Planning Calendar/Workbook

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Price: $25

Our "365 Day Course in Spiritual Practicality."

Imagine a magical tool that not only helps you plan your day, but also helps you focus on what you want to do, be or have. This incredible new process from Abraham contains the power to help you easily create whatever you want. Just think how smoothly your life will flow when you have an Abraham quote to

read every morning; then, on the other side, you can write down your schedule for the day AND you can write down what you want the Universe to help you have, do or be.

Ask and It Is Given Perpetual Flip Calendar
Price: $14.95

Those who are not yet aware of the powerful Stream of Well-Being that flows to each of us from the Non-physical find the utilization of this Ask and It is Given Calendar irrationally powerful. When you do not understand the power behind it, it almost seems magical. However, it is not magic. It is the natural result of you tapping into the loving stream of Non- Physical Energy that has come forth onto these pages in response to the asking of millions of people.


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