliefs about a displeasing physical body. Rampage of appreciation for woman he loves.

2000/05/06 Albany, NY Transcript

The pulling power of desire through you. Why you attempt to rein in enthusiasm. Were we born to perform specific functions? Must our disconnection today leave hangover tomorrow? Death compared to L.C.'s cat door. Trying to prove what, about your dollars? Are there limits to the physical universe?

2000/03/18 San Rafael, CA Transcript

A Study in Allowing the Energy to Flow. She's considering a future conscious death experience. Has concerns regarding her connection to earth. Will Earth become as barren as Mars? Son has decided to flunk School System. What if her philandering husband abandons her? Are health conditions affecting her love conditions?

2000/03/14 Monterey, CA Transcript

How to get from motivation to inspiration? Using doctors, lawyers and ministers as facilitators. What national political system would Abraham endorse? Stopping irritating habits between husbands and wives? Could one consciously create within a dream? What is causing his baseless fleeting anxiety? Can our brain utilization be mechanically measured?

2000/03/11 San Francisco, CA Transcript

Which way is your endless loop looping? She has everything except a loving relationship. He is wrestling with his abundance allowance. She's working on creating her ignored vision. What is the actual process of death? Does Abraham\'s teachings justify self-centered behavior? Considering his concern for wildlife habitat loss.

2000/03/07 North Los Angeles, CA Transcript

How did historical Moses receive his information? Pesticides, sun damage, thoughts and feelings? Could man not live on dirt alone? Prominent actress' answering machine is bogging down. Maintain passion for relationship and business too? Your nation's politicians really do mean well. Is joy the purpose of have-nots too?

2000/02/26 San Diego, CA Transcript

Learning to Allow Life-giving Energy to Flow. Why is student healer experiencing illness? Why Esther leaves the answering to Abraham. Treat that cancer Stick like a hot potato. Can he miraculously recover, financially and physically? Lawyer feels a limitation of desired time. Why is Alzheimer's disease taking so long?

2000/02/19 Phoenix, AZ Transcript

Does her divorce attitude affect current relationships? Scientist questions the evaluation of earth's animals. Positive aspects of the Internal Revenue Service. Are we authentically wired to be selfish? To not put family at financial risk? Lovable Cat demonstrates Laws of Universe. Teen daughter is leading the sexual revolution.

2000/02/15 Tucson, AZ Transcript

When fanning both ends of Vibrational Stick. Prosperity, vitamins, exercise and health? When a co-creator's different desires are involved? Ouija Boards, Thought Forms, and Focal Points? To know if it's a worthy thought? Should they conceive a child or not? The relationship between forgiveness and unconditional love.

2000/02/12 El Paso, TX Transcript

Can a being think wordless thoughts? When a born killer follows his bliss? Her sister's strange, remote, autistic angelic child? If she gets too happy, then what? Vibration of fear: a feeling of his powerlessness. Why would she choose this painful life? Realignment and thoughts about his joyous survival.

2000/01/22 Boca Raton, FL Transcript

Learning to play the Vibrational Stick Game. She's in Georgia and lover's in Canada. Feeling good is the prize you're seeking. Are there some misconceptions about our GOD? Parent's power of influence over child's free will? Why does Abraham call the animals beasts? Wanting to quit her unwanted necessary job.

2000/01/18 Tampa, FL Transcript

We will always have an unfulfilled desire. She wants to discuss Creation on Demand. Does accelerated Energy affect the spirituality STICK? One's physical death as another temporary experience. Dad had the classical hospice death experience. At what point do we individualize from Source? Decide to be happy in your NOW!

2000/01/15 Tallahassee, FL Transcript

Would worldwide unity bring heaven on earth? Many, in battle, are feeling heaven, too. Answers seemed to magically appear to him. Our deliberate effect on the cultural consciousness? Co-creating her great house without his cooperation? Others criticize her beliefs regarding her longevity. He's having a run of impossible positive experiences.


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