1995: Online Workshop Transcriptions

1995/12/10 Maui, HI Transcript

How Esther received and transcribed Sara book. The success secrets of Sudbury Valley School. Trusting home schooled child to choose appropriately. Their multi-media Life Force game boomed. She doesn't coddle her ailing husband. What is Abraham's view on abortion? A dynamic, comprehensive, practical summary.

1995/12/09 Maui, HI Transcript

What is the order of the Universe? Easing grief and terror of widowed mother. Contented choices in cookie counter contrast. Widening crevasse between the haves and have nots. She craves the intimacy of a sexual experience. Abraham study group dynamics of co-creating. The Universe will always match your vision.

1995/12/06 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Achieve a vibrational match to your desire. A question about vision, the eyesight kind. What a Focus Wheel can do for you. Paradox of a singular ego vs. All-That-Is. Is the subconscious mind a valid concept? Evaluating the match of wellness and herbs. The Sara book eased their pang of death.

1995/11/12 Albuquerque, NM Transcript

She fears her pure erotic stream of Energy. Sexual transmutation and Think and Grow Rich. Considering DNA scattering at a molecular level. Jerry and Esther and the Seth synthesizers. Your big dreams attract their vibrational essence. Everyone on the planet can be wealthy. Can we create Universally without taking action?

1995/11/11 Albuquerque, NM Transcript

Matchmaker, matchmaker make you a match. Resistance free contrast at the cookie counter. Are fruits and vegetables healthier than Twinkies? Missing link in teaching broader Non-physical wisdom. Nurse disturbed by media's attention to mistakes. Treating a zinc oxide allergy with zinc oxide. Commit to work or to split pea soup?

1995/10/29 Dallas, TX Transcript

Chronic back pain in doctor's thriving office. The rhythmic stream of Non-physical consciousness. Two brother dogs are biting each other. Your Non-physical friends love you anyway. Her children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Bickering human brothers are biting each other. Survival of the fittest, dogs and humans?

1995/10/28 Dallas, TX Transcript

The yes on other side of every no. A new game: My Magical Creation Box. Any way to understand our original Source? Smoking and drinking reduced on 120th birthday. Let your pleasurable vision be more dominant. Battered and bruised mom's 90th birthday. Allowing family members their contrasting diversity.

1995/10/21 Rye, NY Transcript

They need my help, a counterproductive belief. Why success begets success that begets success. To do about negatives in the workplace. Is this worth disconnecting your Life Force? On living each moment as a new beginning. Why his fear of being totally alive? When a murderer receives financial justice.

1995/10/14 Rye, NY Transcript

Is this moment of negative judgment justified? Questioning the etiology of a schizophrenic scenario. Points to ponder when considering helping another. Feels blamed for her son's schizophrenic symptoms. When fear of wakefulness equals sleeplessness. Butterflies understand the joy of the journey. Are they uncomfortable in your unrealistic joy?

1995/10/08 Boston, MA Transcript

Using jelly beans as Cosmic healing symbols. Very old souls inhabit crack baby's fetus. At each religion's heart was a connected individual. Your economy as a Stream of Energy. Beatles nightmare and a seductive guru. On starting a group of learning thinkers. In reality, every death is a suicide.

1995/10/07 Boston, MA Transcript

Three statements for living happily ever after. Sculpting one's body in contrast to beliefs. Fred, our flying friend of a feather. Psychologist wanting to integrate Abraham's teachings. She very much wants to get pregnant. Adopted Korean son and Scripting a birth mother. Relationships are either getting better or worse.

1995/09/30 Asheville, NC Transcript

In this world but not of it? Abraham's perspective of a schizophrenic personality. Realty, as only the majority's agreed perception. A cloned mother resists mood modifying medications. To joyously render Caesar's levied revenues. Consider our contradictory beliefs about law-keeping. So sovereign that we can choose bondage.

1995/09/24 Columbia, SC Transcript

Public defender seeking truest justice for all. Esther's translation process relative to her vocabulary. Video producer in a collaborative quandary. Feels a personal slave to clinging children. Trading her prosperity cup for a hose. The economy, a simple exchange of Energy. How Jerry attracted his two ideal businesses.

1995/09/16 Chicago, IL Transcript

Venting her MLM and Place Mat contrasts. A butterfly as baby chicken's chicken hawk. From whence comes Abraham's leading edge thought? She still isn't keeping her bedroom cleaned. Why sell home you want to keep. Teaching the children that all is well. Increasing an income on airline's pay scale.

1995/09/10 Foster City, CA Transcript

Why so many people talk about negatives. You are an extension of a Non-physical we. Dealing with the issue of personal bisexuality. A perspective of a Down's Syndrome scenario. Do human beings share other's Inner Beings? It's not about dollars; it's about abundance. Anything to do for a dead friend?

1995/09/09-B Larkspur, CA Transcript

What is Abraham's opinion on smoking marijuana? Since early childhood she's never slept well. You can appreciate your way to success. When abnormal mid-life physical sensations become frightening. Preparing for a catastrophe with health insurance. Dark thoughts intrude into her happiest moments. Varieties of definitions of synchronistic events.

1995/09/09-A Larkspur, CA Transcript

Nothing is ever worth disallowing Life Force. To harmonize with her eighth grade teacher. Significance of the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Musician ponders a harmonic European band tour. Why he can't comfortably let her go. Social responsibility in a fear driven society. Even lowly bacteria naturally immunize themselves.

1995/08/05 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

How much doing to leave to Universe? Efforts required when your recipe contains resistance. Mother's role between father and prodigal daughter. An assignment from a loving Inner Being. Can A Spiritual journey be extraordinarily painful? When new friends face your old reality. Your similarity to an attracting electromagnet.

1995/07/22 Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Example of a beneficial use of contrast. Relieving an electro-magnet from it's metal burden. Why he fears trusting in the Universe. Self critique of her process for acting. Brief process to augment your Place Mat Process. A mother's greatest empowerment for her child. She still smokes and enjoys doing it.

1995/07/09 Seattle, WA Transcript

Geratologist's body is showing signs of deterioration. Why weight gain can influence physical decline. Why to never speak your negative symptoms. As Jane Roberts resisted utilizing Seth's suggestions. Defensiveness and a debilitating live-in critic. Relationship took a nose-dive after child birth. Why the laborious C-section?

1995/07/06 Portland, OR Transcript

Here is what is normal for you. When all the desirable ones seem taken. Can't remember where she hid her jewelry. When Jerry drank some discombobulating wine. Why has she lost her sexual drive? A question about a credit card debt. The vibrations of appreciation will get you anything!

1995/06/18 Ft. Collins, CO Transcript

Another enlightening session at Unity of Ft. Collins. The Principles of Spiritual Living Made Practical. Wanting a mosquito-free gardening experience. Is your relationship ripe enough to pick? Catch the spirit of collecting the data. When a school attempts motivation through humiliation. A Scripting example for mother of teens.

1995/06/17-B Boulder, CO Transcript

Time, is not the income producing factor. Naught more normal than woman's changing body. On keeping her husband and her lover. Religion, worthiness and creating one's own reality. His daughter is failing scissors in kindergarten. Some advantages and disadvantages of home schooling. Natural childbirth, menstrual cycles, and menopause.

1995/06/17-A Boulder, CO Transcript

Planetary depletion thesis vs. All is well? Your Economy as an exchange of Energy. Pot smoking, acid-tripping, disconnected granddaughter. Creator, as an orchestrator of conditions. Have fun on the way to your happiness. Suffering is not essential to your growth. All is so well in my world!

1995/06/04 Detroit, MI Transcript

How do you decide what is appropriate? Dreaming of silver dollars and homelessness. To do if suddenly engulfed by grief. Real estate broker experiencing competitive trainee. In Eternal Becoming we find eternal joy. Effect on fetus of smoking and drugging? Children, limitations, agreements and co-creative decisions.

1995/06/03 Detroit, MI Transcript

Could she have been her own grandmother? Home alone child felt no bitterness. Allowing the passion for whatever you want. What would the perfect lover FEEL like? Value of a state of impatient patience. Positive aspects of a state of procrastination. Getting a grip on the Karma Koncept.

1995/06/01 Cincinatti, OH Transcript

The killer earthquake versus the killer military. To understand the bombing of the children. How can she help her chemo-therapied sister. Inspired teenager saves friend by his belt loop. Role of Appreciation in Process of Creation. Depressed over daughter doing 90 days for DUI. What is your Vibratonal Point of Attraction?

1995/05/14 Rye, NY Transcript

When one declines while moving through time. When doing the unwanted to please another. Why most have a hard time empowering others. On saying yes when we mean no. To live in harmony with your government. Nothing is greater, because it is all one! Is Non-physical only pure positive Energy?

1995/05/13 Rye, NY Transcript

When your creating is out of balance. When noticing a case of background anxiety. You were trained to respond to conditions. Feeling guilty about living her leisurely life. Have you asked What is my work? Abraham's teachings considered as a unifying force. Why so hard for her to tap in?

1995/04/29 Fairfax, VA Transcript

Should evil be resisted or not resisted? How would Abraham handle a bomber's punishment? Bombed, broken babies of Bagdad and Oklahoma. How banks of anger fuel future disasters. The case for banning potential killer cars. To positively observe all the baby killing bombers. Consideration of our moral and ethical positions.

1995/04/08 El Paso, TX Transcript

Abraham becomes a bit more blunt. Place Matting from resistance to prosperity. When inheritances and trusts equate with resistance. Shortage is a fallacy; there is enough. To give up the counterproductive financial struggle. Benefits and detriments of facing financial deadlines. Knowing when you are fulfilling your purpose.

1995/04/02 San Antonio, TX Transcript

A butterfly's three generational joyous journey. She's being plagued by irrational relationship thoughts. Why quantum leaps can feel too painful. Reality, as how we feel in the moment. After we croak, then what happens? Nonphysical behavior in a physical body. Will the real Nicole please speak up?

1995/03/25 Phoenix, AZ Transcript

A perspective of welfare reform and homelessness. You cannot not get what you want. Is there form or self in Nonphysical? To help our children continually evolve. Why children rebel in these better times. Avoiding contrast isn't fulfilling your purpose. Three teens who love drugs and lawlessness.

1995/03/10 Orlando, FL Transcript

On learning to appreciate your diversity. The Power of the Place Mat Process. Five young videoed vandals express their freedom. The vandalee's role in the vandal's vandalism. Reducing your resistance to a horrific event. Forgiveness, as counterproductive to well-being. One has different sexual passion than another.

1995/02/25-C Sacramento, CA Transcript

Clients who remember a forgotten negative past. As a gay man, I write this scenario. Do we have pre-birth choices of sexuality? Are there sexuality options in Nonphysical? I'm the gay one who wrote that note. A homosexual is expelled from the Ashram. Take no delight in another's dethronement.

1995/02/25-B Sacramento, CA Transcript

Perspectives of 3rd World birth conditions. What becomes of bad guys in Nonphysical? To create less resistance around sexuality. Gained a lover but lost some freedom. Perusing your history will repeat your history. His girlfriend's pregnancy is closing his valve. Cocreating with critical fundamentalist daughter.

1995/02/18 Austin, TX Transcript

Looking at the problem resists the solution. Does Abraham observe us only through Esther? The productive response to How's it going? A positive beast and a toothless cowboy. To be able to comfortably kill beasts. When waitresses workplace deteriorates to dissension. To have your cigarettes and well-being too.

1995/02/11 San Diego, CA Transcript

A whole new orientation for life. He wants to understand those intermittent seizures. Former rebel is controlling ten teen rebels. Why would anyone ever want to die? Conscious croaking, as a do-able undertaking. Ideal physical life and fulfilling one's purpose. Life is not like a football game.

1995/01/29 Dallas, TX Transcript

Your broader view and mass upliftment. Augmenting the value of public school systems. When you're taught that resistance is normal. On allowing a child their own experiences. Empowering the Universe to deliver to you. To replace her skills in her husband's practice. Role playing disaster as a counterproductive act.

1995/01/28 Dallas, TX Transcript

An introduction to Little Miss Sticky Fingers. You were born into a state of absolute Grace. On islands of freedom for trespassing homelessites. Trespassing dogs are defacing her flowers. His neighbors shot his trespassing dogs. Teaching our children the magical balance. When the deceased dog reappeared in a dream.

1995/01/08 Key West, FL Transcript

When resenting the source of your dollars. Could we waste our way to abundance? You are not the controller of population. Esther doesn't do fever blisters, anymore. After seven years of mushrooming mammogramal fear. Statistics have nothing to do with you. Been there, done that, and now what?

1995/01/07 Key West, FL Transcript

Learned patterns of resistance regarding dollars. Writing a new sister-to-sister Script. Tell others: All is truly well! Allowing the flow of your creative genius. Your power to project your positive influence. Your positive connection to your nation's presidents. Do you really miss your extinct dinosaurs?


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