1998: Online Workshop Transcriptions

1998/11/14 El Paso, TX Transcript

Anything you give your attention to, expands. When hurt feelings are most familiar vibration. What clothes would a natural being wear? There is enough Well-being for everyone. You have your own direct connection. Does her deceased grandfather participate on stage? When persecutors die, are they then persecuted?

1998/11/1 Chicago, IL Transcript

How does Abraham select the Workshop questioner? The next logical step to experiencing a Frank. Did time stop when he fell from the bridge? Balancing children's educational structure with freedom. Is a genetic pain a genuine pain? Let's have more clarification on Vibrations. Nurse wants to understand purpose of husband's death.

1998/10/18 Tarrytown, NY Transcript

Is a joyous life purpose enough for you? Expand your time by leveraging your Energy. What does she attract to her babies? Next logical step to a life partner. Wants to speak for her Spiritual Guide. About year 2000 fourth dimensional concern. Is being wowed the next logical step?

1998/10/17 Tarrytown, NY Transcript

Inspired, or motivated to her new job? What being fully connected feels like. The real purpose of Esther's tree house. Is resistance natural to our physical form? No joy in heaven from pain on earth. Clarification of We are all one. A new perspective of Families of Consciousness.

1998/10/15 Philadelphia, PA Transcript

You did not learn to smell, you smelled. When seeking the cause of her discomfort. Can this prosecutor protect victims from victimizers? Which came first: chicken or egg? Can we communicate with plants and animals? Teen is flipping off her angry mother. Why does this cultural pity party exist?

1998/10/13 Syracuse, NY Transcript

All creation is on the leading edge. Are we, at some point, homogenized beings? She always falls asleep after she eats. Can our prayers override another's intentions? To deal with her ornamental bushwackers. Focus Wheeling 50 pounds weight loss worries friends. Questioning the nature of Nonphysical time.

1998/10/11 Boston, MA Transcript

Focus Wheels, Place Mats, Creation Boxes and Dollars. Lotteries, and the exchange of human energy. A review of Abraham's Prosperity Game Process. Student wants un-work-related dollars. 17 Second Process to having enough time. Launching of children's program is bogging down. Do we choose when and how we die?

1998/09/27 Kansas City, KS Transcript

Creational X,Y,Zs and the variables of time. What they are addicted to is feeling good. His lucrative, 4 days a week profession feels unfree. Attorney loves and dislikes aspects of her profession. Are Pintos n'Cheese stuck in her chakras? At your age, what do you expect? Wants to synthesize his Rockets of Desire.

1998/09/13 Atlanta, GA Transcript

Wants constant conscious connection with Inner Being. She is 38 and single and (bleeped). Caught up in children's rage and cynicism. How about her last 3 significant relationships? Tell me about being present in my now? Fears she has denied physical entry to spirits. She has a recurring hair loss problem.

1998/09/06 Asheville, NC Transcript

Receiving conscious communication from Nonphysical. When tragic deaths become next logical step. That vengeful, angry, punishing God never existed. About the dynamics of tithing? Yipping, clattering, eternally linking, neighbor's dog. Yipping, clattering, eternally linking, horrible tenants. Wife's religious perspective doesn't embrace his.

1998/09/05 Asheville, NC Transcript

How can we impact Nonphysical from Physical? Your fresh, powerful present rockets of desire. Evaluating others from your current ethical biases. Contrast ain't necessarily conflict or trauma. Now, she does want to bear a baby. Law of Attraction and its influence on births. Is this co-dependency or is it co-creativity?

1998/08/22 San Francisco, CA Transcript

All comes in response to your vibrational offering. You pay a great price for your empathy. Practitioner wants to honorably integrate Abraham's materials. You can't impeach your leader into connection. Wants the low-down on Mercury in retrograde? Abraham's philosophy regarding cussing, swearing children. Who is responsible for the victim's plight?

1998/08/16 Larkspur, CA Transcript

To be an empowering, allowing Fairy Godmother. Bucky's body's buried; where is his beingness? Can a thought thought think it's thinking? Is performing hard work, right or wrong? Wants to strangle her day-job co-workers. Does dirt work as well as manna? Looking for love in all the wrong places.

1998/08/15 Larkspur, CA Transcript

Why you'll never not feel negative emotion. A rocket of desire to weigh less. How does Non-physical Energy enter physical body? Get me and my Thunderbird out of this. Inner Being isn't speaking rude words to you. Deceased mother smiles lovingly in his dreams. From regal riches to doldrums, now what?

1998/08/02 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

What would Christ say to us today? Caring for this beautiful new baby girl? Why is she collecting inappropriate jerks. Best to ask for specifics, or in general? Magical appearance of a second career decision. How about this attorney's unforgiving nature? My body, my PMS, my unwanted cramps?

1998/08/01 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

What does Abraham mean by the Universe? Why he buys high and sells low. Rockets of Desire, connecting to your Well-being. Retirement, as not necessarily in one's best interest. Wanting to believe that All is Well. She remembers Grandmother's teeth in a glass. Would Jesus do it differently this time?

1998/07/25 San Diego, CA Transcript

Aerial view of your Rockets of Desire. Tears at births, weddings and funerals? Seeking inspired careers in alternative traditional healing. His patent has been infringed; now what? Is there a cosmic form of birth control? When one's unwanted lover keeps hanging on? Son resists thanking grandfather for unwanted.

1998/07/11 Chicago, IL Transcript

How much allowance to give to children? She gained 40 pounds in three years. Why to begin playing Abraham's Prosperity Game. Abraham of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. To be less sensitive to influence of others? To communicate relief to her ailing grandmother. Where was Abraham before the earth evolved?

1998/06/27 Spokane, WA Transcript

You have this Vibrational Meter within you. Why does Abraham neither laugh nor cry? Can't worry and love children at same time? Loves to serve, but money evokes her fear. When alien thoughts create alien thought forms. Climb aboard a butterfly, and use your imagination. Live in the world but not of it?

1998/06/21 Seattle, WA Transcript

Are the pendulum's answers valid regarding others? Chiropractor questions Non-physical aspects of healing. What if your rules required bigamy? He's got alien bones on his mind. She plummets through extremes of career contrast. Staying in a state of perpetual creative motion. Should parent protect child from a dis-empowering teacher?

1998/06/20 Seattle, WA Transcript

Let's talk about your infinite Vibrational Meter. Why didn't her furiousness create worse results? How can we shift our protective stance? Rebuilding your body weight belief system. When terrible things happen to innocent babies? Gerontologist seeks an ageless life until death. Abraham's Prosperity Process and robust agelessness.

1998/06/14 Fort Collins, CO Transcript

Abraham's tenth year with Unity of Fort Collins. She wants to do like Esther does. Faced with a peanut butter project at work. She loves their personal experience with Abraham. Allowing, accepting or resisting Senior Citizenship. To remove his attention from his diabetes. Let's talk about conditional living.

1998/05/23 San Antonio, TX Transcript

When the manifestation spark goes pop. Can a child be spoiled by well-being? She specifically desires a specific lover. Wanting a slender body in two months. Scripting an appropriate body of 120 years. My body will always match my intentions. She feels resistant to her teacher's criticism.

1998/05/18 Albany, NY Transcript

Discover the freshness of your powerful now. Magical points of intersection of our thoughts. Focus Wheeling his career hampering fears. Conflicting emotions regarding their joyous divorce. What pre-birth choices are made from Non-physical? Seeking a dividing line between Source and selves. Prosperity game for practicing the flow of Energy.

1998/05/16 Tarrytown, NY Transcript

How about that June 18th asteroid crash? Can dream career replace her realistic job? Considering a focus on diverse religious icons. Tears of overjoyment or of overwhelment? What isn't Abraham yet telling us? Her suicidal, school loathing, teacher hating child. Wants an overall view of his direction.

1998/05/10 Albuqueque, NM Transcript

Why is her new secure money evoking fear? Can we learn channeling from a book? Understanding specific versus general attracting scenario. When the children ask about suicide. Act much less and imagine much more. Abraham discusses her child's learning disabilities label.

1998/04/25 Detroit, MI Transcript

Make more eager decisions in every day. Was rusty skyscraper in Jerry and Esther's destiny? How decision resolves relationship discomfort. Can she have time and dollars too? Focusing one's thoughts on pleasing prosperity binge. Can new environment alleviate nurse's health issue? Significance of recovering alcoholic's recurring dreams?

1998/04/14 Phildelphia, PA Transcript

Feel the Freshness of Your Eternal Now. The healing power of your connected thought. Does your illness allow another's wellness? Will group think world into peace? Can Inner Being's desire conflict with ours? Questioning the source of communicative Thought Forms. If it feels good, it is good.

1998/04/11 Virginia Beach, VA Transcript

Insight into the Non-physical part of you. Chances of achieving a lawsuit victory? Jerry and Esther's gate-crashing landscaper. What is life like without physical bodies? Seeking the easiest way to appreciate self. Why Abraham doesn't see that all's not well. The thing that will serve you best.

1998/04/05 Phoenix, AZ Transcript

Dream contact with essence of dead friend. Medicate child or beat him down? Balancing I'm not safe with All is well. Resolving the enigma of her migraine headache. Concerning depending on an undependable relationship. Positive language question about Wanting to try. Wants quantum leap in other aspects of life.

1998/04/04 Phoenix, AZ Transcript

Learn to consciously feel your Creative Tension. Can he harness and utilize his Energy? Are you driven by inspiration or by motivation? To enjoy the process of becoming organized. Focus Wheeling preparing her taxes in joy. Is poormouthing kin out prospering prosperity student? How many dollars could you spend tomorrow?

1998/03/04 Larkspur, CA Transcript

After the Place Mat, then do what? Will vibration of joy bring only good? Which of these thoughts feels best? Focus Wheeling creations of a slender body. Addressing the concept of wasted natural resources. But, what if everyone wasted resources? My abundance does not deprive anyone else.

1998/03/01 San Francisco, CA Transcript

Odds against acquiring business space seems infinitesimal. Is there a career destiny to fulfill? Joyous survival, rice, beans, castles, and buttons. How long will massive dollar manifestation take? Questions from environmental, animal rights activist. The wave of a mental career orgasm. How can she keep her cork afloat?

1998/02/28 San Francisco, CA Transcript

Do our Energy nose-dives undo our progress? He didn't like the envious kid, anyway. Presidential sexual desires, and the sexual revolution. How can an individual prevail in a group? Rascally daughter stands her ground at school. Where does God stop and you begin? No end results in your relationships.

1998/02/21 Orlando, FL Transcript

Why peace on earth will never happen. Is reaching a decision vibrational harmony? To define the different kinds of love? Rather than leave his wife and child. Institutionalize her drugging, stealing, school-skipping son? Hell, dark force, devil and shadow concepts. At 80, she took another ten year death option.

1998/02/07 San Diego, CA Transcript

Your connection to Source is not fragile. Genius is simply attention to something specific. To focus on several things at once? To stay slender while eating fattening foods? Is this Abraham-Hicks work for everyone? Can mentally disordered persons deliberately create? Sexual Energy and Dali Lama's celibate monks?

1998/01/31 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

When a life of misery becomes traditional. Wanting to make his mark by winning. How all unfolds for your highest good. Why do animals and babies sometimes suffer? You can't get it wrong or done. Distinguishing between Inner Guidance and physical conscience. Does doing what feels good require discipline?

1998/01/24 Dallas, TX Transcript

To relive the pleasure of past new perspectives? When concerned with making the right choices. Do we create crises for opportunities to shine? Is teleportation of our bodies a possibility? Criticism is never constructive; it's always destructive. Muddy water can't contaminate a clear flowing hose. Presidential sex, and child's premature pubic hair.


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