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1994: Online Workshop Transcriptions

1994/12/17 Austin, TX Transcript

Depression followed achievement of her lifetime goal. Not resisting her adult daughter's debilitating illness. Her three children foretold their early deaths. On living fast, adventure filled, short lives. Primal Scream, an automatic trauma attractor. Sacrificed his early life for his kids. Retired, RV-ing and pining for a playmate.

1994/12/11 Kona, HI Transcript

Can we teach a child too much freedom? Resisting a loving man and lovable body. Most of you demand too much of action. A Happy Re-emergence into Nonphysical Party. Tired of living and scared of dying. Yearning to connect with her deceased father. Birds, utilized to convey Nonphysical messages.

1994/12/04 Dallas, TX Transcript

You are physical extensions of pure Energy. Abraham's philosophy relative to the tax system. Your againstness goes against your well-beingness. Conscious Thought Bank utilization for intuitive precognition. The etiology of the new Sara book. Does Abraham have a curriculum or agenda? Prayer, and the plight of the outcast smoker.

1994/11/20 Sacramento, CA Transcript

Releasing Resistance to Your Natural Well-being. Counterproductivity of most policy-making. Abraham frames a resistance releasing debt letter. Re-Scripting vibrational patterns of a brutal childhood. Shouldn't we be a lot further along? Disabling children by labeling them disabled. Measure success by your joy in the moment.

1994/10/29 Albuquerque, NM Transcript

Some perspectives of the teen criminality issue. You were trained to close your Valve. Teen son in serious trouble with the law. Abraham discusses the issue of crime control. She hasn't Scripted a purposeful pregnancy. Will sexuality continue to be a taboo? Mother, as a child's Garden of Eden.

1994/10/15 Rye, NY Transcript

From calm pregnancy to hands on mate's throat. He's still petrified over the croaking thing. Merchandising nutritional products without negative manipulation. Multi-level leaders disturbed by distributor's diversification. Renegade back-seat teenagers preserving the species. Script for it, or work for it? Expression of God as limited by perception.

1994/10/12 Amherst, MA Transcript

A smoking, emphysematic, wallowing, unwilling mother. A minister's daughter questions speaking in tongues. A physician seeks clarity of her purpose. Wanting specific applications to physical sensations. To deal with feeling rightly criticized. Wants a billion $ to transform consciousness. And a spider sat down beside her.

1994/10/08 Andover, MA Transcript

A paralyzing house-buying terror attack. When not doing the simple workable things. How to quickly defocus our negative attention. Not telling you what to, but how to. Which Inner Voice should we listen to? A potential diagnosis of Esther's brain condition. Abraham writes a Script for Deliberate Creation.

1994/10/01 Asheville, NC Transcript

Why you try to physicalize the Nonphysical. On joyfully cocreating with an autistic child. Participant's perspective of a mental rehabilitation facility. Aging ones stacking more to push against. How long to wait for harmonic relationship? Four kids, debilitated husband, and she quit job. How one can sell one's home fast.

1994/9/25 Chicago, IL Transcript

Demonic description of disallowance of positive Energy. Your diverse children in institutes of sameness. She and her shadowy, voyeuristic Thought Forms. Things to consider about Post Menstrual Syndrome. Earmark your taxes for things you appreciate. What happens to Abraham when Esther dies? Why do some emerge with homosexual orientation?

1994/9/24 Chicago, IL Transcript

When you consider violating your broader intents. Vacillatingly selecting a post-divorce dwelling. We are all one big, happy, expanding family. Should we ignore revelations of apocalyptic terror? She had the strangest gingerbread dream. National exposure, and the Joan D'Arc fire walk. In appreciation of Abraham's teachings.

1994/9/17 Omaha, NE Transcript

When one's child has an inappropriate mother. Considering eliminating grandbaby's inappropriate father. Discussing Strength, Courage, Patience, Wisdom and Understanding. Esther's consciousness relative to her Abraham experience. Does one on the other side grieve? Historic parallels to the Abraham phenomenon. Party Cat, and the suicidal squirrel.

1994/9/4 Seattle, WA Transcript

To receive broader answers, ask broader questions. Do this when confronted with female trouble statistics. Diagnostic terminology for a law abiding surgeon. Divine Intelligence, and the cell's aging process. What is appropriate time to stop aging. Horror movies, and creating accessible Thought Forms. On becoming a culture of comfortable killers.

1994/8/14 West Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Loving, in spite of observed, unwanted conditions. Teacher loses control of hog-tied sixth graders. What children really learn in public school. Karma, a punishment of a cruel ex-lover? On being labeled as a gifted underachiever. When disturbed about how dollars are allowed. A rising tide doesn't raise the rock.

1994/8/7 San Diego, CA Transcript

The vibrational patterns of your learned vocabulary. To not squelch a baby's innate ability. Those coming forth to teach well-being. Doctor discusses exposure of physicists to Abraham. All are one -- the unworthy ones too? Seth, Abraham, Mickey Mouse, and assorted labels. Harmony isn't about all singing the same note.

1994/8/6 San Diego, CA Transcript

Dreams, as literal translations of Thought Energy. Does conscious wanting limit the God Energy? A miraculously manipulated manifested meeting. Party Cat and the house wrens, 1994. Resolving an unfulfilling 11 year relationship. Knows none with time, money and joy. You all make too much of this.

1994/7/24 Ft. Collins, CO Transcript

Fifteen minute creative update to Unity gathering. Fifteen seconds, as enough to focus on unwanted. Hypnosis, Thought Forms and Unidentified Flying Objects. You are an extension of your own inspiration. Trying to draw mate to conservative finances. A photo opportunity with the Prime Minister. Finding the balance between acting and reacting.

1994/7/9 Detroit, MI Transcript

Is there any pre-assigned path for us? Inner Being and projected continuing personality. When encountering one of your cucumber counterparts. Prisoner won't learn please and thank you. Mystery illness, spiritual treatments and miracle drugs. Torn between two choices of careers. Haunted houses, trapped souls and abominable apparitions.

1994/6/26 Dallas, TX Transcript

Manifestation, relative to the detachment concept. Evaluating the circus' coming to town. This hinders you more than all else. Stuttering, and a variety of positive choices. Positive pondering and the trim tab concept. How fighters, in turn, create other fighters. Learning to stay positive when criticized daily.

1994/6/25 Dallas, TX Transcript

An elaboration on the Vibrational habit concept. To live 80 years of quiet desperation. Securing her son's freedom from imprisonment. Test words and thoughts against your Valve. When innocents are suspected of dastardly deeds. On putting Party Cat in protective custody. Legal or spiritual responsibility for children's actions?

1994/6/19 Houston, TX Transcript

Why does the skin's scar reproduce itself? The Gift of birth, but, regarding P.M.S.? Dysfuntionality of financially bailing out the grandchildren. You have no mission to fix anything. When born with a grotesque physical condition. More to life than staying out of trouble. Psychics are seeing probabilities, not mustabilities.

1994/6/4 Minneapolis, MN Transcript

Son is in governmental child protection custody. Entire Universe responds to your Energy-flow. You can't use the power when disconnected. Appreciating the evolution of your own body. Culturally defined values or your broader values? What is the most socially advanced civilization? What can an Idiot Savant teach us?

1994/5/7 Fairfax, VA Transcript

Best to do in an emergency condition. Not being swept up in mate's anger. An appropriate recipient of a lackful prayer? Resolution of custody battle over a stepchild. Get ready; get set; go Nonphysical. Haven't yet taught child to fear trees. Explaining Abraham to his mainline minister father.

1994/5/1 Rye, NY Transcript

As in the beginning, world without closure. Even looping cells are of good intent. Breech-birthed out of a roman Empire? Your dog doesn't forgive, pray, or celibate. Abraham's words for your dying loved one. Understanding a four year old piano prodigy. Having fun with opening of your Valve.

1994/4/26 Lincroft, NJ Transcript

Creators, as deliberate managers of Energy-flow. She always hurts the ones she loves. If the sales dramatically dwindle off. Why the recruiter's recruits aren't recruiting. It's not about earning or paying a price. Make mental fortune before placing your bets. Aiding one in fear of death by disease.

1994/4/17 Albuquerque, NM Transcript

Sales skills, as precognitive or creative? Other-dimensional teleportation and the magic of connectedness. Advice to father of drug dependent child. If the body parts are unpleasantly aging. Why the homeless choose freedom of homelessness. A further exploration of the realignment scenario. Son bites sister and torments the cat.

1994/4/16 Albuquerque, NM Transcript

Learning to open your Valve to Abundance. Chain of birth-control-Pap-smear fear. To them, you're either cancerous or precancerous. Is there power in another's dire warnings? When considering participating in a lawsuit. Seeking proof invalidates the process you seek. Ten minute acknowledgement of feeling of well-being.

1994/3/26 Phoenix, AZ Transcript

Taxes, individual sovereignty and Energy-flow. Common Creational ground of religionists and scientists. Why Abraham bypasses scenarios of disempowerment. A community of health-care independents. Transmuting the feelings of unworthiness. Generic Abraham for professional health-care utilization. Abraham's words for a new physical being.

1994/3/25 Phoenix, AZ Transcript

Observation of a condition increases the condition. Finding the feeling place of perfect body weight. Understanding the dynamics of the man/woman relationship. A ghastly apparition and a state of vibration. When one's life begins to feel meaningless. You are never physical instead of Nonphysical. Counter-productive concept of a Non-physical hierarchy.

1994/3/20 Melbourne, FL Transcript

Doctors and medicine as bridges to well-being. You, the captain of your ship of cells. A doctor healed by alternative placebos. Patients, on seeking validation of electromagnetic vulnerability. Adoptions, genetics, and a porcine expectedness. Getting stuck in mate's abundance attitude. Pre-planning's value to your creative outcome.

1994/3/16 Orlando, FL Transcript

Creation, as a 4 Step vibrational process. To regenerate a traumatized physical body. To re-harmonize with a disharmonic mate. To separate lackful speeding from joyous speeding. To transmute wanting to a positive feeling place. To carry your joy over through death. To add years to your delicious years.

1994/3/13 St. Petersburg, FL Transcript

Your innate power to universally influence. An adult child returns in financial straits. Relating to the nature of the nonhuman beasts. Mother fears daughter's exposure to mandatory philosophy. Dynamics of a time limit and/or $ attraction. When beings choose emergence into impoverished areas. Harmonic vibrations of bad guys and good guys.

1994/3/12 St. Petersburg, FL Transcript

With what am I achieving vibrational harmony? Revisiting the process of utilizing positive Touchstones. Momentum, and the speed of manifestation. When contrast broadens between Psychotherapist and client. She wants a delicious relationship with a man. Resolving the fears of an ex-mate's threats. Another's eccentricity is not a valid threat.

1994/3/5 Sacramento, CA Transcript

National debt, relative to my personal experience? Male named entities threaten her self-evaluation. Fear of fear of a (healthy) Pap smear. Does she have a true death wish? From a critical mass to a second coming? How Abraham would play an awesome ball game. She is considering a positive career change.

1994/2/26 San Francisco, CA Transcript

Taking her beautiful body score too soon. Princess Pollyanna wants life amply provided for. Does vibration of joy cancel unwanted beliefs? After teaching our children fear of others. Are donatees dunning you for donations? Another day older and deeper in debt. Wants a relationship with an uplifting God.

1994/2/20 Austin, TX Transcript

Realistic academics and the mystical God concept. Luxury cruises paid for by vibrational allowing. Are fun and money valid spiritual subjects? Re-energizing aspects of food, rest and drugs? Will we all be able to see auras? A process to get your stuff organized. When concerned about changes in sleep patterns.

1994/2/12-A West Los Angeles, CA Transcript

Meditation, related to the State of Appreciation. Basis for understanding broad earth changes scenario. Son, 5 1/2, beginning to express his sexuality. If it doesn't feel good, don't do it. Addictions, as the cell's adjustment to conditions. Spirituality, sensuality. and sexuality further defined. Shorten the time between wanting and manifestation.

1994/1/23 Houston, TX Transcript

A message for a newly-wed couple. Understanding the Non-physical birth process. Live and love as consciously as possible. To retain positive autonomy in intimate relationships? Abraham defines eternal beingness. Being allowing within a structured teaching environment. To not backslide from your well-being.

1994/12/17 Austin, TX Transcript
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1994/12/11 Kona, HI Transcript
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1994/12/04 Dallas, TX Transcript
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1994/11/20 Sacramento, CA Transcript
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1994/10/29 Albuquerque, NM Transcript
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1994/10/15 Rye, NY Transcript
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1994/10/12 Amherst, MA Transcript
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1994/10/08 Andover, MA Transcript
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1994/10/1 Asheville, NC Transcript
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1994/9/25 Chicago, IL Transcript
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1994/9/24 Chicago, IL Transcript
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1994/9/17 Omaha, NE Transcript
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1994/9/4 Seattle, WA Transcript
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1994/8/14 West Los Angeles, CA Transcript
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