Mac OS X Audiobook (M4B): Instructions on how to download digital SUBSCRIPTION MP3 files.

These instructions are geared toward the Mac OS X user who uses Safari 4 as the default browser and iTunes as the default music player. The audiobook (.M4B) file format is specifically created to be played on iTunes or iPod, it allows you to access each track of the recording as a Chapter.

  • Login to your MyAccount with your username and password

  • Once you have logged in, click on the Digital MP3 file that you wish to download. The MP3 Subscription files that you have paid for are listed under the MP3 Subscriptions section, the newest one will be at the top.

  • You will be given 3 different download options for your file. The m4b audiobook (3rd) option is best if you wish to listen to the recording on iTunes or an iPod. Here we will demonstrate how to download and play the .m4b Audiobook version for Mac OS X. Click on the file name once and only once to begin downloading the file to your computer.

    Tip: If your file fails to play, or you get some other error message, you may need to go back and download your file again.

  • Your audiobook file should begin to play as son as iTunes opens up. You will find your new file in the Audiobook section which is under LIBRARY on the left pane of iTunes. From here you can move it to your iPod or playlists.

    Tip: If you can't see Audiobooks on the left pane: open the Edit menu in iTunes and select Preferences. Once the Preferences dialog comes up, select the General tab. In the top section, under Show: you will see Audiobooks with a checkbox. Click this check box and then click the OK button. You should now see Audiobooks in the left column of iTunes under the Library section.

  • To select a different track in your audiobook: select the chapter menu on the top menu bar. This will drop down a list of the chapters in the audiobook as shown above. Click the chapter to listen.