1997: Online Workshop Transcriptions

1997/12/14 Maui, HI Transcript

Considering conspiracies, cover-ups, laws, and Laws. Foods, beliefs, cravings and cellular compensation. Wanting to be conscious of his creativity. Some words to think when falling asleep? When humans allow God-self to flow through. Lead us in 17 seconds of pure thought. Follow your bliss to your joyous fulfillment.

1997/11/02 Chicago, IL Transcript

Trying to disallow others always disallows you. Ow! Is it those raging hormones again? When one's mate chooses to do drugs. Without armies in the equation, then what? Should teacher home school aggressive, independent son? Can she allow her mother's physical decline? Adult's and child's role in molestation scenario.

1997/10/14 Syracuse, NY Transcript

Positive role of contrast in Universal co-creation. Getting stuck trying to figure it out. When frustrating forgetfulness becomes one's reality. When is it appropriate to explore resistance? He wants to comfortably communicate with students. Don't look at reality; create reality. Her granddaughter wants everything now.

1997/10/12 Rye, NY Transcript

Wanting his body to stay forever young. To not see creator/consumer mate as waster? Is there masculine and feminine in Non-physical? Phinally phorgiving Phil the philanderer. How can he delegate his many business hats? Transforming those recurring marital squabbles. When does a new Spirit's birth begin?

1997/10/04 Boston, MA Transcript

The vibrational rash before the physical rash. Focus Wheeling divorce from blame to appreciation. No one can take your power away. Vibrational moods will always feel like that. When right for us feels wrong for us? Clarifying seven acres of appreciation and desire. So what? -- you can change it all!

1997/09/20 Asheville, NC Transcript

You can't go back to your unknowingness. Focus Wheeling my physical body's Well-being. A deliberate departure of Princess Diana and Dodi? Let's talk about a feeling of compassion. How should granddaughter facilitate grandmother's death? A yearning to become a multi-millionaire. Wanting yet fearing an Out-of-body experience.

1997/09/13 Atlanta, GA Transcript

An aerial view of Creational Energy Streamers. Prepaving, as setting our positive morning Tone. Down play difference in children's reading abilities. Finding a way to change counterproductive beliefs. Paradigm shift regarding noisy, unruly children. Wants her fingers in his chest hair. Has strong desire to become recording artist.

1997/08/30 Larkspur, CA Transcript

Everything always works out, everything! Found Abraham in bar on 4th of July. Stock Market, Internet, and the Mass Consciousness. Laws, dollars, nor power can protect princess. High School teacher was getting hoarse. Is decision to marry right for her? Has son adopted a resistant religious philosophy?

1997/08/03 San Diego, CA Transcript

Mediator is wanting a nonadversarial role. To be less affected by other's opinions? An aerial view of the mating issue. Conjuring the feeling of perfect body weight. When it seems normal to feel ornery. Focus Wheeling way to peace with another. Doesn't easy way out compromise integrity?

1997/07/26 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

When desire for solitude conflicts with mating. Focus Wheeling a first class airline experience. Are we reborn into physical at higher levels? How to fine-tune his manifesting ability? Never ever settle for less than wanted. Frightened that bad dreams will come true? He's barking up the wrong relationship tree.

1997/07/19 Chicago, IL Transcript

Your role here is to extend thought. Has our time to die been foreordained? Brief scenario of the evolution of Jesus. Focus Wheeling her way to her wanting. Universe responds only to the vibration. Do you believe there's a reason for life? How would Abraham interact with the children?

1997/07/04 Boulder, CO Transcript

Your role here is to extend thought. Has our time to die been foreordained? Brief scenario of the evolution of Jesus. Focus Wheeling her way to her wanting. Universe responds only to the vibration. Do you believe there's a reason for life? How would Abraham interact with the children?

1997/06/14 Spokane, WA Transcript

How can she inspire her sightless mate? Why Abraham communicates through Jerry and Esther. Prosperity, and a child's touchstone to Well-being. Alcohol, tobacco, blame and physical cravings. Retirement money options and buyer's remorse. Congressional run has dramatically altered their lifestyle. What would be our healthiest sleep pattern?

1997/06/10 Portland, OR Transcript

Her personal path is disturbing her mate. Can she teach Well-being while undercover? Desire is necessary to summon Life Force. In what way can crop circles affect us? To bring these principles into business world. From unconscious incompetency to unconscious competency. Hold the vision and trust the Process.

1997/06/01 Detroit, MI Transcript

Destiny, karma, and her job crises. Can wanting incite more need for wanted? Can't meditate with her popcorn like mind. Evolution of Jerry, Esther, and Abraham. How a five year old creates an illness. How to spiritually approach an alcoholic's recovery? Why Non-physical expresses in male and female.

1997/05/29 Cincinatti, OH Transcript

How to imagine something we\'ve never experienced. Perspectives of discipline and giving attention to. What Credentials are required for uplifting mankind? Job is binding her by golden handcuffs. Son's Touret\'s syndrome at table disgusts husband. Thought Forms and male/female hormones. When getting even seems to feel good.

1997/05/17 San Antonio, TX Transcript

Dreaming an intentional community into being. When you feel led to a decision. Definition of the process of a decision. On deciding to have a business partner. Marathoner decided to see the finish line. The productive power of positive, excited anticipation. Don't get action cart before decision horse.

1997/05/06 Albany, NY Transcript

There is enough good for anything you want. Should he terminate this uncomfortable business relationship? When you can't get there from here. Focus Wheeling balance of belief and desire. Musician wanting to perform world-wide tour. Love the unfolding of your magnificent dream. Private outward orating became publicly embarrassing.

1997/05/04 Westchester (Rye), NY Transcript

Why Jerry gunned down an inedible cardinal. What animals are saying to their protectors. Focus Wheeling path to a new career. Since I can't get it wrong, I'll... What Abraham sees through Esther's eyes. Her pain when having to fire someone. Time lag between thought and the manifestation.

1997/05/03 Westchester (Rye), NY Transcript

The sea of contrast contains enormous Well-being. Focus Wheeling your way to much more dollars. Have you learned to tolerate the unwanted? Which action to encourage, habitual or conscious? You really are the center of the Universe. Actor typecasting self into lifetime of misery. Wanting to climb mountain without taking training.

1997/04/30 San Antonio, TX Transcript

Having growth and stability amidst scattered Energy. Network marketers and Go and tell none? Focus Wheeling to set our own Tone. So others won't bring our attitudes down. When holding back from potential greatness. Seems like it's not growing fast enough. Bless your unique, independent visionary leader.

1997/04/26 Albuquerque, NM Transcript

Some general statements of physical Well-being. Lung disease departed in same way it came. To easily re-route old habit paths. To assist and uplift state prison population. Adding new laws is filling new prisons. Why Abraham's lookalike avoids fielding questions. Do Thought Forms haunt a specific location?

1997/04/19 Silver Spring, MD Transcript

At her age, she wants a baby. A request for a planetary realignment update. Have humans actually descended from the apes? Do our pets reflect our Energy flow? Free and contented, but now without passion. Children, and the variety of religious instructions. Was there timelessness before the Universe began?

1997/04/12 Virginia Beach, VA Transcript

Every physical malady is rooted in thought. Chickens don't starve after leaving mother's nest. Focus Wheeling self-esteem regarding illegitimate child. When the most important becomes most immediate. When considering letting go and letting God. Children are grown; now who is she? Go forth and have fun with this.

1997/04/12 Virginia Beach, VA Transcript

Every physical malady is rooted in thought. Chickens don't starve after leaving mother's nest. Focus Wheeling self-esteem regarding illegitimate child. When the most important becomes most immediate. When considering letting go and letting God. Children are grown; now who is she? Go forth and have fun with this.

1997/03/30 Tallahassee, FL Transcript

Abraham responds to Tallahassee Unity Church group. Unconditional love vs. mate's different interests. Committees, visionaries, and harbingers of doubt. Lesbian really wants to become perfect parent. Aliens, UFO's, Hale-Bopp comet, and Heaven's Gate. What can't we still enjoy in the afterlife? Environmental student questions sources of future resources.

1997/03/15 Austin, TX Transcript

If you're living it, you're vibrating it. Graduate seeks specifics of unique career. Having problems with her dry, fuzzy eyesight. How did Mom attract this little angel? Getting sick before you die is pointless. A wonderful, abnormal, autistic, uncorralable child. Labeled channeled or inspired, it is natural.

1997/03/08 Sacramento, CA Transcript

Decide to say only yes to life. He attended Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt. Fear can't abide where there is appreciation. Music conductor's dreams are coming true. Can she adjust to her children's deaths? Is there value in attending grief groups? That's not God; that's her mother.

1997/03/07 Sacramento, CA Transcript

Your decision is born of contrast. Getting the feel of a vibrational turnaround. When bound by expectations of another's expectations. Evaluating the magnet's relationship with the nail. A tearful thank you for Abraham's teachings. To enjoy her adult, homeless, suicidal son. Predictable, preordained or only sniffable?

1997/03/02 San Francisco, CA Transcript

Guess what happened to Curiosity, the cat. She doesn't want a fixer upper lover. Divorced from the good parts of ex-marriage. Why new babies give this nurse thrills. Applying these principles to her legal career. Addressing the Edgar Cayce approach to health. What does Abraham do without Esther?

1997/03/01 San Francisco, CA Transcript

What is the bigger picture beyond this? An angry, disturbed six year old child. Those memo-ing bully bitches at his workplace. Requesting a perception of an ulcerated condition. Don't talk to nobody about nothing negative. Do talk to everybody about something positive. Why the modest cost for these workshops?

1997/02/28 Napa, CA Transcript

To effectively influence with your budding ideas. Do bad thoughts cancel my good ones? Launch, in a moment of passion, then glide. From where do our undirected thoughts originate? How would Abraham generate an ideal day? This passive person wants to generate Energy.

1997/02/27 Napa, CA Transcript

Considering the variety of religious experiences. Why her career idea lost its momentum. Never take action if it feels uneasy. To go public or keep it simple? Past beliefs and current illusions of illness. Wrestlers, snakes and Universe takes up slack. What would a naturally slender body crave?

1997/02/15 Orlando, FL Transcript

Jungian psychology, and his dark sides theory. Harmonizing with this baby now within her. Ease isn't the trophy you're looking for. Abraham clarifies the balance of the Universe. Why haven't humans agreed on a truth? Her maddening son is also her teacher. Why does Inner Being teach in parables?

1997/02/02 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

After the Place Mat, then do what? Will vibration of joy bring only good? Which of these thoughts feels best? Focus Wheeling creations of a slender body. Addressing the concept of wasted natural resources. But, what if everyone wasted resources? My abundance does not deprive anyone else.

1997/01/25 Dallas, TX, Part A Transcript

When bad dreams happen to good people. An alcoholic, spendthrift, frustrating mother. Multiple personalities, attention deficit and Alzheimer's. Let's discuss desire, greed and the ego. Are boy's cliques from a natural tribal instinct? New baby's parents would like more sleep. Can she positively safetytize her baby?

1997/01/12 Boca Raton, FL Transcript

Can one Inner Being inhabit multiple bodies? How to evoke the best from others. Can teacher of upliftment avoid bureaucratic influence? Two year old son raises restaurant ruckus. Brothers in conflict about property management. Some ways to regain their sexual intimacy. Doesn't want to depend on husband's dollars.

1997/01/11 Boca Raton, FL Transcript

Only a part of you has come forth. The softening distinction between Esther and Abraham. Her media ride from fear to disease. Affirmation of knowing physical well-being. A 96 year old healthy heavy smoker. This child desires no A's at school. Potential opportunity within public school system.


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