JOY... JOY... JOY!

JOY... JOY... JOY!

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A follow-up to our first music CD "A New Adventure," our second CD "JOY… JOY… JOY!" is a milestone of musical wisdom bringing you the latest teachings of Abraham masterfully combined with the music of Francine Jarry.

This CD of 23 uplifting songs will put you in touch with easy-to-remember concepts and processes inspired from dialogs with Abraham, a group of evolved teachers who deliver an inspirational message of joy and well-being.

As you listen, you will begin to allow your well-being to flow "One step at a time" up the emotional scale by "Looking for positive aspects, " "Making the best of everything, " and "Making peace with where you are. " It is never too late to say "I can begin again" and tell yourself "I can do it." Dawn breaks more beautifully after adversity, "If you want it (it can happen)," and most important of all is "Feeling Good. "

Available on CD or MP3 download.

Tracks include:

  • Joy! Joy! Joy! 
  •  I can begin again 
  •  One step at a time 
  •  I can reach for relief 
  •  Lift up off of it! 
  •  I want more 
  •  Allow, allow, allow 
  •  Look for the positive aspects 
  •  Make the best of everything 
  •  Always another boat 
  •  Let it in, let it in! 
  •  Virtual Reality 
  •  If you want it (it can happen) 
  •  Feel good now! 
  • I can choose my own vibration 
  •  I am magical 
  •  Make peace with where you are! 
  •  Feeling Good 
  •  I love my life 
  •  Well being abounds 
  •  The better I feel 
  •  Always make the best of it 
  •  Joy! Joy! Joy! (reprise)