1999: Online Workshop Transcriptions

1999/12/12 Maui, HI Transcript

Reality, as per your interpretation of reality. Is he too comfortable for superb success? Her desires have been outrunning her abundance. Should this doctor pursue healing or belly dancing? How can one influence mass birthing process? Habitual deceit as a striving toward joy. Well-being comes to you in many forms.

1999/11/06 Philadelphia, PA Transcript

Destroy the broadcasters, or adjust your dial? Now Reality as the platform for growth. The belief that teeters the totter. Mother is dead but still she influences. Belief, as per your birth environment. Why the children choose adventure over safety. A scenario of 15 reincarnational questions.

1999/10/30 Tarrytown, NY Transcript

Are you as happy as a clam? You are, indeed, the center of the Universe. Can we give our children too much? Greedy child took two pieces of cake. Some questions regarding Nonphysical beingness. Why does he enjoy his hated violence? Abraham's definition of We are all One.

1999/10/16 Syracuse, NY Transcript

Thirty minutes of classic basic Abraham philosophy. Are we responsible for our mate's behavior. You're not concerned their choking is contagious. Grief or joy, on Journey to Ithaca? Tradition of creation as a linguistic phenomenon. Guidelines for classroom of diverse resistant beings. Joyful teacher's influence in a student's experience.

1999/10/10 Boston, MA Transcript

When one's compensation is tied to another's performance? To take pride in his yo-yo body? Wanting to justify artist's dollars through action. Why didn't her week-long workshop work? His metaphysical experience with a dying Soul mate. Would Abraham ever tolerate a negative dream? Without predestiny how do psychics predict?

1999/10/09 Boston, MA Transcript

Is Law of Attraction failing against karma? She still has concerns about earth's realignment. His ideas fade before their manifestation. Envision for the pleasure of the envisioning. Why is he favored with these answers? He wants a demonstration to demonstrate teachings. How about her obsessive compulsive disorder?

1999/09/19 Atlanta, GA Transcript

Desires, and the evolving natural evolutionary process. Vibrating up the custom home building stick. Just choose something, then make it right. Feels an uninvited guest in her head. Party Cat was in lost and found. Abraham's guidance for birthing a forthcoming baby. Little children are born knowing this.

1999/09/18 Atlanta, GA Transcript

If that changed, would you be happy? Every clam in Universe is naturally selfish. Physician questions responsibility for a patient's death. Why couldn't Native Americans buck the current? Harmonize, before you pick up the Stick. Can their pessimism cancel out my optimism? Stuck on wrong end of Mother's Stick?

1999/09/11 Asheville, NC Transcript

Desires, and the evolving natural evolutionary process. Vibrating up the custom home building stick. Just choose something, then make it right. Feels an uninvited guest in her head. Party Cat was in lost and found. Abraham's guidance for birthing a forthcoming baby. Little children are born knowing this.

1999/08/29 Kansas City, MO Transcript

New language, beyond separating of matter/Energy? How do humans appear to Abraham's sensors? Differentiating the consciousnesses of trees, ants, humans...? Low self-esteem, and separation from Well-being? Moving, from resistance, up the Vibrational Stick. About love, intimacy, and an ideal marriage? Menopause, and cultural aspects of physical aging?

1999/08/28 Kansas City, MO Transcript

Where am I on the Vibrational Stick? Can producer raise the vibrations of foods? Were males created polygamous and females monogamous? Is the process of reincarnation totally random? His lover's a realistic media oriented psychologist. Chiropractor, as more a psychologist than a pathologist. Wanting more clarity on meaning of life.

1999/08/15 San Rafael, CA Transcript

Is it God's will or free will? How can she trust her metaphysical thoughts? Never answer questions that haven't been asked. Why the pauses in partnership's business creation? Would this divorce unfairly separate their children? Can she rise above this physical pain? Consider the Conspiracy of Universal Well-being.

1999/07/31 San Diego, CA Transcript

Your point of power is right now. You are creating from the inside out. Writing a will to protect her child. Digging up and evaluating unwanted childhood experiences. After 20 years of attracting unavailable men. She fears going back to not knowing. What did her clutter control class accomplish?

1999/07/25 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

She wants to do movies with more heart. Who makes the laws of the diverse religions? Can he come and go from Nonphysical? Her one year child is having shakes. If sculptor manifested only one specific desire? How much of this lifetime was preordained?

1999/07/24 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Kennedy's plane crash death as next logical step? Bad cat soul ate good bird soul? Is death do us part compatible with Abraham? She wants to live the broader perspective. New New Thought mode of relationship arguments. How Jerry responds to a disconnected Esther.

1999/07/11 Portland, OR Transcript

My, versus others, roles in my creations? What levels of Consciousness are hearing this? TV Zombie girls were born cable-ready. When stuck in the area of money. Questioning the synergistic creativity within a group. A translation of his most profound dream. Hot flashes, and natural management of change.

1999/07/07 Spokane, WA Transcript

How can one re-achieve a childlike eagerness? Unmotivated son not inspired to do chores. Did his excitement cause his heart's dizziness? What about our negative effect on planet? Is breaking up always hard to do? To allow what I want and deserve. How does Esther personally communicate with Abraham?

1999/07/04 Seattle, WA Transcript

They did lock up her different father. Discussing the potential value in grief counseling. Mother's hyper-devotion to her two year daughter. Child of mine, hear these loving words. Eating mangos naked in her bathtub. The 17 Seconds Thought Creation Process revisited. how can she focus on her energy and passion.

1999/07/03 Seattle, WA Transcript

If you're getting it, you're vibrating it. Is not desire the root of unhappiness? Jingles is gone and Lucy is moping. What could be troubling a pigeon toed pigeon? How can she allow her mother's negativity? Process to get in touch with positive? Tough love, or allowing, of destructive son?

1999/06/27 Cleveland, OH Transcript

Chronic health problems evolved from chronic thoughts. To help manic-depressive bipolar disordered son? Why do most youngsters lose natural connections? She wants to do what Esther's doing. Have you recalled a delicious sensual experience? Physician questions a genetic predisposition to disease. Practice playing Abraham\'s new yessing game process.

1999/06/13 Fort Collins, CO Transcript

Which thought feels better, insanity or marijuana? Perfect daughter crashed perfect car, and friends. To understand how contrast affected school killings? Nothing can protect you from your vibration. Why you don't want a finish line. Their kitchen remodeling project keeps evolving. She wants to avoid the oppression of time.

1999/06/06 Boulder, CO Transcript

It's so simple; why don't we do it? Going around in crop circles realities, again. Focus Wheeling Alzheimer father into nursing home? Advising parent's guidance of rebellious teenage children. When your soul makes its Nonphysical transition? When denying one's state of denial? Her recurring night terrors feel physiologically based.

1999/06/05 Boulder, CO Transcript

Gave up son and soul to ex-wife. Soothing his fears regarding second millennium prediction. Why does rock music blow him away? He's concerned about focus on dollar bills. When goals caused her confidence to fade. There's a conspiracy of Well-being that abounds. Is there more power in small groups?

1999/05/30 San Antonio, TX Transcript

If a GOD would answer these questions? How to manifest without taking action? Wants to eat cake and lose weight too. Is dog working way up hierarchal ladder? How would helping shooters feel to her? Which feels better, condemning or understanding? Police shot and killed her suicidal daughter.

1999/05/29 San Antonio, TX Transcript

You will always have an unfulfilled desire. Molestation victim seems to attract more injustice. A crisis seen as a turning point. Here she is without a problem. She pinned selfish, non-cooperative woodchuck with pitch fork. Not wanting to argue with her mate. When you feel better, they feel better.

1999/05/22 Albany, NY Transcript

He's living happily with full blown AIDS. How valid are the many diverse Ologys? Wants harmony between their many diverse animals. Sold business, now taking his first job. What is the possible value of mourning? Is this a wrong time for career change? Why does least wanted seem to come fastest?

1999/05/15 Tarrytown, NY Transcript

Is All-That-Is all there is? Depression as an indicator of powerful desire. Often awakens to a sense of terror. Should this activist turn his other cheek? Her lover ran around and then away. Singer is feeling a new sound of music. There is great love here for you!

1999/05/09 Albuquerque, NM Transcript

What is the best way to visualize $? She is gaming with the slot machine gamble. CARE, and helping others help themselves. Wants, instead, to awaken from dreams laughing. How can we love child killing children? Without protection, you're living a secure life. Can he allow his young son's anger?

1999/04/25 Chicago, IL Transcript

See your perfection through a child's eyes. Envision prosperity for sake of your pleasure. Let's talk about keeping our manifestational score. Her vision doesn't include her current mate. Why come from peaceful Nonphysical to this? Cocky teenage son wants to drive car. Can we be uplifters and still evaluate?

1999/04/24 Chicago, IL Transcript

Desire as the reason for this physical environment. Why do negatives attract her focused attention? Psychologist wants efforts to bring more dollars. Esther at airport, and Hi! I'm Sierra! Basis of Littleton High School teen shootings. Can anything be done to prevent shootings? Sudbury School, a positive picture to envision.

1999/04/11 Silver Spring, MD Transcript

Source of the extraterrestrial river of paranoia. Which feels better? is the only question. Was his leper experience his favorite incarnation? No rights to impose war or peace. Choosing to allow children their own choices. Regarding time, eternity and the year 2000. Sara, Seth and Solomon's natural, unconditional love.

1999/04/04 Virginia Beach, VA Transcript

Why that incomplete baby still feels secure. Wanting a partner who is emotionally available. Reincarnation, continuity, individuality, Inner Being and time. Your vibration is where you last left it. Walk us through weight loss without exercise. Why are we allowed our negative creations? Conflicting beliefs about weight loss systems?

1999/04/03 Virginia Beach, VA Transcript

Has reality turned your attention switch on? A good Energy vs. a bad Energy? She wants us all to stop wanting. Why different people gravitate to different teachings. To get to self-love quickly and easily? Body weight, as a work in progress. Religions, Jesus and Abraham of the Bible.

1999/03/21 Phoenix, AZ Transcript

He's mentally hearing Christmas songs in April. Mr. Fixit is experiencing restless nights. Lawyer requests Abraham's perspective on litigation aspects. This nurse is smelling sweet Nonphysical beings. Considering some ecstatic aspects of sexual transmutation. Vibrational frequencies and creations of realities. Third set of teeth nubs aren't showing.

1999/03/13 Dallas, TX Transcript

Y2K headlines, and the value of greed. About rumored secret government health conspiracies? Resolving his fundamental conflict re: good and evil? Allow and uplift his family of ministers? Wants to preserve diverse regional worldwide cultures. Whining little child is disobeying family rules. Lessons learned through President Clinton's perjury trials?

1999/02/27 San Rafael, CA Transcript

Have you a desire for perpetual youth? Her influence regarding suicidal brother-in-law? Wants enough dollars to give much away. Dad has been diagnosed with terminal illness. Professional is overwhelmed by career details. Unsatisfactory grades on her doctoral program. Independent pre-teen has discovered political talk radio.

1999/02/07 San Diego, CA Transcript

Can one release clinical depression without drugs? Do the dolphins change to please you? To not match her children's uncomfortable vibrations? Dessert and your slender, energetic, beautiful body. Asking for ways to fan our desires. Their tithing envelope is getting quite full. Questioning pre-birth agreements to physical restrictions.

1999/01/31 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Why does he get opposite of wanted? Keeping the essence of our identity forever. Gynecologist questions the limits of self-healing. Rage over Hitler's injustice serves you not. Does abortion deny a soul an opportunity? To help her sister get more sleep? Can this doctor dissolve her bodily dichotomy?

1999/01/30 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Her fears become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Negative declarative statements aren't serving you well. Words for infant daughter's christening celebration. Spending 17 seconds focused upon new work. To participate as an ideal citizen. Should he seek balance as job nears? He's considering inventing an energy detection gadget.

1999/01/17 Boca Raton, LA Transcript

Having it to want is what matters most. How can one's lack of health not matter? Mother wants a baby that doesn't scream. Wants trim body without giving up anything. What makes a woman most beautiful? Psychologist concerned about adopting child. A magnificent closing statement of Well-being.

1999/01/16 Boca Raton, LA Transcript

She believed her purpose was to right wrongs. Wealthy and healthy but fearing death and poverty. When Eastern masters deny their natural desires? A mother's greatest gift to her children. When choosing dangerous adventure over boredom. Can we change thoughts in our dreams? Payment received in Energy flow of project.

1999/01/10 Orlando, FL Transcript

Can a truly happy person get poison ivy? When her legs move correctly: Good job! Abnormal blood pressure led to weight-loss motivation. Different physical healing strokes for different folks. Disturbed by spending $40,000 on walk-in closet. YK2000 millennium fear threatens her Well-being. Pottery maker feels limited by his selfness.


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